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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The great Barbie Binge and Two a Days!

This morning I finally managed to get myself out of bed at a decent time  On my way to the bike, I walked through the game room and saw this. It made me chuckle.

My first thought was, "How cute the girls have been playing Barbie." Then I thought, "No WONDER we all have unrealistic expectations!" Even if we ignore the debate on the effect Barbie has on body image, look at what she's eating!
A whole turkey, nachos or a strange pizza?, cereal and milk, a two layer cake, 2 tortes and a huge banana split. At least there is a little salad as well. And I'm not sure, but I think they've already eaten an entire dozen
muffins or cupcakes. I'm pretty sure nobody that looks like Barbie would eat like this, even on a holiday.  Unless of course she plans on purging after. Silly I know, but it did make me think about mixed messages our children must be getting about food.

So I rode my stationary bike on a medium difficulty program. It felt really good to get a workout in to start my day. My legs were working hard and they were still a little sore from the elliptical yesterday. Yesterday I hit the gym at lunch. I did 40 min on the elliptical. I am able to do up to level 22 now! Pretty proud about that. Of course I can't do the whole workout there. I do intervals of high resistance and low resistance with sprints. I burned about 600 cal yest. My trainer had the nerve to come up to me and tell me I had to do it all backwards when I was done. HA! I laughed in his face. But, then I did do some weight lifting and core work. Sit ups with the 20 lb medicine ball has my abs aching today.

In TKD class today, we are getting close to the next test so we're doing lots of review and working through material. That of course means lots of extra kicking. My hips are going to be super sore tomorrow. I'm still learning that turning crescent kick and it requires a lot of stretch in the hips. The 100 crunches we did also didn't help my ab issue!  The instructor thinks I'm going to be ready for the test, so blue belt here I come!  Still have another week to prepare so I'm trying to squeeze in a few extra classes between now and then.

Food has been pretty good so far this week. Yesterday I had a shake for breakfast and a high fiber oatmeal muffin for breakfast (these are made with yogurt instead of oil and are about 110 cal a piece.) For lunch I had another shake and I had a yogurt with 1/8cup granola (yes I measured it. That stuff is calorie dense and tastes so good I have to be very careful.)  And speaking of granola, someone sometime posted a recipe for homemade granola. I had a conversation with my Nanny yesterday that you can make your own. Whoever you are, if you're reading this or if you have a good recipe for granola, can you send me a link? Thanks!

For dinner, I had homemade beef stew with a salad on the side. I had some fresh cherries as a snack later in the evening. My calories were 1214. 

Today I had yogurt with granola and one of my muffins with coffee (of course) for breakfast. For lunch I had this:
Half a cup of 1% cottage cheese topped with chipotle tabasco. I know it sounds weird, but it's very very tasty. On the side I had
Tomato slices and cucumber slices with a few carrots. The cucumbers are from my garden. The tomato is not. Our tomato plants have not been very productive at this new house. I'm wondering if it is the heat. See what a difference a small lunch sized plate makes? Looks like WAY more food that way. I had light ranch on the side. MEASURED carefully of course. 

I just love these little cups from tupperware. They have marks to measure out one serving, 2 tablespoons, which is 70 calories. I just can't do fat free ranch. Tastes nasty. And the little cup has a lid for travel if needed.

I have no idea why I took so many pictures today. Just in the mood I guess. Tonight, I do not know what we're having for dinner. I'll figure it out when I get home in a bit. My hubbie is working late so it very well may be something a lot like lunch.  I feel really good about my 2 a day workout today. I'm hoping to get the same in tomorrow. Who knows if the kids insist we may end up in the pool tonight.  Or doing some TKD practice. My son plans to test for his red-black belt which is just one belt from black. He's working really hard on it.

And speaking of my son. Can I just say what a joy he is right now? He's 13 and there are of course "issues" with that age, but he is so funny and has such a great sense of humor we have some really cool conversations these days. And so far he's not above hanging out with his mom....yet.  He's been in a summer conditioning class for football. (This IS Texas people.)  He's so proud of himself because he's trimmed up this summer, loosing some of his belly and able to lift some significant weight. I just love seeing him proud of his fitness level. We talk more about that than the weight. I love to see him look forward to exercise and approach it with such a positive attitude. I SO SO SO wish I'd learned about exercise when I was his age. Well....it's never too late, right?

Did you work out when you were a teen? Or were you like me and did as little as possible, only when forced to in gym class? Did people in your family workout as you were growing up? I honestly can say I never remember exercise being a topic of conversation in my household.  How do you encourage your kids to be active?


  1. OMG I was soooo non-athletic as a kid. I hated gym class. I hated that darn President's Fitness Award thing each year. Pull ups!! Not me. No one in my family was into exercise but I do remember my mom had Jane Fonda workout tapes at one time. And at least one brother tried little league at one point.

  2. I did martial arts 7-8 hours a week (Loved it! Went to a dojo run by women, very feminist). Walked 2-5 miles a day and was still pretty pudgy. Probably 'cause I used my lunch money to buy candy instead of food.

    Then the steroid years hit. From 15 to 30 I took steroids about 9 months out of the year and hit the ER A LOT up until Advair and Singuliar changed my life.

    I had a medical excuse from gym in High School, but I would walk sometimes and do a very very low impact aerobics tape.

    Love the Barbie 'plate'. Very funny and you make a good point.


  3. I hated PE. I was really upset because they wouldn't let me take weight lifting until I passed general phys ed! Looking back, it still upsets me. As much as I love lifting now, maybe that would have been the foundation I needed rather than playing softball or almost (accidentally....really it was!) shooting the PE teacher with an arrow during archery!

    I did play basketball...and failed PE!

  4. I do weird stuff with cottage cheese too. Like dump ranch seasoning in it along with tons of diced tomatoes and cucumbers.

    Savory cottage cheese. It works!

  5. The Barbie binge was too funny, especially the empty pan of muffins! You make a good point in so many ways with that observation.

    I posted a recipe for granola a few months ago and still make it about every two weeks. The only thing I do differently now is I double the coconut, but omit the dried fruit, since I'm usually adding it to yogurt and fresh fruit. Here's the link: http://www.myjourneytofit.com/2011/03/friday-mishmash-in-which-i-become.html

  6. You are so awesome! Good job on exercise and your food!

    When I was a kid I hated gym class. I did however love to ride my bike! That was fun and didn't seem like exercise.

    Congrats to your son for doing so well fitness wise.

  7. Hilarious observation about Barbie! I think that's what the OU line eats for lunch!

  8. Great Blog! Enjoyed the pics and post. :)

    I was in HS in the 70s and only swam, canoed and played tennis and badminton ...but all on home time and never with idea of being fit. Oh and walked. Okay ..maybe did that and swam to lose weight sometimes.

    My family never exercised.

    The first health fitness adult I met was friend's father in 1971. he and wife lifted weights. NEVER heard of women doing it then and they ate health foods, etc.

    I think it is great that we are all getting educated in various ways regarding exercise and food choices. I appreciate having so much information on line too. But, still have to do the work.

    I was recently put on metforman - low dose at dinner and it freaked me out. never mind I went into denial about pre-diabetes for years and then even being diabetic. You can't feel it and I denied. However recently, new internist insisted.

    So it is now the catalyst for me wanting to reverse diabetes, get off med and have a permanent healthy, but doable ..lifestyle change so that I can have a long , quality life, etc. I do have knee issues and that is a hindrance and frustrating. I belong to y, but never use it. I will tho.

    I will continue reading here and some other places for inspiration. Great blogroll!

    Congratulations on your success with weight loss and becoming more fit.

    I've blogged about weight privately and not in ss blog. Thinking about starting health blog off my ss blog, as personal diary shared ...but feel shy about it. Thinking I might be more accountable if I think people read ..or not... don't know. But ..not sure ready to talk about pounds to lose, etc. Although ...I can appreciate it's motivational. i did lose 65lbs since 06 with lots of yo-yoing during that time. Technically, I think overweight people lose a lot of weight over time ..but we regain. If only there was a way to just stay put without gaining ...until ready to go down again.

    I worked with an ED doc who wouldn't let his daughters have Barbies because they felt they were a distorted and unrealistic body image for them. I always envied my friends that could eat like that and still be as thin as sticks. Not fair. :)

  9. PS - Pretty blog colors and love the header. :)


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