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Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up and Monday Weigh In and Challenge Updates

Here we are another Monday and this one is difficult after the let down and the Mavs loss last night. Series isn't over and I'm still believing in my team.  That said, here's the catch up for the weekend.

Friday ended up being a super busy day. Woke up in the morning and ran, C25K.  Work was crazy busy. After I ran to pick up the girls and shuttle them to their sleep over. Son was at a friend's. That means Hubby and I had an evening to ourselves. We went to see The Hangover II and it was hilarious. Probably not as good as the first since the first one was so unexpected and now we knew the format, but still a great laugh.

Saturday morning I stuck with my morning workout pledge and got up early to ride the bike. Did 30 min and then some super stretching for my soreness. Then, had to pick up the girls and get to TKD. My oldest girl tested and got her blue belt!  Yeah her! She did so well for a 6 year old and broke her board on the first try. I was proud.  After that it was home and lunch and rest. Then off to Sam's for the weekly run. HOT! And buying for a family of 5 is another workout by the time you get it in the basket, push around the store, push it to the car, load it, unload it and put it away!  I was super sweaty. That evening we got in the pool and swam for 2 hours and the water felt great. 

After the active day I was pooped and THEN guess who came to visit. GREAT! Felt like crap all day yesterday with bad cramps and terribly tired, then migraine on top of that. Needless to say, I didn't run as previously planned. A day off was needed anyway with my sore legs and other parts. I forgot how sore running can make your whole body.

Took the girls to a bday party yesterday afternoon and had to get to Wal-Mart for a few things including some potting soil as I have some plants that need re-potting. Picked up a couple more basil plants to add to the herb garden. After I picked up the girls I headed home for a nap. Since I'm in the June Boom challenge I forced myself to practice a little TKD and go for a very short walk. It wasn't much, but it was exercise and I met the requirements, barely.

Then, I sat and read in the shade on the porch while the kids swam before the BB game. Up late last night watching the game and girls fell asleep watching the Train your Dragon movie for the 30th time, exhausted from the gymnastics party and swimming. They slept in this morning and so did I. I have an appointment with the trainer today at noon and I'm dreading it. I tried to think of a reason to cancel and then realized with the challenge I'll have to workout sometime anyway. Might as well be a good one.

Can't breathe today. Asthma city and there's an air pollution watch today. This is how it is summer in Dallas. Husband is out of town all week. That's a good news/bad news situation.  Bad news, single parenting. Good news, early bed times and I can throw the kids in bed with me with a movie while I rest if needed.

Weight was down another pound and the 180s are in view. My weight was 191. I think it would've been less if the bloating hadn't arrived right before weigh in. Excellent timing as usual.  I haven't measured in a while and had actually planned that for today, but I think I'll wait a week for the bloat to be gone. My ring fit this am without being loose, which is definitely evidence that water is being retained. I'm hoping to see a 180something on my next weigh in, so I'm chugging the water and eating on plan.

Challenge Wrap up:
Phase 6: Lost 8 pounds so far in 3 weeks.
JuneBoom: Exercised everyday. C25K done twice so far and on plan for tomorrow.
Small change: Morning workouts 3 out of the last 5 days. Gonna keep this as a goal this week as well.

Hope you all had a great weekend. I was super busy as you can tell so I didn't do much reading or commenting so I'll be catching up today. Have a great Monday and just keep going!


  1. Way to go on your consistent workouts! I considered skipping yesterday on June Boom but then remembered "no off days" on June Boom. Don't you just love this the way it makes you more aware and question your routine before giving in to what you did before? I love that part of it. Changing behaviors, little by little.

  2. Sounds like you are doing great in the healthy life style! Sorry about the Mavs loss. My sis from Dallas is here helping watch after me - needless to say every game is on the tube, and I almost know all the players names now.

  3. 8 pounds lost in 3 weeks is fantastic! Keep up the great work Dr. F!!

  4. I'm jealous of your 8 pounds in 3 weeks! You are doing great, and reminding me to get it in gear, lol!

  5. 8 pounds in 3 weeks is awesome! Keep up the great work! I'm your newest follower!

  6. You are a challenge champion, Doc! Now only if your Mavericks won.

    Oh, and here's an irony. My 10 year old is in his Little League's championship game tomorrow. His team (here in Seattle): The Rangers!

  7. Eight pounds in three weeks is wonderful. Congratulations and I think your perseverance is a great example for me.

  8. This is a busy time of year but you are doing well. Keep up the good work!

  9. 8 pounds in 3 weeks is awesome!! Keep up the great work!

  10. This blog is awesome! You're such an inspiration! I really look forward to further posts from you, and I'm so happy that you're making such healthy lifestyle changes. Keep it up!!!


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