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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Send Prayers and......randomness and..... Cute bear pics........

Lots going on in my world today. My godmother has her surgery for breast cancer this morning. Stressful and I wish I could be there, but I have to work. I called and talked to her this morning and the kids did, too. I sent her a card and this awesome breast cancer T-shirt I got for her (and me). It's really cute. I'll take a pic and post later.  Please send thoughts and prayers her way and for me because it's very hard to focus for me today. PLUS it's end of month and I HAVE to stay on task and get my work done.

Speakingof work. I have put up a new blog for my practice. Medical stuff. If you are ineterested in following my other blog you can here.  It will be more about medical issues and my life as an md and less about my weight loss and that adventure although I'm sure I'll discuss it there some as well.

Grief is a funny thing. Today as I was driving to work I was thinking that I need to send my BFF an email and see how her first week of school is going. She's a high school biology teacher. My cousin(who was like a brother to me) that died in March taught the same subject across town at the other high school in my home town. So I'm driving and thinking about my BFF and it's like for a minute I forgot he was gone. I thought, "I should check on William"........and then I realized he was gone. Feel so guilty, so bad, so sad........I miss him. But, that is the nature of grief, isn't it? It is the random and the day to day things that can really bother you. I always liked checking in with him the first week of school to see how he was liking his classes and such and now........

Reason 1569 why shouldn't weigh everyday:  I was up 3 pounds today. Why why why why?  Truth is it doesn't matter. I know I haven't really gained 3 pounds. When will I learn not to do this to myself?? Sigh. Whatever........I'll not let this bother me. Onward! Today I will be going to the gym. C25K again. I'm determined to finish it this time! Lunch and snacks are packed. I'm on track with food. 

I miss my fitbit. It got washed. It is dead. Dead. dead. dead.  Bummer. NOw what? Do I get another one or do I try some other toy? Do any of you have a toy? Bodybugg? Or other? Do you like it? I'm thinking about it.

And finally........More vacay pics. Gotta get all these posted before my trip to Orlando in just 9 days. It's for family fun AND business as I'll be attending the American Academy of Family Physicians meeting and doing stuff for my board certification. So here's some more ......hope I'm not boring all of you with this.
We sent to this animal reserve called Bear Country USA just outside Rushmore. The best part was the bear cubs. We stood and watched them for nearly an hour. They were adorable. A bunch of them climbed into this tree and were fighting over the top. So so so cute. Just have to smile.
The little one at the bottom climbed all the way to the top and then was tired so went back down and fell asleep while the rest continued to wrestle their way to the top. That's the way we should be. Do our thing and ignore the chaos around us.

Hi! Wanna play?

So tired.....



  1. Coincidentally I am working on a post, finally, about the MyTrak I won months ago. I've really had fun with it. If you have specific questions, shoot me an email at waistingtimeblog@gmail.com. Not sure when I'll get the post published... I'm struggling with it. Trying to balance the boring "how it works" etc, with what I like about it:)

  2. It will be fun to watch you use your blog and FB site for your practice. If you need some public health, prevention, education links for patients, hit me up.

    Don't attend believe everything you hear at the AAFP - I used to speak at those things. LOL

  3. Good thoughts sent for your godmother (and you!). I know the waiting is tough, especially when you have a full day at work.

    The bear cub pictures are so fun. Babies of any species are just plain cute. :)

  4. Sending great recovery thoughts your way! Step away the scale. . .:D Hugs!

  5. I LOVED bear country - in fact, I think it was the best thing about our trip when we went...

    if you're on facebook find me cindy ann weber colorado - our pics of south dakota are there :)

  6. Sending prayers and good wishes to your and your Godmother for a good outcome. Grief is a tricky thing. I still sometimes think I wish I could go visit my Grandmother and she has been gone for over 20 years. I still miss her.

    No worries about the scale Ann, that weight is just what you weighed this one time, this one day.

  7. I'll definitely be keeping your godmother and you in my thoughts and prayers!

  8. I will for sure keep your godmother in my thoughts. Wow that I read this today, because one of my friends had surgery today to remove some cancer lesions on her cervix and I am really worried about her. I will also keep you in my thoughts.

  9. Sending prayers for your Godmother and you. My husband has hid my scale so I am not tempted to get on it. I swear it can make me crazy getting on and off of it. Have a great time in Orlando


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