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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

WHAT are you buying?

Today has been a good day. Busy, but good. After I got the kids off to school I headed off to do a couple of errands. Do they ever stop? Seems like there is always something on the grocery list or what not. Anyway...as I was shopping at Wal-Mart I noticed two ladies, obviously mother and daughter. Both of them in scooters. Both of them quite obese. I happened to glance into their scooter baskets and then......well......I confess I became judgemental. In Mom's basket was white bread, Pepsi, powdered donuts, Doritos and bananas. In the daughter's there was a 6 pack of snapple, velveeta cheese, Milk (whole milk), oreos.... and that's all I saw as they rolled past me.

Inside I was soooo.....frustrated.  I mean, come on. These ladies are hurting themselves. They are not even trying to eat healthy and to top it off they are ROLLING through the store while buying this stuff so they aren't even moving. I just hate to see people do this.  It's like the patient I had recently that told me he was watching his diet since now he only has one package of donuts in the morning instead of the two he was eating. AHHH! I just want to smack them and say WHAT?

When is the last time these people had food that was NOT in a package? When was the last time that they actually ate something the way it was grown? Like an apple without caramel sauce or peanut butter or dips of any kinds? Don't they know that these foods will kill them?  All those calories in the snapple and pepsi and..... VELVEETA?! What IS that stuff?

And THEN I want to scream WALK!  You know that riding around in a freaking scooter is just making your problems WORSE. You have to move or die. MOVE OR DIE. If you cannot go to the store to get your snapple and donuts and oreos and pepsi without using a scooter because you are too obese to walk around the store and pick that crap up, perhaps it is time to STOP BUYING THAT CRAP!

Then I felt guilty. I mean, you don't know. Maybe they always eat healthy and are just getting that crap this one time. But then......they are both in a scooter. They don't look like they move much at all.  I know that I shouldn't judge, but I just wanted to walk over to them and rip that shit out of their baskets and tell them to stop it. Of course I didn't. I just went on my way.

Then I got mad because this image is what other people have in their minds of obesity. They think all fat people eat like that all the time and we don't. I DON'T.   I don't want people to see that shit in my basket EVER. EVER EVER EVER. I am done with that kind of crap. Today I bought bananas, onions, cantaloupe and peaches. That's it. I hate that some people see me and think that's the shit I eat all day. Of course they would be judging me the way I am now judging..........sigh.

Anyhoo.....At lunch I headed to the gym. Did 35 minutes on the elliptical, some crunches, leg lifts and I reviewed my TKD forms and kicking drills. There are no TKD classes this week because they are on vacation. I miss it. I won't lie. But, it was a good workout. After, I headed to Pet Smart to pick up a new light for the turtle and then to Target to return some stuff. Got behind the lady with 5,000 coupons.......of course.

Today I've been hungry, but I'm managing. Luckily I packed my lunch and snacks because the office had BBQ and I could have taken a dive right into that yummy stuff-brisket, sausage, ribs, baked beans, peach cobbler. I didn't have any. Instead I had my Atkins shake, my cherries, my carrots with hummus and my strawberries for snack. More water and I'll make it home without touching the left overs. Salad for dinner and something veggie. Hopefully some protein. I think fish of some sort.

My godmother has her surgery tomorrow for her breast cancer. I am not worried, but concerned. She seems ready and hopefully all will be well with her.  Kids are in school and we are so busy. September will probably fly by. We have a trip to Oklahoma for the football game on Saturday. Oh how I love my college football!

Do you ever get judgy when you see people engaging in very obvious self-destructive behaviors?  How are you doing holding to your eating plan this week?  What is your "go to" snack for hungry days?


  1. I have to admit that I can be judgmental too when I see peoples shopping carts! When I really want to nosh on something and fruit won't cut it, I make a big bowl of popcorn -no butter. It lets me have the "chewing" sensation without a ton of calories!

  2. My go to snack is almonds, but I have to make sure to put just the amount I want to eat or they become like popcorn - shoveling 'em in.

  3. It's hard not to judge, but I try to let it go...because what looks bad on the outside may have some major issues on the inside. Still, I know your frustration.


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