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Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Had a decent weekend. Not as productive as I would've liked. Of course I wanted to take my green belt test, but that didn't happen. Though my leg is tons better, not well, but tons better, I still can't do all that I'd like. We had 60 bags of mulch delivered on Saturday. We bought it from boy scouts and they delivered for a small fee. It was worth it, but I didn't get it spread yet. I'll try this week if my leg is better.

I ate on plan, but didn't exercise much. I did housework and dishes and some simple cleaning and that was about it. I was tired so I took the luxury Saturday afternoon of lying outside in the breeze for a short nap. I love love love naps outside. It started in college. I had a bench on campus that was my got to spot. I'd lie in the sun and nap with my head on my back pack. I always joke that I could nap anywhere and it's true. But my favorite spot is outside in the breeze.

I was very distraught to see that my bench was gone last fall when we walked through campus before one of the football games. They replaced it with a wooden bench with a back, not nearly as comfortable to nap on as my backless concrete one.

Big boy went to birthday party this weekend. When I was a kid it was a few friends, pillows on the floor, and lots of giggles. He gets a trip to a lake house complete with water sports and Xbox games, movies and such. Huh. Doesn't seem fair.

On Friday night we watched Tangled with the kids. It's such a good movie and we enjoyed the family time. My husband and I watched Black Swan this weekend, obviously NOT with the kids. Weirdness.  I'm not sure I liked it or not. It was good and weird. We also spent some time catching up on the TIVO. We watched the whole season of Californication, also not with the kids. Another weird and twisted show, but we like it. I think that must be all we like these days.

Saturday night I had the luxury of a bubble bath. My leg needed the bath and I enjoy the quiet time. Why is that Mom only gets quiet time and naps when she's hurt or sick? I don't know, but I enjoyed it. Even read my book in the bubbles. It was quite nice.

Tomorrow I have a field trip to the zoo with my daughter's class. That's one reason I didn't do much physical stuff. I know I'll have to walk a ton tomorrow and my leg needs to be ready. I think I'll be fine. Today I plan some bike and stretching. I really need to get back to my exercise.

And so here I am on Monday trying to get through the day. I'm tired this morning. Storms woke me last night and I didn't sleep well. But, we needed the rain and so I'll not complain too much. April showers bring May flowers, right? Well, they bring the weeds anyway. I've gotta get out there in the yard this week. So much to do, so little time.

Have a good Monday!  How was your weekend? Do anything exciting or just a quiet time like me?


  1. Sixty bags of mulch - holy cow! Do you have a botanical garden? :)

    My weekend was spent (gleefully) getting the in-laws ready to move back home for the summer; continuing to strengthen my walking muscles by including some hills; finding out that I am NOT ready for 95° heat when walking; and praying for rain that won't come until July or August.

  2. Glad you took it easy on your sore leg...hopefully the field trip doesn't bother you too much today.

    I thought Black Swan was more along the lines of a horror movie (which I don't like) - I ended watching a lot of it behind my hands!

    I agree with you on the birthday parties these days - but that goes along with baby and bridal showers, too...all have gotten really extreme. Crazy.

  3. Happy Monday! Reading about all of your activities with your children sure brings back memories for me. It is such a wonderful time and I am glad that you do so much with them Ann!

    I was busy all weekend long. Grocery shopping, cooking, making granola, chores, church, attended a brunch and worked on my blog in between all the rest!

  4. Sounds like your weekend went well. Bubble bath + book = score! I'm glad to hear your leg is improving as well.

    My weekend was pleasant. My birthday was Saturday, and Sunday I got in 90 minutes on the treadmill. Then later that night I was sitting at my computer, leaned back in my chair, and thirteen years of abuse finally got to that sucker because it broke and dumped me on the floor.

    Ouch. Oh well, it was time to put the new one together anyway :)

  5. Good to hear the leg is gettong there. I've yet to hear one person I knopw liked Black Swan, i will put you down for 'weirdness' or we'll say 'maybe'. Hope the zoo was fun and that the kids didnt act like zoo animals; ha, that is what kids are supposed to do i suppose. Have Fun!!

  6. Mariners are facing the juggernaut that is the Rangers! Was hoping Butler could pull it off. Practice those layups, boys!

  7. Glad to hear that your leg is healing, and it sounds like you had a relaxing weekend, in general. Your description of napping out doors, in the breeze, really made me nostalgic for last summer at the lake.

    As for the "Black Swan," I feel much the same as you, in terms of liking or disliking it. I'm still not sure that I understand the extent of her descent into mental illness...especially when it comes to what was actual reality and what was a figment of her imagination. You got me thinkin' again, Dr. F. Have a great week!


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