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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Treading Water!

I am finally sitting down late tonight to do a post. I feel so hurried and hectic lately! The past 2 weeks have been an extremely busy time. I swear, I can't wait for the weekend where maybe I can get a few things off my ever growing to-do list!

I have not exercised yet this week! I am extremely irritated and increasingly frustrated by that. I just plain have not had time. I had to get that flat tire fixed yesterday at lunch. Today I HAD to get my hair done as I'd already changed the dang appointment twice. It's hard for me to have time to get that done, so I try to go at lunch. Tomorrow I have a meeting at lunch about the new software for the office. Sigh. I have an appointment with the trainer on Thursday and I am planning a TKD class that evening.  My only reservation is that after 2 weeks of no workouts I'll probably die. No pain, no gain, correct?

The kids are settling in to the new school routine. Boy has to be at football at 6:30am. I drop off the girls a little before 8am. Today I had the realization that now that both girls are in school earlier, I would actually have time to hit the gym in the mornings!  This is exciting to me as I've never had that opportunity. Now to just figure out which days. I have my bag packed and I am going to try it out tomorrow. This morning I had to make another Target trip to get yet another binder for my son. Why can't these teachers tell us everything we need at one time?

Food has been great this week. I'm doing well and tracking. Today I finally remembered to retrieve my fitbit from my briefcase where it's been since vacation. I was greatly amused by the fact that it recorded 23 steps for me last week and even posted it to facebook as usual. Too funny. Truth is I'm doing my best to get everything done, but it's pretty hard.

Today I spent a lot of time on my practice website trying to update it with the new pictures. They turned out well as far as pictures go. Tomorrow I'll try to get it posted here as my new pic. I also finally got a facebook page up for the practice. It takes so much time to do this stuff, but I feel like it will be good marketing and a good way to get patients information.

Anyway, I'm treading water and as always I'm not giving up. I haven't read many blogs today. I'll get caught up tomorrow. Right now I need only one thing.....sleep! Good night, All!


  1. It sounds like your life is in hectic mode right now. Hopefully things will slow down after the late summer frenzy is over and the fall schedule is well established. Hang in there, Dr. F. You have lots of good stuff in you, and I'm not talking about food! Take care.

  2. The beginning of school makes me into a lunatic. The endless forms are my Waterloo -- please, someone, tell me why they can't just send them all home at orientation? But nooo... they have to give them at orientation for the elementary school, and for the middle school they spread them out over the whole first week of school, so they just come dribbling in and of COURSE the school wants them back immediately (not next Monday, when I could do these over the weekend), thus hosing my entire week.

    Erm, yeah, sorry to make that about me. You pushed a button, LOL. Hang in -- and sounds awesome on the morning workouts!

  3. I'm thinking "practice website" - she needs to practice before using Blogger? She's pretty good at already...then, doh! PRACTICE. I slow. ;)

    I remember the craziness of the first week of school - it seems like the teachers were always coming up with more crap that they needed - one year I went on strike and refused to shop any more. Luckily for my kids, my husband was game. I know, I'm also a mean mom. Along with being slow. :)

  4. Yes, very busy. Doesn't get easier, but all good. Great job tracking!!


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