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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wedding from Hell and Weekend update.

Finally getting a chance to post. It's been crazy busy these last few days. I'm still a bit tired from the weekend. Friday I got up early and did some work that I needed to finish. I didn't work out Friday morning because I was super sore from that really hard workout on Thursday.

I did clean up the house a bit and load the car so that counts for some activity. We drove to Oklahoma and MAN is it hot there. Super duper hot. We had the wedding to attend Friday night.  It was a nice wedding right up until one of the most uncomfortable experiences in my life.

So I'm sitting on the potty doing my business when I hear someone storm into the restroom followed by some other people. I hear, "This is my day and I KNEW I shouldn't have invited them. F*** them." And then sobbing and then lots of other people rushing in and talking Then the door slams and the walls of the stall shake really bad.  The Mom comes in and she and the bride start to go at it. So I'm sitting there with this dilemma: Do I sit there until it's over and risk them thinking I was trying to eaves drop on their private business? OR Do I flush and get out as quickly as possible?

 I chose the latter. I flushed and rushed out. I had to wash my hands which means I had to get by the entire wedding party. It was so uncomfortable. Then I rushed back to the reception. It was the weirdest wedding ever. Then for about 40 min the entire wedding party was gone. Finally the bride came back in and about 30 min later she was dancing with her Mom like the fight never happened. Wow.

On the bright side the reception was held in The Sooner Room at Sooner Legends Hotel. This WHOLE hotel is decorated in Sooners memorabilia. We got to see tons of it. That was great!
And I caught a glimpse of my legs in the mirror in the restroom, prior to the "incident". They look pretty good if I do say so myself. See how I'm starting to get good definition in my muscles.

The wedding was an evening wedding, so we had dinner before. We ended up at Billy Sim's BBQ. It is soooo good. I had a small baked potato and turkey. YUMMY.  Then at the reception I had none of the appetizers and no cake and no alcohol. Just water. I did very well that day.

Needless to say I felt right at home in this place!

HAD to get this shirt. "Longhorn. It's what's for dinner." CLASSIC!

On Saturday, I woke up early and went for a walk/run. It was hot and I had trouble breathing so it was more walk than run, but I enjoyed it. Then we went to the farmers market where I picked up some tomatoes, peaches and an Israel melon. I had never had one. Have you? It is kind of like a cantaloupe, but a little milder and it is nearly white in color. The kids loved it!

Then we went to see Harry Potter 7 part 2.  The movie was great, but I was pretty sad. Well, that's an understatement. Call me a sap, but I cried through nearly the whole thing.  I think they did a good job on the movie, but if you didn't read the book you missed out on some of the important characters that died because it was just a quick battle. But, over all we loved the movie. That night we got a grown up dinner out with my cousins. I did well with the eating, but after dinner we went out for drinks to a bar where they have karaoke. We didn't do it, but we find it hillarious to laugh at the drunkards who do. There I had a few drinks which wasn't too great and a lot of water.

Sunday I woke up and was super sore from running and sitting on the wooden bar stool for a few hours so I didn't exercise. But we packed up and headed back home. Hot hot hot! Traffic wasn't bad and we made good time. Then I had to do some shopping. Ugh. I wasn't in the mood. I hate shopping when you HAVE to go.

I'm super sore today because I trained with the trainer yesterday. A very good and hard workout. We focused on core and arms yesterday.  I had TKD today and we did many crunches and push ups and MAN it hurt. Now I'm super sore!   I weighed in yesterday and I'm down 1 pound from last week, but still up 4 from before. I'll slowly get that 5 back off. At least I'm off the steroids for now.

After TKD, I had to go for an office portrait with my co-workers.  Can I say how much I HATE getting my pic done? Especially with high maintenance picky people. Ugh.  I needed something to wear because I had nothing suitable and THAT's why the forced shopping trip on Sunday.  I did find a couple of professional looking shirts and I think the pics turned out OK.  I'll post one of me when I get them.

I've been trying to read and catch up on my blogs so you should see some comments from me. If not, know that I AM reading. I hope your week is going well. What workouts have you been up to lately? How do you feel about getting professional portraits done? To me it is just SUCH a whipping!


  1. I hope the groom has a TON of patience for both his new wife and the mom. Boy, are they in for drama...

    Hey, love your shoes and of course your buff legs. Do you wear Danskos?

    Is is so hot here in MN, I only got in a 3.5 miler today on my bike. Going to get up early tomorrow for 10.

    My daughter in law is a photographer, so I don't mind portraits because she does them right so they are flattering no matter what!

    Kick some more butt in TKD this week, will you?!?

  2. That does sound like a rather weird wedding. But from what I've experienced, many weddings have more than their share of dissent (particularly between Mom and bride). It is a stressful time and the large amounts of money cause a strain.

    BTW, your legs and the rest of you look great. Take care of yourself when running in this heat. Minnesota is so hot that summer school and some health facilities have been closed. Construction workers are also fainting on the job.

    As for photographs, I think I wouldn't mind them if I were thin, but at my weight, they just capture and enhance my more fleshy parts. I hope it won't be too long before I am a bit more photogenic.

  3. No professional pics -
    Amazing cuz I am such a picture taker!
    Longhorn for dinner - Saw 'em off!

  4. I hate having my picture taken. Not counting when I was a high school senior, I think I've had professional photos done only twice: family shots when each boy had HIS senior photos done. Much as I hated it, I love having the family pics. Wish I'd done it every year:(

  5. Wow, busy weekend. Did you get to dance at the reception?

    As for photos...I'm surrounded with people who have no eye for composition. My Dad just posted a pic of me to FB that makes me look like 300lbs (never weighed that much, just in pics). My nephew has all the fancy equipment but doesn't understand angles and that maybe it would be nice to pose people so they look nice.

    And he's a hobbyist who spends time chasing us down for awful pics. Good thing I like him. Also he is not on FB so public humiliation odds are low.

    The pool people were the worst! My pool pass photo? Is my double chin, which only appears when my head is in a certain position. They actually cut off my eyes and put the waddle front and center. When I go to pick up my pass I just tell them to look for the photo with the double chin.

    Just how I wanted to spend my summer, telling 16 somethings to look for my double chin!


  6. Just thought about having professional pictures done again this coming year. We did it more than 5 years ago, just at the beginning of my divorce. Was liberating. Time to do an update. And my son is growing so fast.

    So, I wonder if the Bride was having the wedding taped for Bridezilla's - craziest show ever!

    "HAVE" to do a shopping trip today and not looking forward to it, but dressed up for the event, so that might help me mood later on today!Glad to hear that you were happy with your picture - can't wait to see the outcome.

    Staying MOtivated MO


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