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Sunday, August 21, 2011


I've had quite a week and it has been CRAZY so this post will serve as catch up and I'll get my vacation stuff posted later. Last week I spent most of the week half sick, but working anyway. Finally I called my ENT on Wednesday and he started the steroids again.  I hate hate hate taking those, but I like breathing. So, I'm now on a 2 week course of them and antibiotics, which I also hate having to take. But, I do feel a lot better.

I didn't work out all last week. I ate well and I lost nearly all the few pounds I gained. I feel like all I've done lately is gain and lose the same 5 pounds over and over. Well, that's because that is exactly what I've done. I am determined to get back on track and head down the scale again. I'm frustrated because I still haven't been able to go to my new TKD blue belt class. But, I just couldn't with my breathing so bad and the office in chaos.

Last week was crazy in the office. There's been a lot of office drama which I could do without ever having. Why can't people just do their jobs, gets along and then go home? I don't know. I don't see how that added stress helps anyone. Patients were difficult. I think this heat has gotten everyone grumpy. I had one patient die. I had another leave the office by ambulance and I ended up on the phone with authorities, police, medical examiner, more than once last week. Not fun, to say the least.

At home, I have felt bad so I didn't do much all week. The pool is still in need of repair and we had a swim party on for Saturday. Luckily, the pool is swimable so the kids got the opportunity. Hopefully the pool will be fixed this next week. HOPEFULLY.  Friday night, my cousins came to visit for my daughter's birthday. Her party was the pool fun for the weekend.  A few minutes before our guests arrived from Oklahoma, we discovered a leak in the kitchen sink. Fabulous. Now I have a house full of people, wet floor, mess everywhere, and no way to do dishes. Sigh. Luckily I quickly shut off the water before too much damage was done. Tomorrow a call to the plumber and a trip to Lowe's today and our new faucet is waiting to be installed. On top of that, with a house full of guests, one of the upstairs toilets decided to stop working. Seriously. Luckily that was an easy fix for my husband so no one had to wait too long to potty.

Saturday I went to the store to get a few groceries and pick up the cake for the party. One hour before the party I learn that they have lost my order, and that means no cake. Sigh. Luckily they were able to fix one for me quick and it was just fine. I got myself, the groceries, the cake and the balloons to the car only to discover a flat tire. Crap. I drove over to the gas station and pumped it up and back home in time for the party. Now instead of working out with my trainer tomorrow, I have to get the tire fixed. (they aren't open on Sundays but at least I have a warranty on the tires. Double sigh)

I arrived home and unloaded, finished decorating and then discovered I'd forgotten the bag of ice that I delayed getting while waiting on the cake. Too freaking bad, we'll make do.  But, my sweet 7 year old girl had a great party. It was a Luau theme (all her idea). We had a house full of little girls in grass skirts and flowers around their necks, hula dancing and doing the limbo in the living room. Adorable. They enjoyed the pinata and the coloring activity. Then there was the pool time. Great time for all at the end of the day.

There are worse things in the world than a small plumping problem or two and a flat tire. We enjoyed our weekend anyway, though it went by too fast. The kids start school tomorrow so the boy has football practice a 6:30am sharp. My baby is in eighth grade and I am a little sad about it. My middle quiet child and newly 7 year old will be in second grade.  My youngest baby girl starts kindergarten tomorrow and I am a little sad there two, but I love seeing them grow up. Each phase is a new adventure and just plain wonderful.

A little more hard news last week. We found out my mom's best friend and my second mom (godmother?) has breast cancer. Luckily it seems to be localized and caught early enough although we won't know for sure of course until the surgery which is scheduled for the 31st. Then she'll need radiation at least, but hopefully no chemo will be necessary.   Luckily a trip to Oklahoma was already scheduled for that weekend for the season opening of the Sooners so we'll be in town to check on her. I've spent some extra time this week on the phone and web reviewing reports and answering questions for her, mainly interpreting the medical speak.  She seems to be taking it well so far without too many jitters and has a really good attitude. She's a very strong and otherwise healthy lady so I know she'll pull through this illness just fine.

And so I'm still around, my super crazy life just has not permitted one single minute of time and freedom to get on here to blog, but here I am, desperate to get back to normal. Not looking forward to the coming adjustment to the new school routine, but hey...that's life, right? Sitting here finishing up work that was backed up from last week due to the craziness and watching pre-season football. Oh how I love my football. Even when the Boys look soooooo bad. Sigh. It's still the game I love.

I'm back on track and ignoring carb cravings from the steroids and determined not to let life stand in the way of my living mine. Take care and I hope you are avoiding this crazy weirdness and stress I've been dealing with. Can't wait to catch up with all of you. Let me know what you're up to!


  1. Sorry to hear of the challenges, but you seem determined to take them in stride. Me? I'm kind of fatigued on weight loss right now and am looking for a fresh way to focus. Oh, and admiring OU's #1 ranking! :-)

  2. I just sent my little guys back to school today. I miss summer already. I hate homework :P

    I've been off track myself, but am back in the saddle. 8 pounds left, and I need to scrape it off lest this become The Longest Diet EVER. Good grief.

    Best wishes for the work drama subsiding and an excellent week outside of the tire mess.

  3. A tough week, but you are right, there are worse things in the world and happening to other people. Most of all I hear a love for your family and
    your work in your post and that is what is important. All the other messes will clean up. Except of course the 'Boys and the Vikes! But, then again I love football and now that our cabin is in NW Wi, I can almost root openly for the Packers! Have a great week and I hope your feel better. Thanks so much for spreading so much love my way, too.

  4. Wow, what a catch-up post! Hard to believe summer is over and the kids are back to school. Once your routine is back to it's variant of normal, your weight loss will resume - you know that this is just a blip in the many years of life.

    So, sorry about your godmother (DCIS?). I'm happy to any knowledge if appropriate.

    Wish I could be happy for you about the Sooners, but hey, living in Oklahoma during some formative years traumatized me. Plus, well, being a Texan and all... I won't hold it against you. ;-) What's with the lame Aggies trying to defect to the SEC?


  5. We had a birthday party two weeks ago and, funny story, we had plumbing problems too. But the most important thing is that they had fun, which it sounds like yours did!

  6. Yikes you sound really busy! Remember when your schedule is nuts like this, even if you can't get your exercise in, your need to be spot-on with the food. Remember to count your calories and track, track, track!!!

  7. Dang, Ann, I'm tired just reading about everything you've been dealing with!!! Hope the kids had a good first day of school and life is slowing down a bit for you.

    Oh, and I'm glad you went to the ENT - breathing is a good thing! ;)

  8. Wow. Things have been crazy. We just had a conversation at dinner the other night, for my nephew's 7th birthday, about school milestones. His little brother just started kindergarten while my baby just started college. Sorry about your family friend.

  9. Wow! Things have been crazy at your house! I HOPE it slows down for you. It is hard to be on track when things are out of control, but having a plan really helps. Best wishes to your youngest as she begins her school life. That is a milestone. Take care of yourself, no matter what is going on!

  10. Hmmmm breathing - or steroids....
    Go with breathing!
    Love that, Doc!
    You are the kind of person who will find a way to come out
    of all this Bizzy-ness with flying colors!
    I thrive on a little - but not so much!


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