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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Random thoughts......

Today I'm having a lot of random thoughts. This is bad as it means my ADD tendencies are not in check and therefore my work is not getting done. Tomorrow is end of month and that is bad because I have to get all the stuff finished. Of course here I am writing this blog post instead of focusing on my work. I'm so excellent at procrastination.

  • Today has been a good day so far food wise. I'm eating on plan although the scale isn't moving. Again. I'm exercising and not giving up.  I'm facing the weekend and a holiday where I'll have house guests. I can do this. I'll be at my house and it's my BFF and her kids that are coming. She is on track with the healthy thing and so we have some healthy food options planned. Should be a fun weekend, but I'll have to be on guard since I weigh in on Monday.
  • There's a girl at the gym, early 20s, and she is very good looking. She is always on the stair climber. She is always wearing very trendy and revealing workout clothes. She is often talking to males. None of that bothers me. But, I am afraid for her. Her boobs. I swear that girl isn't wearing any sort of bra. I really want to tell her she needs more support. I mean, another 5-10 years of that bouncing and her poor boobs will be completely screwed up. Ladies, please support your ladies at the gym!
  • I did a very scary thing this week. I gave one of my patients my blog address.  It's a huge step for me as very few people know about my blog. But when I started it I thought maybe this might be another way for me to encourage patients. So I bit the bullet and gave it to her. Maybe it'll help. Maybe she'll never look at it. But, it's a big step for me to be open about this and means I'm more confident in my progress.
  • I just can't get myself to run on the treadmill at the gym. I thought about it the other day. Doing my C25K at the gym. But, I have to be honest I'm self conscious about it. I know it's silly. I've done everything else in the gym. I know no one is watching me and no one will care what I look like, but I just feel weird. I've done it outside in public. What's my hang up with running at the gym? I don't know. Maybe I'll just make myself and get it over with.
  • I hate glasses. I hate wearing glasses. I want to get my eyes fixed.  I just wish I didn't know everything that can go wrong with that surgery. I'm nervous about it. It's irrational. But, the glasses are starting to get in the way of my drippy and sweaty self with workouts. I always said when I reach my goal, that will be my reward. I hope that I have the guts to do it by then.
  • I had the most awesome dream last night where I was at my Aunt's house and some a-holes broke in and I totally Tae Kwon Do'd their asses. Cool.
  • I am wearing SIZE 12 PANTS today! I bought 2 pairs of pants at Kohl's in size 12. I thought they would be snug, but they are actually fitting great. Makes me wonder how long it will be until I can wear 10s. HOLY MOLY! This is the smallest size I've been in my adult life. And I'd always longed to be this size because then I would be a "normal" size. But, I'm still pretty fat. I clearly have no concept of what a normal weight looks like. I tried to take a pic, but I'm wearing a long shirt and it's too big. I didn't realize it was so big until now. It's a 2X. Time for it to go.
  • I bought a SIZE LARGE dress at Target for $12 and it's really cute and fits great. I'll post a pic next time I wear it. If it weren't for my umm.....top, I could probably wear a medium. A MEDIUM. Woo hoo. 
  • I was wearing my jacket at work inside out yesterday. Dork. I put my scrub pants on backwards the other day so the pocket was in the front. I didn't notice until I was at work. Dork. I had my bra on inside out the other day. Couldn't figure out why the ladies kept sliding out of the bra until I got home and realized I had it on wrong. Dork. I hope I'm not the only one that is a dork.
  • My husband was working from home this morning so I took the opportunity and went for an outside walk/run. First, I should use my inhaler before I run outside. I forgot and I got winded. It wasn't bad and at least it wasn't hot. I had a run pace of 12min which I find great since I used to be like a 16 and it's been 3 weeks since I ran at all. It reminded me how much I love to run. (If you call what I do running) I can only run for short intervals, but it is running.
  • This week is weird. The morning is really busy and the afternoon is very slow. Guess it's the heat.
  • Got my hair done today. It's straight. I never have time to straighten my hair. It is a chore and it's hot. Plus I end up with my hair pulled up a lot what with the exercising at lunch and mid-day showers most days. I took a pic since it only happens every 8 weeks or so when the hair dresser does it.

  • I am down NINE SIZES from my highest size. WOW!
  • I finally scheduled my Mammogram. Smushy. Time to do as I say and "man" up. Or is it "mamm" up? Ha ha ha ha ha! So silly. 
  • I also scheduled a visit with my ENT for next week. Gag. Literally.
  • I'm sick of vegetables. I get so tired of the same things over and over and over. Sigh.....I need to look up some new recipes or something. Broccoli, green beans, broccoli, peas, green beans, blah!
  • I actually had to catch myself from telling my 13 year old to get his head out of his book yesterday. He was ignoring me at the time. I realized I should never chastise him for reading.
  • I hate the sports dead zone. This time of year there is tennis and baseball and golf. Boo. I like baseball ok, but it's soooooo slow. Sigh. On the bright side there are only 65 days to the first OU home game!
  • My garden is starting to produce! We've had a lot of cucumbers and there's a baby watermelon. Lots of yellow pear tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. Only a few big ones yet. A few bell peppers, too. Next year we've got to expand the garden. Maybe for the fall. I need more room. 
  • Don't you hate it when your nose keeps itching and it feels like there is something there, but there isn't? 
  • Don't you hate it when there's something there and you didn't notice?
Well, that's it for my random thoughts today. I hope all of you are having a nice focused and less random day, but if not, please feel free to share your random thoughts. 


  1. Your random thoughts posts are hilarious! I love the straight hair - but like you, I'm too busy with workouts to bother with that very often. GREAT PICTURE - you really look fantastic!

    And WOOHOO for the normal sizes - you definitely have to get a picture of you in your size 12 pants!!!

    Glad you got the appt. made for the ENT. :) And the mammo. :):)

    Oh, and you and my husband could be related with the inside-out clothes. He does that quite often.

  2. The twins will thank you for making sure you are taking care of them - good luck with the appt! Love the random thoughts...too cute.

    Staying MOtivated MO

  3. Okay... this cracked me up. Love those pics:) You look amazing.

  4. You look great with no glasses and straight hair. My hair is naturally stick straight, and I have the glasses, too. I am considering contacts because of the sweaty thing, and they hurt my nose. I wish that girl at the gym knew about the sag that comes later. She would wear some support if she could just take a look into the future. And you be a good girl and get the mammo. It's the right thing to do. And congrats on the size 12's!

  5. You Look GREAT!
    Truly awesome!

  6. Loved your post today, you look fabulous, love the straight hair too. have a great week. you inspire me to keep going. thank you.

  7. I have yet to have a mammogram but I'm definitely getting one this year!
    Love your random thoughts :)

  8. Boy, you are a hottie!! Love all the news you spread with the random thoughts post. Bravo for giving your blog address to a patient. I bet she/he already has been on it. If I knew my doc was workig on her weight and I was, too, or needed to, you can bet I would high tail over there.

    Night, night.

  9. You look fabulous, Dr. F. I love the hairdo! I know how hard it is to blow out curls every morning--I do it myself. (Can't right now, because my injured right arm can't yet hold the hair dryer for long enough or high enough.) Your weight loss has made a tremendous difference. You are a very pretty woman.

  10. The photos look great.

    RE: Veggies, are you not a salad person? That tends to be my default veggie. We do Greek salad and chicken, spinach with parm cheese, strawberries and balsamic dressing etc...


  11. Okay, I'll admit it, I got a giant kick out of your post and I'm still chuckling over it.

  12. Random Thoughts from the Engineer on the Other Side of the Metroplex:

    Writing proposals is draining, the kind of brain cell sucking usually attributed to chasing toddlers.

    My slip is too big. It keeps sliding down when I walk.

    Size 10 - Whoot! You'll be there before you know it!

    What about zucchini and squash? They're in season and excellent grilled.

    I've been biking every day this week in the middle of the day, yes, in this heat. I'm insane. And I NEED a camelback. And a new helmet because mine has a ginormous crack in it.

    How many hours until I can have an ice cold beer with a side of ribs? July 4th is my annual drink a beer day.

    Why are gas companies so difficult to deal with when you need a crossing permit? Seriously? And who decided that they have imminent domain and can just put their lines all willy nilly cross country instead of following existing easements and roads?

    I'm already tired of summer and hot.

    I need a new swimsuit because we're going to the lake this weekend, and the one I have is about three sizes too big. I mean, it's sort of loose when dry, but expands exponentially when wet. THAT could be embarrassing trying to knee board or get up on skis!

    My kids have all outgrown the kid size ski vests!! And THANK YOU to our neighbor who gave us four small adult size vests that their kids left behind when they flew the nest!

    That's all. Be Kind to Others. Be Kind to Yourself.

  13. the straight hair TOTALLY makes you look younger!

  14. Your hair looks beautiful! Loved reading your random thoughts!

  15. Hopefully the patient checks out the blog, then you'd have two of us reading! lol

  16. First of all, love your hair! I am getting my hair done tomorrow and can't wait - and my brows are getting threaded - I've NEVER taken the time to do girly things like this, but I like it!

    Had to laugh about the loose "gals" of the young lady.

    Here's a tip on being comfortable running on a treadmill at the gym. I am a size medium top, but I buy a size small Nike tank top that is lycra - I mean, this thing is tight - but when I run, my muffin top and boobs never move - and its comfy.

    Woot for size 12!!!!!!!

  17. Okay - for some INSANE reason I stopped following you totally by accident and I loved reading you. Thank God I found you again. You are looking AMAZING. I'm sorry I blog about my issue I had with lasik but even so I'd do it again and in one month I'll be totally fixed. Good for you - giving out your blog address..the journey seems so much more worth it when you can give back. So happy to have found you again!


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