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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What a week! and...LOOK!

Whew! I can't beleive this week. So busy, so crazy, soooo...half over, praise the Lord!  I haven't had time or opportunity to post until now and it was starting to piss me off. I decided I didn't care how late I had to stay up I'm finishing my work and posting to my blog.   With my NP still out I am struggling to keep up with the work load.

Yesterday was good. Really good. Day 2 of the challenge and no problem. The level of food is fine. I haven't been hungry as I've been eating 1200 calories for a while. The water is also no problem as I've been doing it for a while. The interesting thing I've noticed is that I'm kinda enjoying the food plan. There are a lot of things on there that I like but haven't been eating in a while. It's funny how we get in a rut. I totally enjoyed the oatmeal yesterday.  I just haven't been eating it much. I don't know why. Carb avoidance? Time? I used to think it made me hungry faster, but I'll tell you I was FULL until lunch time.

And I can't tell you the last time I had a waffle. It was actually yummy. I had all but given up fruit juice, but the plan calls for it.  I was not drinking much milk either, mainly eating yogurt instead. But, I have to say the milk has been filling and tasty for a change. And I actually enjoyed the tuna and crackers and salad at lunch today. I did decide not to do the snack this afternoon. It was supposed to be 1/2 oz of chocolate. At first glance that sounds great, but I know me.

Chocolate is my gateway drug and 1/2 oz isn't enough. I do occasionally let myself have chocolate, but not on a routine basis. A little chocolate and I'm craving Coke and bread and desserts and then...who knows what. Instead I had a small banana. I love them. I consider them a treat and it was great.

Be careful about indulgences. In theory the thought that "I can have just a little" sounds good. But, the truth is there is a a biological basis for cravings, especially sugar and carbs. That's one theory why diet sodas seem to increase obesity rates.  BTW I believe that is the explanation for the study that came out this week regarding diet sodas being associated with an increase in cardiovascular disease. Give em up. Drink water!

OK, where was I? Oh yeah.....

Unfortunately my exercise plan for Tuesday didn't work out. Patients ran late so I didn't make it to TKD. I hate that. But, it's kinda hard to say, "Mrs. Smith I realize you are depressed, but gee, I need to make my TKD class. We'll talk more later."  PLUS I am currently teaching a NP student and while I enjoy it and love it, it does slow me down. He is a great person and doing well, but it's his first rotation so he basically knows nothing yet. He's learning. Of course he has an awesome teacher, ha ha.

So, I ended up running a few errands and working through lunch. BUT, I did make my appointment for my trainer. OUCH! I'm hurting today. We did lots of squats and lunges. With and without weights. Up downs and V-ups and crunches and...you get the idea.   Last night I got home and tried to post, and damn it but our wireless router died. Up and died. Sigh.

That means that I didn't get my work caught up yesterday OR this morning. Sigh. The really bad thing was that after dinner last night I decided I wanted coffee. Knowing I needed to stay up working I indulged. Soooo guess who was up very late? THEN I woke up to sleet hitting the windows early this am. SCREW YOU, Jack Frost!  I'm tired of this crap. I live in Texas for a reason and it is NOT snow or sleet or ice.

I got up early anyway as planned. School was canceled AGAIN. So I went up and did my C25K. Finished week 1 again. I'll say my speed is much better this time through. I am lighter by about 25 pounds and I find it makes a HUGE difference. Damn when I'm thin I'm gonna fly! (Ha ha! I wish.)  Anyway I am remembering how much I like to run and getting into it again. The challenge helps a LOT as walking and jogging intervals are the prescribed cardio.  I've got to get new shoes, it's just time. But between work and the weather, no go yet. SOON!

Me after my run this am. Can you see the sweat?

 I love that shirt. My blog friend Shelley was nice enough to get it for me when I couldn't find one near where I live. I think it's inspirational. It sure fits better and better these days. My commute in to work was not too hot.
Our back yard.

Weee!  Fun slide.

No one on the road, just the way I like it!

But, the roads were a lot better than in Dallas. I'm glad I didn't get stuck on the interstates.  Made it to work without much trouble at all. Thank you traction control and anti-lock brakes!Work was slow this morning so I went to Target at lunch. Best. Shopping. Ever. Hardly anyone was there, but I got tickled at all the husbands clearly dragged there by their wives because they didn't want to drive. Got a new router at Best Buy. THUS I can post now. Yeah! Delivered groceries to the house and back to work I went.

Over the last few weeks my wedding ring has gotten progressively looser. Now with the cold and washing my hands all day, I had to start wearing it on my middle finger. I really need to get one of those ring guards.

I don't want to re-size until I'm close to goal. Hmmm....GOAL.....Rewards.....I see an upgrade in my future. Ha ha!  Until then I gotta find a way to wear it safer or stop wearing it. Dang thing flew off several times in the last couple of days.

But the BEST news of all is THIS
My weight yesterday! FINALLY!!!!!! Officially I have now lost 50 pounds and 65 from my highest weight, at least highest known weight to me.  I have reached onederland. And now...

I have to set my next goal. Hmm..Well, I've been thinking and I guess I'll set it at 182. A weird number, but I have my reasons. FIRST, it is half way to my goal weight predicted in the challenge which is 166. A number which frankly I can't get my head around yet. The 182 is 17 pounds and that number I can fathom. I honestly have never weighed 166 in my adult life. Pretty sure I was in junior high last time I saw that number. I was about 185 my freshman year of college which is the lowest weight I can actually remember. That was 1988-1989, twenty-three years! Dear lord. I'm getting old.

Well, now I'm tired. My work is done and my butt hurts from all those squats yesterday. I'm going night night. I'll be up tomorrow to do the challenge exercises and then to TKD tomorrow, lord willing! I keep drinking water and peeing. I hope all of you are on your way and doing all those things too. I can't tell you how proud I was to see that number on the scale yesterday. Don't you ALL want to feel that?  And those of you who already have...don't forget how it feels!  Everybody, EAT right and MOVE! I mean it!


  1. Loved this post. It is a pleasure to meat you. :)

  2. Two things here Doc. First, I find it oddly amazing that you posted about your wedding ring. This is why. I finally was talked into taking mine off yesterday by my wife because she is afraid I am gonna lose it. It literally has slid off at least a hundred times outside of the shower, and many more than that during showers or hand washings. I am actively looking for someone to size it. Second, how in the HELL did you manage to hold on to your One-derland announcement till the end? that would have A-Numero-UNO in my post!!!

  3. WOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I was all excited to see how much looser that shirt is on you,and then I see the scale picture - CONGRATULATIONS!!! Welcome to Onederland!!!!! What a great achievement!!!

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  5. WOOHOO in the 100's - that is AWESOME!!!

    When my wedding ring started getting to loose I went and had it resized... one I was shocked how small of a ring I actually needed and now its a great judge of how much sodium I take in... when my ring feels tight its time for less salt, more water!

  6. Yeah!! Welcome to Onederland!

    Ring? I played old school and wore mine on a chain forever before I had it resized. Now it needs to be resized again, but, this year is our 25th, so I'm thinking maybe I'll nudge Husband a bit and see if I can have it restyled with more sparkly parts.


    Congrats, Doc!


  8. Congrats on onederland. Keep it going

    Love the tshirt!!

  9. Completely and totally awesome! The line about you living in Texas for a reason made me snort coffee up my nose! I think Texas needs to rethink global warming and buy some sanding equipment for you guys!

  10. I'm proud of you and your success at breaking 200. That's an amazing, strong achievement and YOU did it all. You must be using the grit and determination you used to get through school, one of the toughest courses of study out there. The exercise boggles my mind. I'd say I was jealous, except I could get off my ass and do it, too. But you really are doing it--masterful. Keep it up!

  11. YAY For ONEDERLAND!! how awesome! I too love the shirt!

  12. Congrats on 50 lbs gone & welcome to Onederland!!

  13. Congrats on ONEderland. I haven't worn my wedding ring in months. Way too big. I am holding off, I have nearly 50 pounds to go.

  14. Congratulations on getting to onederland! May a two never be seen at the beginning of your weight again!

  15. YAY! YAY YAY YAY YAY!! YOU DID IT!! WOW!! I am SO STOKED for you!

  16. It has been a long time coming-the ONEderland! Good for you! Fifty pounds less is remarkable and I know just how you feel: you will be flying, and soon! You already do so much everyday. Heaven help us all when you reach your goal and your flying at the speed of light. Great model, too, for your patients as to how it is done. Excellent post. Excellent victory!

  17. Hi, congratulations the onderland, that is so exciting. You must be so so thrilled. Keep up the great job. I am glad you stopped by my blog today.take care, back to visit soon.

  18. Great progress!!
    With regard to your ring, one solution in the meantime is to wrap some scotch tape around the bottom of the ring...wrap it around and around until it's thick enough and the ring will fit again. That seems to do the trick for a bit!


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