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Friday, July 22, 2011

Saved by the Nana!!!

Weekend is finally here and boy am I glad. It seems like I've been nothing but busy this summer with something to do nearly every day and no time to myself. Enter SUPER NANAs. That's right ladies and gentlemen, my mom and god-mom are taking the kids for the weekend. Two nights with the hubbie no kids and I'm very happy. I know for those of you who don't have kids or whose kids are very young you might not get it. But, as a mom of 3 kids, 13, 6, and 5, a few days away is not just fun it is a necessity. Especially now late in the summer when the sibling arguments have hit their peak.

Today after I finish the morning at work, my hubs and I are headed south to Galveston. We are going to take a couple of days and lay on the beach, listen to the surf and relax. Shoulda seen the kids faces when they figured out we were going to the beach without them! HA HA HA!  This trip I'll only be building sand castles IF I want to. And if I want to nap under the umbrella all afternoon or quietly read my book while sipping a cool drink, then by gosh that's what I'll do!!!

Yesterday wound up a good day for the diet. I think I should have had a little more water because I woke up thirsty. This heat is a TRIP. A trip to hell, but a trip nonetheless.  I've had a lot of trouble breathing the last few days. Between the heat, ozone alerts and high pollen counts, the blockage in my airway has been an issue. Plus I'm off the steroids. Down 2 pounds, still up from before, but getting closer to where I was. I REALLY don't want back on them, but I do enjoy breathing.

I struggled a bit to get through TKD yesterday, but I did it. Not as easily as usual. But, I enjoyed it as we are beginning to perfect the material for the upcoming test. My abs are SORE! From all the crunches and planks and such I did this week. This morning I woke up to sore hips from the crescent kicks I've been learning. So no working out today. I've had 4 days straight of hard workouts. Today I'll rest. Tomorrow morning a walk/jog on the beach. Smile.

I plan to have plenty of fresh seafood from the gulf this weekend. I love gulf shrimp. So healthy eating should not be a problem. I have packed healthy snacks and our options for eating out are greatly broadened without the kiddies in tow. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids more than life itself, but a day or two away helps keep Mommy refreshed and able to be a good Mommy.

I don't know how much I'll be online this weekend. We'll see. But, if you don't hear from me, I'll be back here on Monday reading and commenting as usual. And....Stacia....I see a new swimsuit pic in my future. Finally. And while we're discussing that subject...everybody take some pics. I know those of you starting out don't like taking your pic, but down the road you'll be so glad you have pics to compare. If you dare, send swimsuit pics to Stacia over at Swimming it Off.

And all you out there, please comment. Not just on my blog but on anybody's and everybody's you can. I try to comment on at least 4-5 each day. It doesn't take long and those comments mean so much to your fellow bloggers. Even if it is a few words, they might be just what is needed to keep someone struggling on track or encourage someone to keep going. So please....more comments!


  1. HA! You don't have to justify a weekend away to me. My almost 21 year old is going to visit a cousin for a WEEK starting Monday. It's really going to be nice feeling sort of like the years we had at home before child came along. ;-0 ENJOY THE BEACH!!!

  2. You totally deserve a few days off (more, really). You work so hard, both for your family and work. And pretty soon, you'll be depressed about the Cowboys again, so really, this is good timing. ;-)

    I went to a wedding on Galveston Island about 20 years ago and it was fantastic. Had a great time. What a cool place. Have fun!

  3. Ahhhh the smell of the ocean, the sand and shrimp is my idea of heaven!!

    Enjoy you weekend :)

  4. Have a fun, relaxing time. Great idea packing healthy snacks. :)

  5. Enjoy your time off! I'd love to rent my children out for a few days. They're darling, don't get me wrong, but oish...

    bless 'em.

  6. I try to comment - reaching out and being supportive is what it's all about!
    Or else we would all just write in journals, and keep them under out pillow.

    Have a great time!
    Surf's up!

  7. Hey, you don't have to convince me that it's good for mom and dad to get away and have some quality time together! I am all for it!

    Enjoy every moment of relaxation and quiet.

  8. Ooh, Galveston and no kids sounds awesome!!! Of course, I can't think of Galveston without thinking of LaKing's and their ice cream...boy was that ever a good discovery for me, lol! Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Loved Alan's comment above. You and me will both be depressed about our teams: Vikes and 'Boys.

    Hope you have a great week end at the beach! I did get a new swimsuit this year and LOVE it!!! I will get a picture taken, too.

    Can't agree with you more about comments on bloggers. Important.

  10. Sounds like a perfect getaway!!!! Have fun!

  11. The ocean sounds wonderful, especially with the heat you've been having in Texas.

    It got up to 75 here in Seattle today, almost broke a record! :)

    Have fun and enjoy your vacation. Great job on the weight loss by the way, 60 pounds down is amazing. Plus you're exercising and it's not easy to keep that up...trust me, I know!

  12. Gotta love the Nanas! I hope that you and your husband had a wonderful weekend at the beach. My sons are 17 and 19, but it is still great when they are away for a couple of days and Tim & I can have some time alone. Have a great week!


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