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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday Randomness, Squished Boobies and a lot of Linky Love!

I have a lot of randomness to get to today, so I hope I don't ramble too much.

  • First I'll say thanks for the support on the previous post. It was a lot of complaining and I kinda feel bad when I do that, but fact is this blog is mainly for me to express how I'm feeling and what's going on. That's just how I felt on Monday. I am feeling better and I'm back on track with my diet and exercise. Back down a couple of pounds so that helps a bit as well. We'll figure out when to have surgery in the next month or two.
  • A few days ago, my buddy from NYC gave me a neato little badge of honor and I hadn't yet acknowledged it. Thank you lots!
Over the last couple of days I have thought a lot about my recent stall and gain. Health problems or steroids be damned, I can make better choices. And then yesterday Allan wrote something that is so damned simple. "If you are hungry, eat something healthy until you aren't hungry anymore and then stop eating." So good to be reminded of the fact that we make this weight loss thing harder than it needs to be. First it's Food and then it's poop. That's all. Why do we make it so complicated?

  • In light of the above, I'm on a mission for "back to basics". I really thought about what I'm doing differently this summer vs last and realized that I'm not working out as often even though my workouts are harder now. So this morning, despite my inner child throwing a tantrum, I dragged my ass out of bed early and got on the bike. Boy, I guess I'd forgotten what a great workout the stationary can be and how nice it is to start your day with sweating!  I was even rewarded with a couple of NSVs! 
  • MY THIGHS don't rub together anymore while I'm riding the bike! I realized it and HAD to take a picture just to prove it to myself and you.  This is NOT a gratuitous crotch shot! LOOK!

  • And while we're on this subject. See the cute work out top I scored at Kohl's for $5! It's cute AND a size large. So this morning I get up and see it in my drawer. I figure it'll be too small, but I thought, why not try it on? It fits and it's cool and comfortable. 
Note the sweat!
  • I WON a couple of very neato prizes from my friend Tami over at Nutmeg Notebook. I won a cookbook and a gift card to try some new great organic foods. Thanks Tami!  I can't wait to get them and try them out. I chuckled today at Suzi's question about my favorite cookbook. Between Tami and Biz and all of the rest of the great foodie bloggers I don't really ever need one anymore.
  • I had my boobies squished today. It was my first mammogram. I am a year late getting started, for which I felt a tad guilty. But now, I can say with conviction that it's not that bad!  It was over really quickly. Soooo if you haven' t had your boobies squished, GO!  AND my gentlemen friends I will take this moment to remind you to have your prostate probed! Early detection is key!   I have to say that my friend Jan over at Writing to Wellness who is right now recovering from breast cancer surgery inspired me to no longer avoid the issue. She is really inspiring to me as she goes through all this with a great attitude and not giving up on her goal for fitness.  AND.....I got an NSV there also!
  • I have PECTORAL muscles!  Well of course everyone has them, but in women, they are usually much smaller than in men. That's one reason why women tend to have more trouble with "real" push ups".  My muscles show up on the mammogram, meaning I have well developed muscle under those boobies!  Only about 2% of women can say that! Yeah me! And yeah for all those push ups and planks and stuff.
  • Along the lines of back to basics.....I've been working to greatly reduce my carb intake this week. Carbs taste good, but it makes me grumpy when I eat too many because I get hungrier faster. Anne H over at Carb Tripper  has got me thinking lately about watching my carbs. So today when faced with a challenge: I needed a quick lunch after my mammogram. I thought I'd hit Subway OR I could go to the yummy frozen yogurt place next door. My carb craving self wanted the yummy sweet yogurt. There was a lot of inner self talk about, "it's natural and nutritious" or "it has some protein in it". But I resisted and hit Subway instead for a SALAD, no bread, just turkey and no cheese to avoid the fat. AND vinegar only for dressing!
  • Of course the story Big Clyde wrote about the other day didn't hurt. Ice cream is a weakness for me. Really any frozen treat: ice cream, yogurt, ice milk, ice cream sandwiches, fudge pops. You get the idea. But that ice cream story of his just stuck in my brain. The mental imagery is......well.....unpleasant. It was a funny story and I loved reading it and hey if it helps me avoid the ice cream, great! So thanks, Clyde!........I think......
OK. So that's a lot of randomness for one day! Thanks to all you out there that always support me. Thanks to all of you in blog land who are leading the way and staying on track. You all inspire me to keep going.  What about you? Any randomness in your life lately?


  1. Crotch shot and sweaty boobs all in one post. Yay for us. Keep up the great work Doc

  2. You look awesome in your cycling clothes!!

  3. What can I say?? You look fabulous!!!

  4. You really do look fab!
    Very good stuff... you are an inspiration!

  5. Love the cute top! Isn't it wonderful when you can reeeally tell the weight loss by those thighs?? One of my big goals is to cross my legs and be comfortable.

    Great post of awesome randomness!

  6. Thanks everybody. Jae-I know! I was so happy when I could do this. Now I sit that way all the time, of course the down side is that it can strain your hip muscles, but I love being ABLE. You'll get there!

  7. 40lbs. gone! So motivating! At first I was very aligned with the thinking that the band would do the work for me. As I have gotten more in touch with the banded community though I noticed that there seemed to be a lot more satisfaction from those who got down and sweated instead of just applying restrictions. So I wanted to share & show that there is proof not only from other lap banders but also studies that exercise is very helpful in managing the rebound to weight gain after the lap band surgery.

    My results have been very...very slow. However I am feeling more energized now that I have incorporated exercise into my weight battle. Thanks for posting and helping me stay motivated! Some mornings I do not wanna do it but when I see you get on that bike it pushes me up that hill.

  8. You are looking marvelous! So well done :)

  9. You look so thin!!! Love your workout outfit, and wow!!! It's working!!!

  10. You legs look positively skinny in the crotch shot!


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