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Monday, June 13, 2011

Woo hoo! WE are the Champs... Monday Catch up.

Has it really been nearly a week since I posted? Geez. Time has flown. I've been so super busy. Hubby was out of town all last week. I was single Mommy last week and that was hectic enough and add a very busy week in the office and I was crazy last week. PLUS the fact that my MAVS were in the playoffs and I was glued to the TV all the time. OH! Did I mention......

WE WON! Mavericks are the NBA Champs!

So I have some catching up to do. Thanks for the response to my last post. Your support is so awesome and it's one of the reasons I've made it this far.  Hubbie got home very late Thursday night, right as the Mavs won game 5.  Friday I woke up to exercise and I was sooooo sore that I decided that wasn't happening.  The day was crazy busy and I didn't get to work out. Saturday I spent all day helping the boys pack for camp. All. Day. Long. Two trips to Target. Two hours sewing patches onto shirts. By the time I dropped them off at 10:30pm I was soooo pooped. I'll miss them, but ....... well I think you understand, right?

Yesterday I told the girls we'd have a fun girls day. We woke up early, ate breakfast and then headed to the gym. I worked out for about an hour, then I took them swimming at the outdoor pool. The gym has a huge pool with big water slides. I swam some laps while the girls went up and down those slides about a billion times. Then while they went for their second billion, I sat in the shade and read. A rare and deserved break for me. Now that the girls swim like fish, I don't have to watch them every second. Plus there are life guards everywhere. It was a lovely afternoon.

Then once they were tired, well.......I was tired, we showered and dressed and caught a movie. The new Judy Moody and it was cute. The girls enjoyed it immensely. Back home I got ready for the game (you can read this, took a short nap), the girls watched TV and worked on an art project in the kitchen. I enjoyed the game and the girls even watched and cheered some with me. Train them right, eh?  They fell asleep in my bed before the game was over, but I have no idea how they slept through the hooting and hollering when my Mavs won.

And now........Challenge updates.

1. Phase 6:  I am continuing to lose weight. Not as fast as I'd like. I really thought I'd get 2 pounds down at least, but I did a lot of weight lifting this week and I think that made a difference. I weighed in this am and I was 190, down a pound from last week. That's 9 pounds for this challenge, 60 pounds since starting this blog and 84 pounds from my highest weight. I'm so looking forward to seeing 18something next week. A number I haven't seen in my adult life. I am in awe that I've made it this far and I'm still motivated to keep going.

2. June Boom!:  The challenge is to workout everyday and I have. Although Friday all I did was swim with the kids I count it. Swimming lap after lap with a 50 pound girl on your back has to count for exercise, right?  So here I am Day 13 of straight workouts. Pretty proud about that. In the last week I did:
Monday-Trainer, elliptical
Tuesday-TKD class
Wednesday-Swam laps, too sore to do much else
Thursday- TKD class and swam laps in the evening
Sunday-Elliptical, weights, core training and swam laps
The only thing I wish I was doing better was my running. Part of the challenge was to do something I've been putting off. Mine was C25K. As you can see, I didn't get it done this week.  I was so sore from my trainer until Thursday, then TKD kicked my butt that day. I had planned to run and I just couldn't. It's still on my list. I'm not giving up on it.

3. Small Change: Well, this is the one I didn't do well on this week. I was supposed to get morning workouts in, but it didn't happen. Up too late too many times with the NBA games and super sore from all the other workouts.  I think I'll choose another goal this week as I am single mom again with boys gone, I see late nights in my future again. This week my small change is to post every day on this blog and track my water intake which I think has slipped a little. I woke up thirsty this morning. A sure sign it wasn't enough yesterday with all my time in the heat. I still want to get back to morning workouts, but I'll shift the focus and pressure on myself with that for this week.

And so that's a lot of info and I'm sorry for the long post, but that's what happens when you don't post everyday.   Today I will workout sometime this evening as I have a T-shirt to get at lunch. MAVS WON! Did I mention? I'll do something for exercise, I'll admit I'm sore from yesterday triceps and planks and situps with the 20pound medicine ball. Oh and back extensions. Sore. But happy. Grin.

Hope all of you are sticking to your goals and taking steps each day to meet your goals. Don't waste anymore time. Don't put them off. no more excuses. Let's all be successful this summer. I am planning to be at my goal weight by my next birthday in January. That's 60 more pounds or so. I have to keep my goals in focus. Are you focused and ready today? What are you doing to get yourself closer to your goals?


  1. So happy the Mavs won! (Even happier the Heat lost!)

    Your schedule (family, work, exercise) continues to amaze me. Ah, to be young again... Just kidding! Keep up the great work!!!

  2. GO MAVS!!! Mercy there was a lot of commotion at our house last night, too....all the teens were watching the game and playing basketball during commercial breaks.

    I'm upping my water this week. It's just too darned hot already.

  3. I just want to knock off this last 10-ish pounds already. That'll make 70 pounds lost total, and won't hurt my feelings in the least.

    This could take freaking YEARS. My body likes 140. It isn't sure about 130. We'll see. I'm reading Jillian Michaels "Making the Cut" which is her book about the last 10-20, so hoping to glean some wisdom there. If nothing else, I can indulge in a little fangirlishness.

    Have a great week, Doc!

  4. I have thought about you off and on all last week and of course yesterday as the MAVS accelerated their play. Just so much fun to cheer for them and watch them play. Congrats to you, a super fan!

    Fantastic job, too, on another pound lost. Sixty pounds off since starting the blog and 84 all together is amazing. Just amazing. You will see the 180s very, very soon. Michele

  5. I'm so not into sports but I'm happy for you:)

  6. Woohoo Mavs! Did you get your shirt? :)

    It's tough being the "single" parent when your husband travels - just trying to be everything to the kids is enough to wear you out. Exercise? Hah! Except that you actually did it - you were active with your girls and I'm impressed. Hope this week is a good one for you.

  7. This is going to be a great summer - I just feel it!

  8. Congrats on the win and doing well on a week of single mommy living, that's a huge workout in itself! Down a pound is good, one a week would make you 52 pounds lighter in a year, a laudable achievement in anyone's books.

  9. Congrats on the Mavs! I'm really happy for you. Can remember a time when they weren't so good. Of course, that was a while ago. Liked how Cuban had the first team owner accept the trophy. A friend of mine was Jason Terry's HS coach. Cool story all the way around. ENJOY!!!!


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