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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thunder?........And......Vacation Post #2

Today I was shook awake by the sound of loud rolling thunder at before 5am. In my sleepy haze, I wondered to myself what the hell the kids were doing upstairs and why were they up so early. That's how long it's been since we had a thunderstorm. Once I realized that it was a storm, I bounded out of bed only to discover that there was no rain. For the next hour I tried to go back to sleep unsuccessfully. All of that for not one drop of rain. Are you kidding me? Plus it is just as hot today as it has been. What? On my way to work I drove through the car wash. Maybe that will help. If not, at least it's a big screw you to the unproductive sleep interrupting clouds.

More on the vacation......

We arrived at Custer State Park in South Dakota. I have to say that I was surprised by how pretty it is there. The best part was the weather was fabulous.  We wore shorts most of the time, but often needed a light jacket. Such a welcome break from the hot nastiness still lingering here in Texas.  We took the drive around the park and saw tons of animals- both 4 legged and 2. Bikers and motorcycles everywhere! One night we went to a chuckwagon dinner where we had a hay ride out to a valley and they cooked dinner for us with Cowboy music and everything. The kids loved this!  I'm so glad we did it.
We got lucky and drove up on the huge herd of buffalo just as they were crossing the road. Lots of babies!

Prairie dogs all over. Huge towns of them. Squeak, squeak, squeak

Wild Burros roam the park. They walk right up so you can pet them and feed them. The kids loved feeding them carrots and apples which were given to them by some nice bikers who'd obviously been there before so they knew to bring them. So nice of them!

I just love this pic!

Today was a very busy day, but then what else is new?  Like I said I woke up too early and on top of that I had a migraine from the storm.  I got the boy off to football by 6:30am. Girls ready for school. Then to the car wash and then to work. I did some extra work to catch up this morning. At lunch I had an appointment  with my trainer. I'll admit I dreaded it considering it had been 2 week since I worked out at all. He kicked my butt. It needed it mind you, but it was a whippin'.

I did 30 chest presses with 17.5lbs on the balance ball. Then 20 crunches with the ball and 20 leg lifts. Then lat pull downs, 20 pounds 30 reps. THEN I did 15 pullups and 15 triceps dips on the machine. Then 15 bicep curls, 25pounds. THEN cable rows with 20 lbs. AND THEN I did up-downs with 25lb weights. AND THEN........I did all that a second time.  All that after 15min on the elliptical. Yep. I'll be sore.  I really wanted to quit on those last pullups. But then I got this image of Ann H. from Carb Tripper

After that workout, I headed back to work. After work, I headed to TKD. It was my first class since my blue belt. It was fun, but I've missed some classes so I am behind on the material.  Food today was great. I had 1057calories. For dinner I had this wonderful salmon with pesto and a little feta cheese. I burned over 1200calories today just in my workouts. I'm hoping for being back to below my pre-vacation and pre-steroid weight this weekend. 

Tomorrow is Friday. Thank goodness. I need the weekend and so do the kids. Lots to do, as usual. I'll be in touch tomorrow.  Good night!


  1. Interesting, I go on vacation to get away from asses :)

  2. VERY cool vaycay.



  3. Your vacation looked like fun. keep up the great work you are doing. always nice to read your blog.

  4. I love the cute donkey pictures! What an interesting part of the country to visit - looks low-key and relaxing.

  5. Awesome vacation. Hope you get to enjoy your weekend!


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