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Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Wrap up

Haven't posted since Thursday. It was a crazy busy weekend. I always have good intentions to post on the weekend, but it always seems like it doesn't happen. I get busy and there's so much to do. Plus I feel bad enough with the Mommy guilt during the week that on the weekend I feel worse if I spend time away from the kids. Anyhoo- been reading all you blogs and catching up this morning.

Friday was a typical crazy day with work and kids and such. I went to TKD class Friday evening and did pretty well with my leg. It's almost completely healed, but still looks kinda gross. Better than before though.  I wore one of the new dresses to work, the most casual and got some nice compliments.  Friday was also the first day of new menus and I did great sticking to the plan. Packed my lunch and snacks and took them to work. Drank all my water and was pleased with myself. Had salmon for dinner and it was good!

Saturday I got up and got breakfast for the kiddos and me. Son had school stuff in the morning and then my hubbie had to take him late to his Boy Scout camp out. The girls and I spent the morning cleaning house. I am really trying to de-clutter and I wish I had a week to just stay home and work on that, but I don't so I'll keep plugging away. I'm trying to do better with limiting what comes in my house.

In the afternoon, I spent hours weeding my flower beds out front and cleaning it out, getting ready to plant a few annuals for color. I bought some plants from another Boy scout troop so I'll be planting when they arrive. We also replaced the light in the pool which was a bear because it's hard to get out and such. The pool is currently sans water because they are coming today to replace one of the filter pumps. The lower yard is flooded and the kids have enjoyed the mud. Yuck.

Then Saturday evening we went to Lowes and got some veggie plants for our raised beds. The girls love this as they are always excited to pick the plants they want to plant. After, we went to eat at Cotton Patch Cafe which is a death trap of Southern food. I however did well having tilapia grilled, salad, no dressing, broccoli no sauce. I didn't have any of the lovely warm rolls they brought to the table although the girls gobbled them like candy. The entree was 2 fillets of fish, I ate one and saved the other for lunch on Sunday.  Once we got home, we took a short walk as a family and then it was baths and bed for the girls and I wasn't far behind considering how tired I was.

Sunday we slept in a tad (8:30am) and then I got to work with breakfast. I made omelets and per the plan I had one with spinach. I don't generally choose spinach with my breakfast, but I like the stuff and it was actually really tasty. Lunch per the plan with fish instead of chicken.  I took the girls to a birthday party and passed on the cake and the pizza. I spent a little time practicing my TKD stuff.  Last night I had chicken with veggies, green beans instead of broccoli as I'd had it the night before and although I love it, my belly doesn't always love it.

I was pleased with my weigh in for the challenge Sunday morning. I am finally nearly down to my pre-funeral weight. I was 195.8.  It was a loss of  3.8 pounds for the week which I am quite happy with. That means I am basically back to where I was although I had seen 194 briefly and can't wait to again.

Today I had oatmeal for breakfast per the plan. I bought some of the fancy rough cut kind and although I didn't taste a lot of difference, there's definitely a texture difference. I don't eat the instant or 1 minute stuff anyway because I don't like the mushy stuff. It was tasty.  Lunch is packed in my bag and dinner is on the plan.  I'm actually kind of enjoying being told what to eat. I certainly enjoy the scale moving so I'll keep following.

I had planned a workout at lunch, but I'm super tired today. Hubbie was sick all last week and I'm hoping I'm not getting it. We've all had allergy crap as it is pollen hell here in Texas. I think I'm going to need a nap so that's where I'm headed.

How was your weekend? Do you do oatmeal? How do you like it? Have a great day!


  1. Oatmeal? YES!! Steel cut oats. I cook up a big pot on Sunday evening, and portion it out for my weekday breakfasts. It keeps well and warms up nicely in the microwave. The texture is a bazillion times better than the instant goo.

  2. I love oatmeal! In a microwave safe bowl I add 1 oz. old fashioned oats, 2 oz. apples (sliced thin), 1/4 oz. raisins, 1/4 oz. walnuts and a generous helping of cinnamon sprinkled on top. I add 1/2 C. 1% milk and 1/4 C. water and I microwave for 3 minutes. I top with 1/4 C. Fage yogurt. I add a little artificial sweetener, but you don't have to. It's my favorite meal of the day. Great job with the weight loss, Dr. F.

  3. Good job with the yard work!

    I go through phases of eating oatmeal. I like it with 1/2 cup of pumpkin or the addition of applesauce or fresh blueberries. I like to make an overnight oats and berries bowl, 1/2 cup dry oatmeal mixed with 1 cup of fat free yogurt,a little sweetener and cinnamon. Let is set in the frig overnight, add some fresh fruit the next morning. Yummy! Add nuts or coconut if desired.

  4. I no longer eat oatmeal because, well, I'm off grains. But, also I took the trouble test a 1-hour BS after a bowl of unsweetened oatmeal - went from 90 to 180! (I am not diabetic or prediabetic.) Shows how sensitive I am. Eggs work fine for me :)

  5. 3.8 pounds in one week? Wow! I'm impressed.

    Shannon makes oatmeal from time to time. Mighty tasty! I usually have egg whites for breakfast, but this is a delightful change of pace from time to time.

  6. I love oatmeal, all kinds, but rarely eat it anymore since it does not seem to keep me full. My favorite is probably steel cut oats.

  7. Been awhile since I read your blog, but sounds like you are doing great. I especially liked reading about all the things you are planting. Wow, you are a busy woman! Love it though that you are growing some veggies. It will be a while before we can plant outside, but I have some tomatoes seedlings that are doing nicely. Can't wait to put in a garden!

    Congrats on your loss, too.


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