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Monday, January 24, 2011

New Monday

I will avoid the usual, "I hate Mondays" mantra. You all know it's true and how I feel about them. Instead I choose to focus on the positive, as difficult as this is for me.  I spent most of the weekend in bed. Literally in bed. Like I put jammies on when I arrived home on Friday evening, was asleep by 9pm and was still wearing the same jammies yesterday afternoon. I just still felt weak and tired.

Prior to the football games, I decided I'd better make myself bathe and move around. I got up and showered and I felt a little better. This morning I work up feeling pretty darned good, for a Monday.  The kids were their usual grumpy selves this morning despite going to bed early. Some days are just that way. I wasn't hungry this morning so I decided to wait until I got to the office to eat. I did drink my coffee and my water.

I had an appointment with my trainer this morning so after I finished with patients I ran to the gym. I changed clothes and got on the elliptical. Hello, stranger. 35min later and I was feeling good, a little tired maybe, but good. It's funny how your body misses moving even when our brain may not.

So Trainer shows up and we get started. About 2/3 in, I hit a wall like I've never hit. He's like, "Come on, 5 more, what's up with you?" I said I wasn't sure, maybe it was just being sick all last week. I chugged a bunch more water. I was dizzy and shaky, but sometimes that happens when I haven't worked out that hard in a while. Truth is, we didn't work out THAT hard. Although my triceps may argue that right now. Afterward, I showered and rushed out to the car. Then it hit me. Holy CRAP. I didn't eat. Anything. At all. No wonder I feel so weak.

Luckily I had more water and almonds in the car. I was going to run to Subway, but I realized I apparently forgot my purse at home. Great. No license. Please don't let something happen. So I chugged more water and ate some almonds. Luckily I have yogurt and some frozen food at the office. They had pizza and bread sticks for lunch, but I didn't partake. Instead I had yogurt, a cheese stick and a breakfast sandwich. I feel so much better now.

I can't believe that I skipped breakfast on accident. And my snack I usually eat on the way to the gym. My feelings about food have definitely changed. Before I was all about eating all the time. Now, not as much.  I have made progress. 

So what have I learned today?  I've learned I can get through a Monday without a foul mood. I can get through a day without eating. AND working out hard at the gym without food is bad. My brain is still kinda fuzzy. Just how you want your doctor to be, fuzzy brained. Ha ha. Shhh! Don't tell my patients. I'm better now, don't worry. Good thing I'm not a heart surgeon. Ha ha. Medical humor. We're weird.

What have you learned this Monday?


  1. Sounds like nobody was watching Doc and she forgot everything! LOL Good recovery. I've learned that reading a weight loss blog or writing an entry helps put me back on track. Way to avoid the pizza and breadsticks!

  2. I am not feeling the love over here...

  3. I've learned that I go freaking crazy without anything to do at work. But holy cow, forgetting breakfast? I'm glad you realized what was up! And good for you having stuff stocked at the office. It's my "stash" there that keeps me from diving into the peanut butter and crackers (or offering to make a donut run).

  4. Hi Dr. F.,
    Sound like you had an interesting Monday. But "fuzzy-brained"...not you...you're as sharp as a tack. Glad you're feeling better.

  5. Having a workout go off steam because you're under nourished can be a buzz kill, Yep; gotta keep a stash of energy close by for such occasions & to avoid temptation for worse choices. Good to acknowledge learnings. Today I learned that I have to check my docs dizziness factor at my next visit & bring in s protein bar should he seem off.

  6. Had a real scare today as Darling Boy took a header off the swing at school, and had ringing ears, nausea and headache. Phoned MD who said "take immediately to ER." Freaked me out. He has mild concussion. He can't do ballet (which he does 10 hours per week) for a week. His mother is in desperate need of wine. Yet I am on Extremely Low Calorie (HCG) diet. Does one glass of wine equal two apples in carbs? Because that's what I learned today: Wine is Sometimes Necessary for Anxious Mothers of Wild Assed Boys who Leap Fuck All off the Swing at that School Where No One Watches the Kids at Recess. Thanks for allowing my comment in rant form. xoxoxoxo GP

  7. That is funny. Isn't it amazing that you didn't realize you hadn't eaten? Even though you felt like crap, I just love it when I forget to eat, it reminds me that there IS life beyond food.
    Now, eat your bkfst tomorrow!

  8. Did you ever think you would forget to eat? Not good for you, physically, but kind of amazing when you think about it.

    Thanks for the comment on expectations with injuries and bad moods...so true, so true. Sigh.

  9. I wish I had that problem of forgetting to eat.....


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