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Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend wrap-up post and yet MORE vacation pics.

Monday morning and I have several reasons to smile. FIRST, it is raining. Actual water from the sky kind of raining. The temps have dropped and for that I am very thankful. Second, I spent the weekend working hard around the house. I didn't work out, but it was a lot of work. I hardly sat down at all. That means I didn't have time to eat much. I tracked all weekend. This morning when I weighed I am finally back to 190! After gaining and losing the same five pounds for the last month or two I am back on my way down the scale.

THIRD, I am just 11 days away from our Orland trip. Smile. I'm headed to Orlando for the American Academy of Family Physicians meeting. Hubbie and the kids are coming along. We'll be doing Disney AND Harry Potter. I'm very excited about that one as we'll have one evening there when it's just people from the convention. When we've been at these events before it is very fun with very few crowds! Can't wait. (Yes. I'm a Harry Potter freak. Yes, I've read all the books and seen all the movies like 200 times. Except the last one where I cried through the whole thing. Can you say "sap"?)

More Vacation........
At Custer State Park in South Dakota, we drove the Needles Highway which is basically an old winding highway through a lot of rock. It was really cool.

After that, We went to Mount Rushmore. I was surprised how much the kids LOVED this stop.
Not crazy about this pic of me, but it reminds me to stay on track. Still a ways to goal!

Then on to Crazy Horse
Some more pics of the drive
I love this T-shirt!

This is what we saw EVERYWHERE we went!

I love the fog coming off the lake in this one.

And so today I got the kids to school and got into the office early to finish up work from last week. Very busy day here. I had a nice compliment from a patient that had moved away, and came back to me today. So nice for a patient to remember me enough to be sure I'm their doctor again.  I went to the gym at lunch and did C25K. As it turns out I had to reload my iphone (stupid itunes stupid backup problems stupid stupid). Anyway, that means I lost all my old C25K data. I had restart the program last Friday so I just did day one AGAIN. Day 2 is planned for Wednesday. I'm drinking water and eating on plan. I'm hoping to see 180-something very very soon. That will be my lowest weight yet!

How are you doing lately with exercise? Doing anything new or different? Are you a morning or evening exerciser? Gym or at home? What is your favorite exercise? Least favorite?

Hang in there! Stay on track. Keep going.................


  1. Love the pics - What fun you had!
    One little bite for me, and down the slippery slope I side!
    But I am learning as I go, too!
    Back to being on plan!

  2. Thanks for sharing your vacation - ours last week was a stay-cation, so your pics made a vicarious fun ride for me :)

  3. Love the pictures! S Dakota is a beautiful state!
    I think it is great that you are going to both the parks in Orlando. I just started reading Harry Potter because of the grandbabies (the 8 yr old is in book 4). SO, I think a visit to HP land would be terrific!

    My favorite exercise by far is cycling. The hardest for me now is stair climbing, but I am getting better. I also want to work more consistently on upper arm strength.

  4. Great pics, Doc. I would love to go to Mt. Rushmore.

    Took Dez Bryant as a backup receiver. And NO Eagles. What is wrong with me?


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