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Friday, January 28, 2011

Orange Belt! And Weekend pitfalls coming!

Today was something of a day. But, first let's recap yesterday because I meant to post earlier today, but the day spun out of control before I knew it!

So yesterday I had a great and busy day. For food I had Egg white on english muffin with turkey sausage for breakfast, 260 calories, with my coffee. At lunch I had 1 cup of beef stew, home made and tasty! I had some celery and cucumber slices on the side. Lunch was 332 calories. Dinner was a turkey sandwich on the run and then I had a snack later which I'll explain in a minute. My total calories were over by 100 cals yesterday.

Here's why:  So yesterday I went to Tae Kwon Do class at noon. It was quite a workout! We did all the usual stuff plus extra since the test was to be the next day. I happily got my invitation to test for my orange belt. Knowing that I had to test today, I arranged with my husband to watch kids so I could attend an extra class to be sure I knew the material. That's right peoples I did TWO classes in ONE day.  This means that I did a total of 150 crunches, 40 push ups and a WHOLE lot of other cardio and work.  I burned over 1600 calories. So needless to say when I got home from class I was pooped and hungry. I ate a banana and some peanut butter with crackers.  That's what shoved me over the 100 cal.

Fluid wise I drank a TON yesterday, but I woke up WAY dry, so not enough. I had 176 oz of water, 16oz coffee, 12oz diet dp. It just amazes me how much better you feel when you drink the water like you should.

So.......on to today. WHAT a busy one! Woke up early and did some work and got busy with the morning. Breakfast was egg white sandwich on wheat toast. I mixed salsa and canadian bacon into them this time before cooking it and it was really good. Like a quicko omelet. My son thought it was way awesome.  That with my coffee and breakfast was 220 calories. At lunch I had to run home and switch cars with husband so he could pick up kids from school.  I had a turkey sandwich on wheat and a banana. Lunch was 363 calories.

Work was CRAZY. Flu is definitely here, bad. Lots of sickness out there people. Beware. Cover your cough and WASH wash wash your hands!  Rushed home and changed clothes for the TKD belt test. It is amazing how incredibly nervous you can get for these things.   I had planned time at lunch to practice, but work did not allow that.  Luckily I got home in time to review the few things I wanted to. But, time was short so I ate another sandwich. Luckily I had reduced cal bread. Dinner was 229 calories. I planned a snack for after the test. My total calories were 1110. I drank 1.5 gallons of water alone today and I'm not done. I'll need a little more before bed.

My mistake was not eating a little more before the test because I came home and I was shaky. Had a total nose dive on the blood sugar I suppose, which isn't a problem for me usually. I ate some grapes and an apple and I feel better now.

So the test went well. I got my orange belt!
Axe Kick!

Me Trying to break a REALLY thick board.

Orange Belt!

I'm very proud of myself for sticking with this and being brave enough to follow through. There were only 2 adults in our group. There were TONS of little kids. That means the place was packed with parents and siblings and grandparents. GREAT!  I am not really too pleased with being watched as I sweat like a pig and work out. The test took 2 hours. I figure I burned about 1300 calories tonight!

My only regret is I didn't manage to break the board. It isn't a requirement, but I really wanted to do it. Not everyone did so I wasn't alone. Of course they gave me this HUGE board. That's OK. I'll get another chance when I get my green belt because I'm not giving up and I'm not quitting. This is WAY too much fun and such a great work out!

So the plan for the weekend includes a trip to San Antonio for a wedding. My husband and I are driving there and back, just staying tomorrow night. This would worry me except that I don't know these people, they are friends of my husband so no one wants to look like a pig in front of strangers, Ha ha.  I'll tank up on water before and eat a snack. I plan to walk in the morning and we'll do walking there.  I see a loss coming on the scale, at least I hope so I do NOT want to screw it up.

Good night all I am POOPED!  Have a great weekend!


  1. Congratulations!!! And good for you for finding something that's a good workout AND is a lot of fun!!! :D

  2. I'd fall over if I kicked that high.

  3. You are amazing! Congratulations on receiving the orange belt. I don't think my leg can go that high. If it did, I would probably either get a leg cramp immediately or pinch a nerve. You look great and like you're having a lot of fun. Exercise, fluids and food all look super. You've got it together.

    Hope you enjoy the weekend getaway.

  4. Woo-hoo! Well done! That kick looked way amazing. :) Now I want to do something fun like that.

  5. Congrats on your orange belt!!! Looks like fun. Hope you have a good time at the wedding

  6. Congrats on not only getting the orange belt but getting two classes in!! You seriously rock

  7. Those pictures are amazing. Congrats on the orange belt.

  8. YAY! YAY YAY YAY YAY! I just kept staring at that picture of you kicking the shit out of stuff - broken board or not. You are so flexible! That picture wins my personal Inspiration Picture of the Day. YOU ROCK. I will take extra flu precautions in your honor today.
    xoxoxxoxo GP

  9. Congrats on your Orange belt!! I have been doing TKD for a while and am a Senior Blue belt now (every school has their own belt system, but it is basically halfway to 1st degree black belt.)

    My advice for board breaking: remember-- there is a lot that is mental about it. I always say: "Put your foot through it" and visualize my foot (or hand, or elbow, whatever is breaking the board) going through the wood before I break. Then you take a deep breath, focus every bit of your energy and go for it!
    Good luck with breaking boards in the future... and congrats on your orange belt!

  10. Well sounds like you have every reason to be pooped here. Huge congrats on your shiny new orange belt! Love the photos of you in action, you are putting desire and action together and getting results; wonderful!

  11. Congrats on your orange belt. Is there anything for the locals to do with the Super Bowl coming to town?

  12. Congratulations on getting your orange belt - those are some powerful pictures!

  13. Doc, I've said it before but it bears repeating: you rock! Congrats on the achievements, and yes..you'll get that damn board when you get your green belt. It cannot escape you forever! You're a star, I swear!

  14. Grats on your new belt! Blast that board next time!

    You know this, but I'm gonna say it anyway... try to keep your insulin levels from jumping around with more protein, fat even, and less starchy foods (bread, banana, etc.).


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