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Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Musings

Welcome to a wonderful new week!

Ok, so I'm trying a little too hard. Anyway, the weekend didn't turn out like I'd planned. My youngest was sick Friday and running a high temperature. That meant Mommy was up all night Friday with the sick kiddo. Luckily it seems to have been a transient virus and she's fine now, but it threw a wrench in my previously ambitious weekend schedule.

I had planned on going to the gym on Friday at lunch. But, I got the call about my 4 year old, so I had to go home to check on her instead. I had planned on getting up early Saturday morning and going to the park to do my C25K Week 5 Day2. Since, I restarted Week 5 after vacation and I really do want to get back on track with that. (Sorry for the pun.) The track there is 1.2 miles. I planned to do the program and then walk or jog until I'd done 3 laps. This all in preparation for a 5K (which I am still doing no matter what) in the fall.

However, no sleep combined with sick kiddo led to no exercise on Saturday. Same story for Sunday although I could probably have squeezed in a workout at home. I was frankly too tired and so I did not work out all weekend. I do not feel overly guilty for this because I am learning that there is no perfect diet or workout program any more than there is a perfect life. Some days go as planned, some don't.

I did well on the eating part all weekend and stayed in my calorie budget. I tried the Italian Sliders recipe from this blog. If you haven't checked out Biz's blog, you really should. She has so many great food ideas and the pictures are awesome. I, of course, added onion because there is no meal in my house with out one.(Biz hates onions) I ate mine without the bun and had an extra mini ear of corn cause they are sooooo tasty.

Last night I made wheat spaghetti with a marinara sauce I made with fresh yellow, red and green bell peppers and slices of the Italian sausages left from the above recipe. It was so tasty. And, I am so glad that my family has completely forgotten what pasta that isn't whole wheat tastes like. I didn't take any pictures as I am still getting used to the idea of that. I love blogs where people post a lot of pics so It's my goal to start doing that soon

On another note, I got a phone call from my Aunt letting me know that she'd like to come visit this week, which is great. Then the question, "Do you want me to bring some of those brownies you like with me." My response, "No!" I hope it didn't hurt her feelings, but I cannot pass up those brownies. They are from a bakery in my hometown and they are really good. I have trouble eating only one and having house guests sometimes makes it hard enough to make healthy choices. I told her thanks so much for thinking to ask, but that I was trying to avoid sweets. Like the rest of my family, she is overweight and knows that we all are always off and on diets. This didn't surprise her. At least she asked first, right?

I also got a call this weekend from my BFF. You may remember that I wrote about her after vacation last week. Well, she has joined a gym, (yeah!) has gotten the Lose it app for her iPhone (yeah!), and is following through. She is just starting out and I'm really proud of her for taking those first steps. I've sent her links to all my favorite blogs and I hope that helps her also.

In summary, I didn't get to do everything I wanted this weekend for workouts, but I didn't let it derail me completely. In the past, it probably would have. I don't know what it is that leaves me wanting everything to be perfect. But, it just never is. The house is never perfectly clean, something I learned after the birth of my first child. My work at the office is never totally done, but somehow I just come to work and do what I can each day. I've learned all I can do is my best everyday. Why can't I apply that same idea to my eating and exercise? After all, this is lifestyle change I am looking for not completing some perfect diet program. There just isn't any such thing.


  1. Dr. FTF, I just found your blog and really enjoy your writing. Good luck with your progress!

  2. Dr., sounds like you are already on the right path! It is hard to not get derailed completely. That has been a struggle for me too! Great job keeping with it and I look forward to following your progress! :)

  3. Alan-Thanks so much for the compliment and well wishes! Now I've discovered yours too.

    AFG- Thanks for stopping in. I've been following your blog. I like the pics at the top.


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