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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What a difference a year makes........

Yesterday, I went to TKD class, it kicked my butt as usual, then home to swim laps. I stayed on plan for the day and that's my plan today as well. Today I am taking a well deserved day off, just for me. No kids, no husband, no work. A year ago that would have meant, going out for a huge breakfast, shopping and treating myself to a nice lunch. Today it means, I'll start my day at the gym and I'm taking my food with me. I'll do some shopping NOT at Lane Bryant and  maybe catch a movie. What a difference a year makes!

This is the one year anniversary of me finding blogland and starting this blog. I regard it as an important milestone in my life now. I am sure had I not stumbled onto this wonderful tool I might not have made it this far in my journey. I was on the verge of quitting having gained a pound or two as we are all prone to do at some point. And then I saw a facebook post from LoseIt by a blogger. I read his blog and this led to other blogs and so on until I realized there were so many others trying to lose weight or who were maintaining their loss and I was inspired. Truly inspired. And here I am a year later. Over the last year I've lost and gained a LOT of things. Here's some of them.

Loss:  Pounds, 60 of them. I've lost 60 pounds since starting this blog a year ago. (84 from my highest weight) Sometimes I feel like it should have been more, but I'm proud of that number. I've never lost that much before.

Gain: I now know what a burpee is.  And P90X, Insanity, bench press, butterflies, chest presses, lat pull downs, v-ups and a whole bunch more. I feel like I'm in the "in" fit crowd cause I know the terminology of fitness now.

Loss: Inches. I've lost a total of 53 inches since starting this blog. (66 from my highest weight)

Gain:  A green belt. Since starting TKD I've learned that I CAN exercise HARD and I CAN exercise in public and I CAN break a board and I CAN spar with someone faster and stronger than me and survive.

Loss: BMI: I've gone from 47 to 36.  Only 6 more points until I'm no longer obese!

Loss:Waist circumference: I've gone from a 49 inch waist to a 36. That's one inch from considered "lower risk" for cardiovascular disease and high abdominal fat content.

Loss:The belief that I was genetically programmed or "destined to be fat: This one was such BS I used to justify my unhealthy choices. I really believed it, too. I honestly just thought I'd always be fat and that losing weight was just impossible for me. WRONG!

Loss:Fear of seat belts: This includes all modes of transportation, cars, airplanes, roller coasters. I know that that no matter what I'm trying to do or where I'm trying to go, I will fit now.

Loss:A closet full of Lane Bryant clothes:  Literally I shopped at Lane Bryant nearly exclusively for all my adult life. Last night I cleaned out MORE from my closet, 3 big bags. Got rid of the 18 and up stuff. It was hard to do some of it. I remember when I could finally get into an 18.  It seemed so small back then and I still can't believe that I wear a smaller size than that.

Loss:Temperature homeostasis:  This is one thing I kinda miss. I'm cold all the time. All. The. Time. It's gotten to where I have trouble wearing sandals at work because my toes get so cold. I have a heater under my desk for when I'm sitting and doing paperwork so my feet won't freeze. It is so weird for someone who was always hot and never wore a coat. I'm hoping my body readjusts my temperature setting so I don't have to keep blankets and sweatshirts for just in case, even in the summer! It's like 100 degrees outside and I feel relief when I go outside now. SO strange. I used to think skinny girls who were cold were weird or just wanted attention. No. Apparently they were cold.

Loss:Butt padding:  Whenever I went to meetings or lectures, people would complain about those metal folding chairs hurting their butts. I never got it. I never had butt pain from hard surfaces. I loved sitting on the ground, even hard surfaces like concrete or tile. NOW, OUCH. It's wonderful because I now FIT into chairs, no matter how small. But.....my butt actually aches after awhile.

Gain: Confidence and credibility:  In my line of work the topics of weight, exercise and healthy diet are constantly part of the dialogue. There were times where I felt like a hypocrite, and rightly so, counseling a patient on healthy lifestyle issues. NO MORE. I may not be at goal, but I'm practicing what I've always preached. It felt so good the other day when a thin, but unfit non-exerciser told me she "just didn't have time" to exercise and that it was "hard". Really? Hard? I explained to her that you can't start a program and go crazy with exercise. She thought that because she was thin she could just go running or lifting weights when she hadn't in years. I told her that if I can do an hour on the elliptical that she could, too, BUT she needed to work up to it. "AN HOUR!" she said. "Holy crap I can only do a few minutes." Score one for the fat chick. Being fit is not just about how much you weigh.

Gain: A whole new life:  This may seem silly, but I feel like a different person. My priorities are so different. I think of things differently now. My life doesn't revolve around food. I don't use food as punctuation for every emotion. I'm teaching my kids how to live a healthy active life. I have no qualms about going on a vacation. If I want to hike, I'll hike. If I want to rent a bike, I can. If I want to swim, I don't mind putting on a swim suit. If I want to do......well....pretty much anything, I can. It's amazing. A-MAZ-ING. And while I'm not done yet, I'm far enough into this thing to know that I want to finish if for no other reason than to see what amazing things I can experience next.

Gain: All of you:  This blog and my blog-friends have truly been so important. To be accountable, supported and just knowing that all of you out there have the same struggles that I do. That has truly been the biggest help to me.  I am still astounded that I have people in my life I regard as true friends that I've never even met. I am astounded that people read this everyday and care what I have to say and sometimes are possibly touched by what I am writing. So thank you, all of you. Can't WAIT to see what this next year brings.


  1. Congratulations on your one-year anniversary!! Love your ruminations of your gains and losses. I think, too, one thing we all learn is that it takes time. I bet a year ago you hoped you would be done with all this weight loss stuff. But, now, at least for me as I close in on a year, too, I know it will take me another year to get to my goal. That is okay. This is for life.

    Enjoy your well-earned day off and reveal in the 84 pounds less that you are hauling around! michele

  2. What a phenomenal post! Double wow. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. What a day to celebrate you and all that you have become. :D

  3. That's a great post to read. I'm looking forward to being here in a year myself and I hope I'll be as successful as you've been.

    Getting to the point where I'll wear a bathing suit in public will be great.

    Congratulations for staying through all the work it took to get you to where you are.

  4. I'm so happy for you. I loved reading this post. Congratulations!

  5. Got me a Doctor friend in Texas... That has to count for something as well...OK, I have a hospital there as well, but another Doctor couldn't hurt,,..XXOOO

  6. What a WONDERFUL post! (Isn't it wonderful to undergrow Lane Bryant?)

  7. Happy Blogoversary Doctor F! I'm happy to say I have been following you since your beginnings, and your progress has been fantastic. You're a joy for all of us to know!

  8. Happy blogoversary and congratulations on an amazing year:)

  9. Congrats to you Ann! You have done an amazing job of transforming your life!

  10. Happy blogoversary!

    I remember when I got rid of my bigger clothes -- at one point I just looked at them and I realized I was keeping them just in case. Uh, nope. Not going there again. Out they went!

    It's time for another purge, but some of the too big stuff I really love, so I need to get it altered before I wear it again. Besides, the fit on some skirts is so bad they're seriously at risk of falling off my hips. Yipes!

    You're doing wonderfully -- I know you'll keep at it :D

  11. Happy Anniversary! I just laughed with you about the butt padding. I've noticed that, too. My butt hurts if I sit too long anywhere anymore! I'm noticing more bruises, too, like I has when I was a kid. I've always been a bit clutzy, but before there was plenty of fat cushion to ward off bruises and now there's not!

  12. Yay! What a good year it was - the best are yet to come!
    And the cold - it goes away all too soon!
    Or it did for me, at least. Especially in the DFW heat!

  13. Wow, Doc. Just. Wow. I have my anniversary coming up too. I do what you just did pretty regular, but it is just one thing at a time. Would you take great offense to me stealing this idea on July 17?

  14. I am so impressed with how far you've come - has it only been a year? I remember when you came upon the blogger scene...I was really impressed that a doctor would admit that she needed to lose weight and wanted help, and also that working out and running were foreign to you - not anymore! :) You really humanized doctors for me as I've watched your journey, and I'm so pleased that you've been so honest about everything.

    Congratulations, and well done, my friend!

  15. Well done! It did me a lot of good to look back over my first year. It helped me realize what I had accomplished and helped me through those times when I got discouraged.

    A Mavericks win and a big win for the Dr!


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