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Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up and Monday Weigh In and Challenge Updates

So the weekend went by so fast. The boys came home from camp which means I spent hours washing nasty dirty camp clothes and cooking for them because they wanted "real food" after a week in a tent. I didn't get much done for myself this weekend and I am tired.  Add to that the fact that I woke up with a migraine today and you will understand my less than perky attitude.

Friday night I took my Mom out for a movie. We saw Super 8 and it was awesome! I highly recommend that one!  We went to see Mr. Popper's Penguins yesterday and it was a hit with the kids. I thought is was cute and Jim Carey wasn't too annoying for a change.

Over the weekend we booked a cruise for Thanksgiving week. I have mixed feelings. First I am excited. I've never been on a cruise and I think it will be lots of fun. However, it was something we had planned to do for my cousin (the one who died in March) and his 40th which would have been last month. I felt extremely guilty about us going without him and although I know it is irrational, as grief often is, I had a good long cry. We decided on Thanksgiving as the kids are out of school that week and we figure the holidays will suck this year, being the first one after my cousin's death. (For those of you who don't know my cousin was a brother to me. We grew up living next door to each other and we were only 16mo apart in age. It was and still is a devastating loss.) Grief is a process. I'm working my way through it as best I can.

I plan to use the cruise as more motivation for weight loss and after my weight today I need it. I'm up 2 pounds and I know it stems from my total fail this week which resulted in water retention and other bathroom issues I shall not discuss in detail. I don't think the gain is "real" but it is there and it makes me unhappy. But, it isn't the first time in this long journey I've had a gain. I always get so bitter that it is so easy for me to gain. Seriously it is nutso. But, that's my body. I'm stuck with it. And so I'm back on track this morning despite my bad and sour Monday attitude.

Sometimes things are not all great and wonderful and sunshine and happiness. Sometimes they are just blah and plain and get through the day as best you can.  That's today for me. Add to that the migraine I woke up with and I'm down right negative. I have to work out with my trainer today. Yippee. Oh how I want to cancel. But I will not.

June Boom Challenge is going well. I have worked out every day until this weekend when my workouts were marginal and housework oriented. But before that I have worked out, seriously worked out, every day, some days twice. So, despite the fact that the scale is a butthead as my 5 year old would say, I feel pretty decent about my efforts this week on this challenge.

This week I did better on the small change challenge and I did track my water intake and increase it a bit. I needed to. It is freaking hot here in Texas and it is not ending anytime soon. So hydrate, I will.

And that's it for me today. I have no words of wisdom or inspiration to impart today other than I will keep on going and will not quit and will try to keep my goals in focus. Hope you all are doing the same......or better!


  1. Ups and downs happen all the time, no one has a straight drive downwards to the finish line. In fact, there is no finish line. Just keep on driving, you're doing very well.

  2. I commiserate with you re: the migraine. I lived with them for 20+ years. One of the wonderful things about menopause has been the end of my migraines. I hope that your cruise will be a wonderful experience for your family. I can't imagine the pain the loss of your cousin has brought you.

    It is so hard not to let a gain, even when you know it isn't "real" weight get you down. I struggle with that too. Stay strong! I printed out your "It's A Struggle" post so that I can refer to it whenever I'm having a hard time. You are an inspiration just because you are who you are and the fact that you hang in there day in and day out. Thanks for just being you!

  3. Great comment/way to look at this whole endeavor we have all chosen from treading lightly. "there is no finish line." I love that. :D I sure can relate to the waking up with a migraine. Had it last week almost every day. Yesterday, did not and it was like WOW=who made the day all sunshiney-happy! hahaha but seriously, I am sorry about the migraine. it's just downright hard to function with that kind of pain going on.

  4. You had an off week - your husband and son were gone, you were single-parenting it, and you did say you don't sleep well when your husband is out of town, so it really just sounds like a lot of things that were out of your control contributed to a not-so-great weigh in. Don't let it get you down - you will bounce back now that your normal routine is back. And I'm really glad to hear that you're still meeting with your trainer today - you won't regret it, no matter how much you really didn't want to go.

  5. Ya know it wasn't a real gain in fat. Remember your waist measurement!

    This is a marathon, a life-long approach, screw the scale (so easy to say, so hard to do). Are you keeping a graph to look at your overall trend? That helps me a lot. A simple spreadsheet with a line graph is all you need. Just a suggestion.

  6. I keep telling myself it's not a "REAL" gain as my weight careens up & down the scale in this Age of Perimenopause (but unfortunately mostly UP as I have erased most of my hard-won 12-lb loss last year...)
    If I could just avoid those horrible scales, it would be easier - but it's like a train wreck, I can't look away.

  7. A cruise sounds like fun even though I have never been on one myself. Everyone who I know who has says it's an awesome way to vacation.

    You are doing so well and you continue to inspire me Ann!

  8. You and I have similar body types. It completely sucks to gain weight so easily or at least to vary in weight. If I do not stick to my calorie budget religiously, I gain. I wonder if it is our small height stature, too??

    Glad you keep on your exercise. The cruise will be a good incentive for you. hang in there. Hope your migraine is over, too.


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