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Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Madness

Another week started. Can't say as I was sad to see Monday coming after last week and all the snow days for the kids. It was either get them back to school or resort to sedation.  The Super Bowl was an enjoyable game to watch. The entertainment and such, not so much. The commercials were so, so this year I thought. Of course I'm one of the few that watch the game for the football not the rest and football wise it was a great game.

Wouldn't think this was north Texas would, ya?

I weighed in yesterday for Allan's challenge and was happy to see 200.4 on the scale. Very near that elusive under 200 mark and I'm sure I'll see that before the end of this week.  Today was great and I followed the plan without much trouble. I won't have trouble adjusting to the amount of food as I've been eating around 1200 calories for a while. But, following the meal plan exactly will take a little more planning than I usually do. That's OK. I'm following it as exactly as I can. I've got to go shopping to get a couple of things this week.

This morning I got up early and ran again, C25K. I thought since the exercise regimen for the challenge is intervals of walking and running that this will be perfect and the challenge will keep me accountable. I've had trouble getting back on track with the program for a while and I'm set on doing it again and improving my time so I can run a 5K this spring. I figure the C25K is more running and walking than the challenge so, more is better.

Tomorrow I have a big exercise day. Plan the challenge stuff in the morning. Then TKD at lunch and I have an appointment with my trainer in the evening. Assuming I live through all that I'm sure that I will see those measurements start to really move again with getting back to all that.

This week is a beating at work because my NP is out so I'm there most days without much help. Today I saw a million patients, answered 2 million phone calls and refilled who knows how many prescriptions. I'm beat and trying to catch up on the work left from today.  So, a short and boring post for today. I'll do better tomorrow. Good night all!


  1. I enjoyed the game last night. Almost felt sorry for Big D getting a once-in-20-years storm, but then Jerry had to blow it with...the fire marshal? But the game was good. I was worried about the Packers with all those DBs out, but they hung on. Was with a family from Milwaukee and they went CRAZY when the game ended.

  2. The game was surprisingly enjoyable given I could have cared less who won (not true, hate Big Ben). The music did suck, starting with CA's butchering of the national anthem, and I do love me some Christina - I'm probably the only person who liked "Burlesque". Even the commercials were so-so.
    How cool to be almost out the 200's! Yes, I know it's just a number, but celebrations are always too few.
    Condolences on your winter. My Dad got about 8 inches of snow on top of ice in the suburbs of Dallas County. All of his doctors offices shut down also for a few days.

  3. Can you believe we're supposed to get MORE SNOW this evening? My teens are giddy with excitement...

    Hope the NP comes back today!

  4. Count me in the so ready for spring group. Even my brain wants a break from winter! You sound like a woman with a plan and that can only be a very good thing!

  5. Alan- I thought the game was great. I don't know WTH happened with that debacle with the seats. You'd think they would've made sure it was done by game time!! I know when Woodson was out I got nervous. Worse is...all those great players coming back for next year...they'll be tough! One of my NPs is from Wisconsin. She is still on cloud nine.

  6. @Jan- Yes we were closed Tuesday and Wednesday last week also. We opened Friday after the snow, but saw no patients. The drug reps said we were one of only like 5 offices that opened that day. Hope tomorrow is less than they think!

  7. I'm going to start the C25K next week, when I get to join my gym. Hopefully I'll be running in a charity 5K by the spring.

  8. I am OVER snow events in Texas for a while - bring back our normal winters, please! Glad life is getting back to normal - even my kids were happy to get back to school and work on Monday!

    Good luck with all that exercise today. I was contemplating an extra visit to the gym (normally go MWF) and after reading all that you are going to do, I think I will go. Thanks for the kick in the pants! :)

  9. Oh so close to that 200 mark, soon oh so soon it will be yours!

  10. Just little things you write, like about seeing a zillion patients and making a trillion phone calls - and still you make exercise and diet happen, no matter what the schedule - that is very helpful for me to read to day. I'm thrilled that the Elusive 200 is coming up FAST!! xoxo GP

  11. Hope all is well! Sounds like a busy time for you right now!


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