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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Stuff

This morning I got up early and made myself go up and get on the treadmill. I didn't want to do it. I was tired. I still am. I wanted to sleep, but what's another 30 min really?  I still can't run really. It's hard on my calf which is healing and nearly well. But, I don't want to push it so I walked. By the time I had pressed the snooze a few times I only had 20 minutes to walk, but hey, 20 min is 20 min.  After I stretched. The walking and stretching is really more about rehab for my leg than anything. I really want to be able to get back to running.

I had oatmeal again this morning, per plan and I'll have to tell you that my belly is either totally loving it or hates it. Either way you look at it I'm regular. Gassy, but regular.  I arrived at work early today and got some reading done. I meant to get this post in earlier, but you know how it goes.  Then the server was down. Let me just let that sink in..................................................

Yeah. MY FREAKING SERVER WAS DOWN most of the morning and let me tell you it is incapacitating. Can't do a damn thing. So frustrating. It happened after a major power surge and then the internet was jacked all morning. Luckily it's nothing major and no data was lost, but sweet lord we depend on that thing. Since we are all electronic I can't even look up the meds a patient is on. Technology is the love and bane of my existence.

I left work to go to TKD and MAN that class kicked my ASS today. They had us do some extra push ups and we did 120 crunches w/ several where she made us go up and hold for 10 sec and OUCH my abs hurt. Then we did lots of extra kicking drills. I still have to be careful with certain kicks. Especially ones where you have to jump back, but I did my best. My asthma is a bummer today so I had to use my inhaler a few times which means my heart was racing even faster than it would've been and I was short of breath. But, it felt great and although I was tired I did it.

Home I went, sweaty and gross. Hopped in the shower and then dressed. Made my sandwich for lunch which I decided to have in a wrap for a change. I also decided to slap some hummus on it instead of the avocado because.........well........frankly I was not in the mood to deal with messy avocado. Hummus I can open the container, 1 tablespoon and done. It was a lovely sandwich with veggies. I also had a grapefruit, ice cold. It was so tasty and really hit the spot after my sweaty class.

THEN, I had to rush to the pool store to have the pool water tested and buy chemicals. We've only had a pool for 2 years since we moved into this new house and I love the pool, hate the hassle. We just had to have the filter pump replaced and refill the whole thing so now we have to start over. Six bags of salt and $200 in various chemicals and we'll be good again tonight. Not that we can swim yet. Brrrrr.

So now I'm back at work with a computer that is working and I can post. Sooooooo here I am posting. Work this afternoon than back to TKD to pick up kids after their classes. Home to the pool and homework and such.  Last night we planted our tomatoes and watermelon and other veggies. Also got some basil going. I sure hope the basil does as well as last year because it was wonderful. Not that basil is high maintenance. It's basically a weed, but smells and tastes sooooo good. Now why couldn't dandelions and thistle and other nastiness that invades my yard be like Basil??? Seems really unfair.

And so all that rambling to just say that I am still on plan, still exercising and still learning new things about this healthy life stuff everyday. I never would have thought a year ago that hummus  on a sandwich would be good. Hell, I wouldn't have had hummus in the fridge then.  I love learning new things and trying new things. I have Brussel sprouts in the fridge. I'll be trying them roasted this week. I haven't had them since I was a kid. We'll see......

So what have you tried an loved lately?What have you hated? Is there something you're dying to try but haven't had the nerve yet? Are you keeping up with your exercise? 


  1. Great job staying on plan and waking up to walk! I LOVE hummus...something I never thought I would enjoy.

  2. I like to cook my brussel sprouts with some apple chunks. It takes away alot of the bitterness.

  3. damn I can't get over being jealous you have a pool.

  4. Mmm...basil...one of my favorite non-fattening foods. :-)

  5. you nailed it all for me when you said WHATS ANOTHER 30 MINUTES?
    Im tired from my days.
    another 30 sleep wont make a dent :)
    a 30 minute workout? will fo'sho' energize me.



  6. I should grow basil - it's my favorite herb. Oh - a friend of mine here in town is growing a pineapple! I may try that - how fun would THAT be?!?

    You do more in one day than I do in three. Don't know how you manage to fit everything in - but I do leave your blog feeling energized, so you are spreading it around!


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