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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday Wonders

Another Wednesday and another list of things I'm wondering this week.

I'm wondering:
  • Why some days are just harder than other days?  I do the same things everyday, pretty much. I just don't get why some days are so much harder. Today I woke up and just didn't want to get out of bed. I was tired. I was grumpy and I was sad. I spoke to my Aunt last night and she is understandably still struggling with the loss of her son. I feel for her and I tried to let her know I'm here for her.  Today I have her on my mind and that's left me wanting to crawl in bed and be alone. I can't do that of course, so I'm getting by as best I can. I went home at lunch and had a few minutes to myself sitting in my room and watched House from the other night. I didn't have time to workout as I had to run errands before I headed home. Instead I ate and had some peace. It helped some. Tonight I'll try to get a walk with the kid.
  • Why radio stations play the same freaking songs over and over and over?  I mean, really. They play like 20 songs over and over all day. At work we have limited reception and we have the radio on all day. It gets so old. And WHY is it always the song you HATE that they play the most?   I've thought about satellite radio, but I have that in my car and frankly it's not that much better. Oh well. It's noise that keeps the office running and patients from eaves dropping too much.
  • Will I ever stop crying over silly things when it comes to my kids? I swear I well up with tears all the time over the kids. Is it that I'm a wet rag or just love them so much? The other day I got an email from my son's boy scout leader who said what a wonderful young man he's becoming and how impressed the leaders were with his organizational and leadership skills at the last camp out. Yep. I cried then and now typing that I feel it again. Then yesterday the girls just spontaneously gave each other a big hug and said, "I love you, sissy."  When they thought I wasn't looking. I was and I got teary eyed. Sigh. My kids are just awesome. Unless they are pissing me off. In which case......
  • Should I get a Kindle or i-pad?  I've been thinking about this for a while. I got my mom a Kindle for Christmas and she loves it. This also means that my endless supply of books will dry up soon unless I have a way to read hers. Now that she can "loan them" to me, I'm definitely interested. Plus not having books stacked up everywhere is appealing. I really want an i-pad, but I have an i-phone and a laptop. Would I use it enough to justify the expense? I'm not sure my software for work will run OK on it so then I'd have 3 devices to lug around. But......I really want one. Sigh. Still thinking on it. 
  • Where does my kid's teacher get off telling her she should bring a lunchable everyday? OK. So about a week ago, my youngest came home and asked if she could have a lunchable because her little friend at pre-school takes one everyday and she wanted one, too. My response was that lunchables are not that healthy so it's not something we can have everyday, but I might get her one for just once in a while. SOOOOO. She takes it to school on Monday and apparently the teacher says how great she did at eating it all up and she should have one every day. I know she said this because she repeated it to the Nanny when she picked it up.  I was immediately irritated.  Why? Because there is a reason that my 5 year old had never ever had one. I consider it over-packaged, over-processed and over-sugared food that is not the best alternative for my kid. Besides, the only reason the kids want the dang stuff is because there are either cookies or a candy bar in it plus juice, both of which are rare treats in our house. Of course she ate it all!  So, I again explained to my child why we don't eat that every day. I bought a couple of divided plastic containers and we're making our own "lunchables" now which the girls find to be great fun.
Well, there's so much more I could write, but I'll save it for another time. I'm headed out to see the Chiropractor and see if he can help me with my sciatic. I have done OK today food wise and I'm drinking water as usual. Tonight the hubby is out of town and I'll be single parenting. We have yet more to do on the pool with adding more salt and scrubbing. I like the scrubbing as it is a great arm workout. I'd like a walk if we have time. Then kids to bed and I'll have some times ALONE. Alone...............happens sooooo rarely. I might even get a bubble bath.  Happy happy smile....

So what about you? Are you wondering things this week? How do you handle kids lunches? I find it frustrating at best. Just the drudgery of having to make them every day. Sigh. Luckily my older 2 can eat at school sometimes although middle school cafeteria food is probably WORSE than send a lunchable. WHY can't we get healthy food to our kids?? Well.........that's a WHOLE other rant in itself.

Anyway, I love love love hearing from all of you. You all amaze me and humor me and comfort me and help me in ways I am truly thankful for........ See. I'm in a better mood already. Have a great night! And leave a comment!


  1. I have both the Kindle and the NookColor, and I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE reading and highlighting on my NookColor much more. Beautiful visuals. Easy to google up stuff in a book. (Example, was reading a novel about a Japanese assasin, and I could easily look up locales in Japan with Google on the NookColor and SEE the places in the novel or read excerpts of some zen stuff in the novel on the web.) I like my Kindle a lot for its long battery life. And you can highlight in both, but in the Nook, you have green, yellow, blue.In the Kindle..it's grey.

    If a lot of battery life is important, as well as the tools amazon has (like letting you know you already purchased a book), and can get loans, great. If you want a nice reading visual experience (the page looks like a page, black on white), then get the NookColor.

    I use both....but I prefer my Nook. Now if only the battery life were like the Kindle's. :D

  2. Oh, but the ebook selection IS better at Amazon. It's not as good as paper books (sucks), but amazon leads here. But I find it easier to shop on the Nook than the Kindle. Much nicer shopping.

  3. I'm a book geek..worked in the library from grade school through college and had my nose up in the air about these E readers. But I have to say , after just an hour on the Kindle I got for Christmas..I was a goner. I downloaded and read several samples of books and then purchased some. Some are free. I get the I pad thing. If you know you are not gonna be satisfied with just a Kindle..then go for it.

  4. You're a wonder-ful gal! Kudos on your solution to the lunchable delimmea! I was thinking you might have a chat with the teacher about nutrition for youngsters, but your solution is so much better. I vote Kindle--I was thinking the same thing, but my laptop does fine for me and if you have an iphone too, the ipad almost redundant. The Kindle rocks. I carry it in my purse and always have something to read (whatever kind of reading I choose for the occasion). I also loaded on a game (scrabble) which sometimes appeals more than reading. The batter on that thing (the Kindle) NEVER runs out. It's awesome. Get the lighted cover, too.

  5. thats "battery" not batter . . .

  6. I have the 1st Gen. Kindle ... love it. But now they're even cheaper and better. I'm a librarian and patrons who want to download free books from the library should go with Nook. But you can't always get what you want when you want it. Best sellers? Be prepared to wait. If you're like me, I want it when I want it. If you stay with Nook or Kindle, you're fine. I wouldn't count on other brands to be around much longer. One last factor: I take a vacation in the sun and Kindle is great for reading on a sunny ship deck. I understand Nook doesn't do so well in the sun. Lots to consider!

  7. I want to get a Kindle, but I am also a book lover, so I have put it off. I think the time has finally come. I also have gotten to love listening to audio books while on road trips or just driving around in the car.

    Yes, I think and wonder all the time--much like you. That's what makes us interesting, and probably a bit complicated.

  8. I have 1st generation Kindle and an iPad. If you have an iPhone you probably don't need an iPad. That said... I ♥ my iPad. Everything on the Kindle can be put on the iPad. I surf the web all over the house. On vacation I blog using the iPad - who needs a laptop? (unless you want to do online gaming or real work, but that ain't vacation!) Sure the Kindle is much easier to read in daylight, holds more like a books, and it can be used in a pinch as a web browser. It is cheap(ish) at $189. That said, I rarely use my Kindle any more but it certainly is nice to be able to have access to the Kindle store. You could always buy a used iPad version 1.0 (version 2 is not that much of an improvement - we have both in the house) then wait for the iPad3 coming out this fall. Ah, choices.

  9. DF, I LOOOVE my Kindle! My wife just got an IPad, and that's pretty cool, too. But the Kindle is great. I appreciate that it's not backlit, as I log enough screen time already, so the Kindle feels easier on my eyes. And I have about a 20-30 minute commute, so I use the read aloud feature, which means I get through a book at least twice as fast as when I tried to cram reading books on top of work, kids, etc.

    My wondering is why I can't seem to feel as healthy when I'm working as when I'm on vacation. :0

  10. I have no opinion on the Kindle vs iPad issue. I wonder how people can get by without "real" books. I'm sure my husband would appreciate fewer stacks of books around the house. But I can't give up my favorites.

    My 17 & 19 yr. old sons still cause me to tear up with pride and joy. I don't think that ever goes away. When I get a text from my son that ends with "love you, bye", it's like getting dandelions from a 2 yr. old, so sweet,

  11. You just go on with your rant about healthy food for kids. Because I'm a firm believer that if we can teach our children to eat healthy from a young age...it will help with so much of the obesity issues that are out there right now!

    Yay for having such great kids!

  12. Thanks a bunch for your kind words on my surgery & recovery, much appreciated!

    Hmm, why are some days harder than others. Has to be a mental thing. From day to day the things we do are the same, but not the attitudes of those around us or ourselves. We are amoody animal and sometimes the hardest thing we do is set our mood where it needs to be to be sucessful.

    Lunchables, ugh just garbage. Garbage makes a good treat or splurge meal, but everyday? Nope, thats not a good idea. My guess is the teacher islooking for an easy way out of dealing with the kids during lunchtime.


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