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Friday, August 5, 2011

UPs and Downs.

What a week I've had. There have been several ups and downs.

UP:  Preparing for my vacation which will begin end of business today. We'll leave tomorrow after my TKD test and my sons test. He got his invitation to test last night and he is so proud, so am I. He has worked so hard over the last few months and especially this month. This week he's been to 2 classes everyday and teaching extra classes. That's a lot of dedication for a 13year old. He's testing for his red-black belt, next stop=black!

DOWN:  We had reserved a large SUV to drive on the trip. My BFF and her kids will be joining us as usual. Neither of us has a car that seats 8. Believe me next vehicle I buy will!  Anyway, husband went to pick up said vehicle and of course they didn't have one. I HATE car rental places. In my experience they never have what you originally reserve. They always switch it on you or don't have it. My husband spoke to the district manager and we're hoping they'll find one for us today.  We have a guaranteed contract, which we paid extra for. I won't name the company because they seem to be trying to fix the problem.

UP:  I've been on call all week and the pager has been quiet. Thank you pager gods. As of lunch today, no more call this week.

DOWN:  Our pool was majorly screwed up all week. GREEN city. Ewww! The heat is making the chemistry hard to control. And then we realized our salt pump that generates the chlorine is not working. Two days prior to vacation. Sigh. Luckily we were able to get an appointment with the repair guy this afternoon. Hopefully they can fix it. After dumping all kinds of chemicals in, the pool was clear last night, for now. But, I've been to the pool store nearly every day trying to get it straight. I'm so thankful for having the pool, but it is a lot of work and expense.

UP:  I've stuck to the daily exercise and tracking. Yesterday I went to two TKD classes in preparation for the test. I've worked out hard and I'm ready for it. I'll admit I'm a bit nervous about the sparring and board breaking. But, at least we practiced sparring yesterday.  My calories on Wednesday ended at 1087. Yesterday was 988. I should have eaten more, but I wasn't hungry for a change. For breakfast I had my shake and coffee. At lunch I had a salad and hummus with celery on the side. For dinner we had roast and I had 1/2 cup of mashed potatoes. Man it's been forever since I had those. It was very good and I was full. I'm looking for a good loss on the scale this week. Scale! I'm talking to you!

Down: One of my employees had a young child in their family killed yesterday in a car accident. Just tragic. My BFF had a distant cousin killed in Afghanistan  by an IED.  It really brings the war close to home for me.  There have been multiple deaths from the heat here in Texas. One was a football coach this week.  

UP:  I received my OU season football tickets yesterday. Can't wait for the first game on Sept. 3rd. OU is ranked #1 in pre-season polls. Looks to be a good year. Of course I never like to be ranked #1 so early. No where to go but down, but that's just my inner Eeyore speaking.

Down:  I'm been completely unimpressed with what the Cowboys have done so far. Nothing exciting in free agency this year and the dreaded and hated satan called the Eagles (love you Alan) have done a lot. But, what scares me the most is the Patriots acquiring Chad Johnson and Haynesworth. What? The evil that is Belichick getting 2 more hall of fame level players (in theory should they both live up to their potential).  Plus, our corner Newman got hurt yesterday and he was important to our defense, such as it is anyways.  Another down was the d-tackle from the Eagles who collapsed in practice with a seizure and has an AVM(arterio-venous malformation) which is a collection of blood vessels in the brain which can bleed and swell and cause lots of problems. It may mean no more football for him. Hate to see that for any player no matter what team.

UP:  It's Friday. Finally. And although I still have a lot to do including errands to run on my lunch hour today, I am excited with anticipation. I read recently that the boost in happiness one gets from a vacation is mostly from the anticipation of the vacation and not from the actual vacation itself. (that got my inner Eeyore going as well) So for now I'll enjoy it all. Still have to finish packing. Go to the bank. Pool store. Print the hotel confirmations. Blah blah blah. PLUS finish all my work before I go. No one likes a doctor that leaves patients hanging. (Now that just doesn't sound right. Ha ha) I'll be trying to post if I can, but I'm not sure of our internet situation. Until you hear from me again, keep going and posting, I'll be reading I'm sure. Stay on track, one day, one minute, one choice at a time! We can do this! Achieving our healthy goals is within our grasp!


  1. You really have had a week of ups and downs. Makes my week look very tame. Have a great vacation!

  2. Have a glorious vacation! I would be envious except you are going with so many kids. ROFL!

    Can't wait to see the pics!

  3. May your vacation be all UPS! :)

  4. You too, dear doctor. Stay on track, at least a little while on vacation. It is SOOOO hard to knock off what comes on so quick when we are not paying attention. Take a pile of healthy snacks and your own little cooler. Bring ear plugs, too, for the noise, I mean joy, in whatever SUV you get!!

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