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Thursday, July 14, 2011

DANG! That was hard!

I am having a good day today. Good eats, feeling better and exercise.  TKD class today KICKED my ass. Literally. We started class as usual with jumping jacks and stretches and crunches, 150 today! Then, we did push ups, but today, we did the ones where you bring up your knee towards your elbow as you lower yourself toward the floor.
I did NOT look this good doing these.
I've never done these before and it was HARD, but I did them. 20 of them. TWENTY! Holy crap I'm so proud of myself. That's really hard. You HAVE to try it. So good for the core. Now you know why my pecs are so developed and show up on my mammogram (only 2% of women have this) And YES I'm bragging again about this because....well.....frankly it's AWESOME and I've impressed myself.

After all that, the REALLY hard part started. We had to where our chest protectors for kicking drills today. It's amazing how much harder wearing those things makes kicking! It's hotter and after awhile it gets heavy. But, I'm glad we did it because it's good prep for sparring for my test in a few weeks.  We did speed drills with a ZILLION kicks.  Roundhouse high, low, back kick, axe kick, 360 roundhouse. I really thought I'd collapse, but I made it through them all.  Over and over and over. It was super super hard.

And even the much thinner and fitter people where drenched in sweat and breathing hard. Even the beautiful blond that I WISH I looked like. Like size 2 and all muscle, she was even sweating and she hardly ever sweats!  (I would be super jealous of her if she weren't SO nice and supportive and encouraging to me every single class. Especially since her make up is always perfect. Sigh)  After that came forms, THEN more kicking drills, THEN breaking holds, THEN knife defenses. It was a VERY hard class. I burned about 1200calories!

Tomorrow we are leaving for Oklahoma. We have a wedding to attend. I'm a little nervous considering my recent carb issues and the fact that my family there is not on the healthy path. There's always coke in the house and sweets and all kinds of crap.  For some reason it is harder to resist when I'm there. WHY is that??

Anyway, I'm planning to workout. The good part of visiting there is that there's always someone to watch the kids in the morning so I can usually squeeze in a run/walk. That's the plan, early in the morning to avoid heat of course.  I'm taking a few healthy snacks-fruit, nuts, jerky and some carnation instant breakfast in case healthy stuff isn't available. 

Hopefully I'll have time to read and comment and maybe even post, although posting is hard when your busy busy. We're going to see Harry Potter on Saturday. I am excited, but melancholy.  I'll miss Harry Potter even though I've read the books and know how it ends. It's kind of sad to not have one to look forward to anymore. I'm so excited because we have a trip in September to Orlando and Harry Potter World is on the agenda!

How do you all handle the challenges of traveling? Do you face challenges from family members who are not living the healthy lifestyle you are aiming for? Do you plan to see Harry Potter??


  1. I think packing healthy snacks is a great idea. I struggle with travel. It is just so much easier at home where I can control (in theory) what I eat. Sigh. I suspect this is one movie we will see in the theater since we just watched the last on on DVD a few months back. We rarely see movies out any more.

  2. I knew you were strong, I just had NO IDEA!!!

    Travel and family are always a challenge. Make choices you are comfortable with. Have a plan and stick to it. Anyone who can do that kind of push up can internalize the same strength for food control - um, easily said, but really, you can do manage this challenging situation. Enjoy yourself.

  3. Have a safe trip! I typically allow myself a treat a day - so ice cream one day, maybe fries the next - then I don't feel like I am depriving myself too much and eat pretty healthy the rest of the meals.

    I've not read a word of Harry Potter or seen any of the movies, buy my brother and his two girls are obcessed. :D

    Happy Friday!

  4. Oh I've done those push ups as well, they are hard! We also do plank jumping jacks which made me want to die, suck city.

    I am going to see harry potter but I'm with you on the sadness, I like the visual of the movies. The colors and scenes are so cool!

    When I travel I just sort of try to eat well and give myself a little extra leeway.

  5. WOW! Good for you.

    I tried a spin class last night for the first time! I thought of your thigh picture. :) I blogged about it too. I'm SORE today!

    Thanks for blogging.

  6. Traveling is hard and I still haven't quite got it down. I try to eat clean as much as possible, but the stress and lack of routine get to me every time.


    -if I can stick to my diet, I do. I don't go off plan willy nilly.

    -if I eat a bunch of carbs, I skip a meal as I'm usually too full to really eat.

    -count calories no matter what I'm eating. I may gain water weight from the carbs, but actual fat gain will be minimized.

    -make sure I exercise. I have avoided weight gain despite some decent vacation binges.

    You might also look at some of the ideas in the 4 Hour Body for preventing weight gain. For instance, grapefruit juice supposedly opens the glucose receptors in your muscles so the carbs fuel the muscle more so than the fat. Also, strategically timed exercise can neutralize a binge.

    I've been experimenting with ice therapy, but can't yet say if it works or not.

    I can say that Alpha Lipoic Acid does cut the aftereffects of a carb binge quite nicely. I don't get hungover quite so badly and it reduces the swelling. Your mileage may vary.

  7. Impressive job with those push ups - heck, with that entire workout! You could kick some serious ass, doc!

    My husband and two sons were at the midnight showing of HP last night in Frisco. End of an era for them - they've gone to every opening show of the series. We all would love to go to Harry Potter World one of these days - I hear it's fantastic!

    Have a great weekend - safe travels!

  8. I manage travel with planning. I always take my snacks with me and feel like a nerd, but do it any way. Plus if I am flying I take my little cooler and that ice cube thingy. Most hotel rooms have a fridge and I can freeze it easily. If I do not plan for travel it is a disaster in terms of eating. I have also learned to eat a salad with no dressing at just about any eatery. I also walk a lot when I am gone. Have a great trip and a bit of rest!

  9. Wow what an impressive work out! You really rock it Ann.

    When we travel I find that it can be difficult to stay on plan unless I make a real effort to do so. I always take food with me and go to the store when we arrive to stock up on the foods I need to stay on plan!

    Only eat the things you really love that are worth the extra calories! Don't let every meal be a "vacation meal." Pick and choose and let yourself have a certain amount of special foods, just not everything. Moderation is key!

    Have a great time!

  10. Good luck with your battle to eat healthy while amongst your family. I know you can do it though. You've already demonstrated that you have willpower and good decision-making abilities.

  11. My husband laughs.. because if I am traveling.. I make two coolers.. Yes two coolers, one with water and diet soda ... and one with fresh fruit, string cheese, Kashi salsa flavored crackers.. cut up veggies, a small container of light Ranch for dipping.. etc... if I fly.. I pack a meal replacement bar or two, an apple, a string cheese etc.. just to be prepared.. I prefer to drive so we can have our two coolers.. I would rather be prepared than not.. even if it is a pain in the butt to do it.. have a safe and great trip..


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