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Thursday, June 23, 2011

UGH! and Yippee !

So yesterday I did not work out. I am in a lot of pain from the workout with my trainer on Monday. Still. I'm trying very hard to look at this as a positive thing. Pass the Motrin. I am frustrated because so far the scale is not moving. WTH? I'm starting to wonder if something is wrong with me. I work out. My calories are not bad. I'm sticking to the plan, but not losing. The only extra calories I've had this week were from extra veggies. Pretty sure I did not get fat by eating too much broccoli. Even that did not put me over 1100cal any day in the last week.

I think I've put on some muscle and I know I'm losing inches because when I measured last week I was down. BUT. I want that scale to move dang it.  I eat less and less and I lose nothing. Ugh. I'm thinking I need some blood work. It's so discouraging. BUT. I will not be giving up. I'm enjoying my new lifestyle. I eat fruits and veggies and healthy stuff. I drink my water. I workout. You can't tell by looking at me yet, but I'm pretty healthy.

I guess that's what bothers me now. I can run, elliptical, do an hour or more of rigorous exercise and I eat right, but you can't tell by looking at me yet. When people look at me they just see "fat person". It's so frustrating. I just want to get a shirt made that says, "Yes I look fat, but  I'm healthy and I've lost 84 pounds. Shoulda seen me before!"

I'm tired this week. Just tired and that isn't helping my attitude. Sorry for the negativity. I'm just not a very patient person. I never have been. It's a fault of mine. It's one of the reasons I've never been successful in weight loss before now. When I started this "new me" thing, I vowed that no matter how long it took I was going to get to my "goal" weight and achieve my fitness goals. And I haven't given up on that. It's just this is a down week for me, on everything but the scale that is.

I know what you will say. There's more to focus on but the scale. This happens from time to time with weight loss. At some point you will build muscle and that will slow down the scale from time to time. Think of the inches you've lost and how far you've come. I know, I know that. But I want to see weight loss! I'm so close to the 180s and I want to be there. I'm frustrated because I'm hungry and I'm sore and I'm tired and the dang scale is still the same.

OK. Whiny time is over.

Today I have TKD at noon and I'm probably going back this evening for a second class with the kids.  I have a trip to the gym planned for tomorrow and I'm hoping for the chance for an early morning run on Saturday. Running in Texas in the summer is hard. I just cannot make myself do it in the middle of the day. I really like running outside more than the treadmill, but After 10am it's like a death wish. So I'm really going to try to treat myself to a run in the park on Saturday. Treat myself? Hee hee hee. There's an NSV for you.

The fact that I just wrote I was going to treat myself to a RUN IN THE PARK IN JUNE. A year ago, treat myself was a snickers bar and a coke at a movie following a burger and fries for lunch. I have changed. I am proud of myself. No matter what people might see or think when they look at me. I know how far I've come and I know where I'm going. So there!

I still want the scale to change though.........

Anyhoo.......got some fabulous news this morning. I have a friend from Norway whom I met as a senior in high school. He was an exchange student. We've stayed in touch and friends all these years. Anyway, he and his husband (please no judgmental anti-gay comments. I will not tolerate them) have been able to (FINALLY) adopt a child. She was born this morning. I just got the news. They are on their way to finalize the adoption. She is in India. I am so happy for them. I really needed some happy news today. Today I will focus on dreams coming true for my dear friends. I'm so so so happy for them.


  1. I think there ought to be a section of Snorg shirts on the website, like the one you mention and one for about week 15 of pregnancy where you are starting to visibly put on weight but you don't look pregnant yet, It should say "no I'm not fat, I'm pregnant." I wonder if people who aren't pregnant would wear it?

  2. It is tough when you feel like you are working hard to lose the weight, but you're not seeing results on the scale. Even when the measuring tape and our clothes tell us we're smaller, we still crave the confirmation of a lower number on the scale. It's crazy how much power we give that little beast!

    What great news from your friend, children are a blessing.

  3. Are you eating enough calories?? If you burn a lot then you need to eat more!! Sounds scary but you know it's true!

  4. Another thing I noticed from your comments on how you are feeling is you are tired. Your working hard, working out hard and not getting a whole lot of calories. Try getting a full 8 hours sleep for a week and you will see not only your frustration decrease, but I wouldn't be surprised that you have a decent loss as well. "Fatigue makes cowards of us all."

    Doesn't sound like you've given up or caving in. That is a victory in and of itself.

  5. I do understand wanting the scale to move. I honestly do. That said, you and I both know that the best measure of body fat loss and health gain are not from the scale. Promise I won't say it again - until the next time ;-)

    You are doing so great in your fitness and overall health activities. Give a gal (yourself) more credit! You are a role model.

    Congratulations to your Norwegian friend and his family!

  6. BELIEVE ME, I know how hard it is when that frickin frackin scale doesn't change. And you know all the reasons. At least it will give you empathy when your patients deal with this, right? Because you know for a fact that you can doe everything right and sometimes, you don't get the number you want. Me? I'm ready to shoot my scale. And I don't even get on it very often - why does it have to be such a jackass? Neglect? Argh...

    Congrats to your friends! A new baby is such wonderful news. :)

  7. Oh how lovely for your friends. Congrats to them.

    I've been stalled for about 6 months, but I also was taking steroids so that made weight loss extra hard.

    This will pass. Just keep doing the right things. Your body is just being stubborn, don't pay it no mind.


  8. Okay... just gonna throw this out at you. Maybe you need to eat MORE. Seems what I read tells me that our bodies adapt when we cut calories and our metabolism slows as a result. What often works for me when I hit a plateau is to change up my intake over the course of a few days. Eat more (but still healthy one day) and less the next, for example. Yes, the scale often goes up a bit right after I eat more but then it heads back down. Try it.

  9. Congrats to your friends -- that's just awesome!! Kids are a blessing. A pain at times, but still a blessing.

    *flashing on watching the Gum Zombie chase his cat in circles this week*

    Ahem. Anywayz...

    You and the previous commenters hit all the reasons why the scale may not be cooperating. If it were me and I were a doctor (which it isn't and I'm not :P ) I'd say get the bloodwork done just to rule anything out on that end, and then you can work on tweaking workouts, hydration, macro nutrient ratios, calories, or whatever you want to attack first to see what works to get the scale moving again.

    You have come such a long way -- you're a rock star! Enjoy that run :)

  10. Can't help but wonder if you perhaps are not eating enough calories? You are a doc and surely know more than me, but 1100 cals a day is pretty low, no? Especially for one who is working out. What if you bumped it up a little bit? If you are lifting weights too, consider adding protein. I started eating a lot more protein b/c of my hospitalization, and it's surprisingly helpful in dropping the pounds.

  11. Yes, eat more - healthy stuff that is. I've been a "weight watcher" for many years and I can't count the times that I've heard leaders encourage members that are in a plateau to eat more, not less.
    So try to bump up your calories just a bit, maybe for 3 days a week anyway.

  12. Gotta love the "oh yeah? you shoulda seen me before!"
    I say that alot!

  13. Mercy. It must be going around. I've been uber frustrated lately, too with the stagnant scale despite keeping the calories under 1200, and biking, running, swimming and aerobics every blasted day. Then there's the heat and yes, I'm incredibly tired, too.

    Next week, I think we should all pinkie promise to get in at least 8 hours of shut eye a night (to heck with the housework!) and see if it makes a difference!

    Huge congrats to your friends! Children are such a life changer - for the better!

  14. I am completely with you. It IS so frustrating to not lose when you are thinking you are doing it all right, or at least pretty right. I think it has to do with our small stature. How about looking up some research on this? I wonder if there is a correlation between women (possibly age pf women, too), height, and weight loss. Sometimes I think the only way to do this is to starve, but that is only sometimes (no eating disorder here!).

    Hang in there. Go for that run. Things will look down soon. Right????

    Have a great weekend, too!

  15. CONGRATS To your friends thats so exciting...
    your weight loss will probably pick back up.. everyone hits those moments I believe.. maybe you should up your calories a little and then bring them back down.. see if that helps.. ya never know.. best of luck!


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