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Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

I had a good weekend. A challenging weekend. A fun weekend. A unproductive weekend. A poor diet weekend. A frustrating weekend. A tiring weekend. A thoughtful weekend.  A weekend filled with shuttling kids from one place to another.

Friday was a super busy day. I worked, went to the eye doctor. Spent $300 bucks. Went back to work. The surprise was that my son was invited to a last minute sleep over. The hubby and I decided to take the girls to the drop off daycare and get dinner and a movie. We ended up at a local Mexican joint. I did well though.  I ate no chips.  I ordered red snapper, broiled, no sauce and a side of beans, whole not re-fried, no rice and salad w/ no dressing. What arrived was red snapper drowning in creamy sauce and salad with lots of dressing. Sigh. I didn't have time to send it back or we'd miss the movie. I scraped all I could off and ate the fish and my salad with it. We saw "Unknown" with Liam Neeson.  It was really great with lots of action and a thrilling story.

Saturday my son had boy scout duties helping a buddy with an Eagle project. It was at the local nature preserve repairing a part of the damaged hiking trail. I decided to take the girls on a hike while he did his thing.  We ended up with a 3.5 mile hike. It was a nice day and we enjoyed it. After, we came home and the girls were beat. We sat down and watched Harry Potter #3 for the millionth time. Well, the girls watched, I had a short nap.  Then I was up and got the dishes done and dinner cooked.  Hubbie brought home kielbasa and asked me to cook them. Sigh. So I did. I had salad, carrots and one sausage no bun.

Sunday morning I slept in until around 8am. Got dressed and was on my way up to work out when hubby announced he'd plan to cook breakfast for me. Blueberry french toast with blueberry syrup. He was sick for Valentine's and was going to make up for it by cooking for me. How sweet. Sigh. He asked if I wanted to work out first and I said I'd better. So 30min later on the bike and then breakfast. I had 2 pieces of the french toast with about 2 tablespoons of syrup on the side.  After that the Girl Scout cookies arrived. Then I had to shuttle my son to one boy scout event and then another. In between I didn't do much. The rest of the day is kind of a blur of carb cravings and bad choices.

I am glad the weekend is over and frustrated with my choices. Wondering how I can handle the temptations better and knowing I KNOW how, but made poor choices. I also know I was frustrated with my weigh in yesterday having lost no weight last week. Well, I actually lost 4 pounds as I had gone up after my weekend illness the week before. But, the overall result was no loss this week. I am now faced with having to start over again this week and I'm left wondering when this gets easy. I KNOW it never does and that's fine, so I'll move on. There are worse problems in the world than mine.

I realize I slipped back into the routine of letting my weekend eating go to shit. The temptations are what they are. I have issues with a spouse who isn't where I am commitment wise. Instead of showing him resolve, I showed him how easy it is to give in. I am not really very happy about that. On the bright side, I spent a lot of my weekend exercising. I had an active weekend and I did make some decent choices. 

My schedule gets crazy again as son starts Track and Field this week and that means he has to be at school by 6:30am again. Now I'll have to adjust to the new schedule again and figure out my workouts. I'm on the books for a session with my trainer today. I dread it. I don't want to do it. I drove to work today trying to think of a reason I could cancel. I realized that I couldn't and told myself to shut the hell up. I'm going whether I like it or not. All I can do is my best. Not trying will help nothing.

I woke up this am feeling like shit from the carb binge yesterday. I didn't feel like eating. I had a yogurt. I could stand to skip a meal. Why eat if I'm not hungry? I drank my coffee and my water. I didn't have all the water yesterday. Not close and no wonder I feel like shit.

I didn't watch the Oscars last night because I just plain don't care. Instead we watched Burn Notice on TiVo and played games with the girls. Woke up this am not knowing who won. To be honest I forgot it was even on. I don't think I missed a thing. Years from now I won't remember who won, but I'll remember the Sunday afternoons lying in the floor playing games with the kids.

And now, on with my Monday......


  1. It never gets easy, just like you said, but we become more disciplined and determined. Your resolve is there, you will move on and forward. We are just humans, ya know. Not perfect. Just human. You will do this, it just takes time, dang it!

  2. Giving in to please someone is easier, but not in the long run.

    My thought, say thanks, eat half a piece of french toast and tell him you're going to eat the rest later as a snack and then don't eat it. Eventually it'll get tossed. Maybe that part he'll notice.

  3. I think you got through the weekend. No weight gain. Lots of exercise. Quality time with the family. There's no way you could have declined hubby's Valentine's Day breakfast--you did well limiting the amount (BTW, I highly recommend sugar free syrup--tastes the same, way fewer calories). You're on to a new week. Make sure you do get to the gym--no excuses. I, following my own advice, need to get my body out the door for my run. I'm relaunching my running with a dose of C25K. You can do this.

  4. Ha your life sounds a lot like mine. And don't feel bad, my eating goes to shit on the weekends too. I hate it when food comes out not as you ordered and you don't have time for them to get it right!

  5. I am always impressed with women who have spouses and kids to cope with while changing their eating behaviors. It is so much easier (and it ain't easy) without kids and when younhave a spouse who is totally supportive or even working to lose weight also.

    It was so sweet for your hubby to want to cook for you. Maybe you can give him a list of delightful dishes for him to choose from since you know he wants to be so supportive... Even though my sweetie is 100% on board, I still have to remind her not to offer me anything not on my plan. Just like it's taking me to learn this new existence, it is taking us as a couple to work out our eating and activity level together. Twenty years of shared patterns take a long time to change.

  6. I really enjoy your blog. I work for surgeons in Denver and they are always harping at their patients for being obese. Maybe it's because nearly all their hernia and breast cancer patients ARE obese and that makes things a bit tougher for the surgeons to take care of. I can only imagine what they're thinking every time they see me plod into the office at 75 pounds overweight. I'm a new fan of yours. Bless your sweet husband. You've got a tough schedule to juggle and obviously he's trying to make life a bit gentler and love-filled for you.

  7. It's hard when your kids are little because their activities seem to take over your life! Although, I can't complain, because until I got married it was just me and my daughter - my sister has three kids and her weekends are a blur.

    My daughter is almost 19 and works and goes to school its sometimes days between seeing her - hang in there - don't think about the weekend, just do your best today. :D

  8. I skipped the Oscars, too, in favor of UW vs. WSU basketball. Huskies lost again! And this time, they scored only 17 first half points. They have gone down the tubes, big-time.

    You'll get back in a rhythm as you and your family stay healthy for a bit.

  9. It is hard to accommodate your spouse with "special" foods - especially when we've (the royal) given them years of practice with regard to making food the primary focus of occasions. It'll take time for both of you to settle into what feels comfortable; meanwhile, it's nice that he wants to do something special for you for V-day. Who knows - maybe next year you'll be getting a new workout shirt from him instead of a meal!


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