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Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter, Earth Day, and.........BIZARRE!

Yesterday I was pooped. Really pooped. And tired AND I had......well.......stomach issues.  I suppose it's my return to good food and flushing out all the garbage I've been eating. Plus I've been back to my water and that means back to the bathroom a lot.

I made myself get up to exercise yesterday and I went to TKD last night for a good sweaty workout. I'm really glad that I won't have to take my son to school so early any more so I can get back to my morning workouts. I do so much better when I start the day with exercise.  Yesterday, I rode the stationary bike. This morning I walked on the treadmill and did some stretching. My sprained calf is pretty much healed and now I'm working on my hamstring on the right which has been tight, but man, it felt great to sweat in the morning again.

This weekend I plan on trying to run again. I just refuse not to finish the C25K. I've started and stopped many times and this is going to be my #1 fitness goal for the next 2 months.  I really want to get back to being able to run for 30 min so that I can run a full 5K and enter some races. I know I can so now it is just a matter of doing it. 

My food and water have been great the last couple of days and it feels good to be back on track. The scale is back down, but not where it was BB (before the binge). SO, I will continue to move forward with a positive attitude. As best as I can anyway.

Despite the fact that my Mavs lost last night. Sigh. But, we're still up 2 games to 1 and it aint over yet.  I am really enjoying the NBA playoffs this year as I have 2 teams in I care about. The Mavs and the OKC Thunder. Next week is the NFL draft and I always look forward to that although this year is weird with all the contract talks going on.

This weekend is Easter and so there will be a lot of family time with egg hunts and fun. That means a lot of candy in the house. But, I only bought stuff I hate and honestly candy doesn't tempt me too badly. I plan dinner on Sunday with good healthy food.

Today is EARTH DAY!  Do something good for the environment. Not just today, but every day. Recycle where you can. Turn off the water. Conserve energy. Switch to cleaner energy sources. Avoid buying bottled water, use refillable bottles instead.  The kids and I will be picking up trash in the neighborhood this evening at our park. And we'll be planting a couple of trees in our yard. What are you doing for the Earth today?

HEY! I read something this morning that was just BIZARRE. There is new gym in Spain that is a nudist gym. That's right people now you can work out in the buff. Can I just say......EWWW and OUCH!  Can you imagine working out without clothes? Where would all the sweat go? Yuck. And the flapping and chaffing of various body parts? And NO BRA? You've got to be kidding me.  Who dreamed up this nightmare? And guys, I cannot imagine how uncomfortable it would be to workout with certain of your parts flapping in the wind either. On the bright side, you would save considerable amounts of money by not needing certain gym attire, right? How strange. Can you imagine?


  1. lol, there are, in my opinion, only two things that should be done in the nude, showering and fooling around. Other than that what is the draw of not having the supportive comfort of clothes?

    I am probably not going to have candy issues on Easter but there will be ham and macaroni and cheese, yum.

  2. Oh candy tempts me! We haven't had any around for Easter in years since my boys outgrew egg hunts. Naked gym - too gross for words. I've read about naked yoga too.

  3. Nudist gym? Ah, no thank you. I agree it's gross.

  4. I would add to your list of Earth Day tips to eat less meat and avoid any fast foods. Most folks reading your blog are probably not fast food eaters, but many folks do not realize that eating meat is taxing to our environment. Have a Happy Easter!

  5. Agree with you about the morning workouts doc - can't be beaten and it just sets you up right for the entire day. I'll be heading out the door for a morning session in a few minutes.

    Nudist gym? Simply put, that's a moronic idea. Yes, it would be gross, but it's just insanely impractical too.

  6. A naked gym? Oh my goodness, what next?


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