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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

To Blog or Not to Blog. That is the question

No. Really, it's not a question at all. I am finding that this blog thing is great for me. Seeing others succeed and sometimes struggle is helping me immensely. I know I need to blog and frankly, I like it. I enjoy seeing comments when I get them. And, I do learn from them. Plus it's cool to think I have followers who are checking in on me. Keeps me accountable.

I guess my big question right now is when to share my blog w/ my close friends and family, mainly my husband. Just like the exercise and diet business, I've kept it just for me so far. At first, I didn't tell anyone I was dieting or exercising. Really that is partially because I really wasn't looking at it as a diet and partially because I didn't want to face my old nemesis FAILURE. But, now that I'm more comfortable with where I am in this process, I think I'm ready to let them in on my secret.

It's just how to do it and I don't want them to feel like I've been hiding it from them. I just needed some time to 1) see if I liked doing it and 2) see if I could figure it out. There are times when I feel really intimidated for no good reason. I had that same, "what if they laugh at me" feeling my first time in the gym. I just didn't want the people I care about most to think I was doing something foolish. Now I realize that if it makes me happy, I'm sure they'll understand because they love me.

On the subject of telling people what you're doing, my BFF and I had a conversation about that just last night. We were talking about using the Facebook links w/ our LoseIT app. We both decided we didn't want to turn ours on. She told me that usually she gets all excited about a new diet and motivated and she tells everyone she knows she's doing it. Which is good at first, but then she starts to feel pressure because they are expecting to see results and keep asking her how it's going. Sounds like that would be a good thing, but I can definitely understand what she means. That same thing has happened to me.

That's partially why I started out doing this alone and not really sharing it with people. I realize I have to find motivation within myself. There isn't any amount of encouraging words or suggestions or nice comments on my blog that will get me to eat right and exercise. I'm the only one that can do it.

So here I am. Doing it.


  1. I thought about this a lot at first too...when to tell people. I wanted to keep it a secret more or less so I wouldn't have to always talk about it. More importantly I didn't want anyone knowing about my personal struggles with weight (like anyone would be like, WHAT? you have a weight problem) haha. But after a few weeks, I really wanted to share it with everyone if for no other reason than being overweight and struggling with food have always held such shame for me. So I told people about the blog so that in a way I could let go of the shame and just put it all out there. It's been a great thing for me. I say go for it. Even though you're relying on their support, it's always nice to have it.

  2. I meant..."even though you're NOT relying on their support..."

  3. "I realize I have to find motivation within myself. There isn't any amount of encouraging words or suggestions or nice comments on my blog that will get me to eat right and exercise. I'm the only one that can do it."

    I totally, 100% agree!! I have told no one, except my husband, about my blog and don't have intentions of ever telling. I am doing this for and by myself and frankly don't care to hear comments or suggestions from people who know me and know that my weight has been a life long battle. I prefer hearing from my new blog friends who understand exactly where I am, where I'm trying to go, and where I've come from....and why. Most of my family/friends are in the same boat I am and have decided to just stay there. The advice they usually give is "you've never been able to lose weight, why don't you just learn to love yourself as you are....and here have another slice of cheesecake". That is so NOT what I want or need right now. So for now, it's just between me and the blog world! Thank you so much for the comment you left on my blog about using small plates and eating more veggies......great advise! Why didn't I think of this myself??? See, I really need you guys!

  4. I shared my blog with some friends that I thought would be interested. But it turns out that they weren't so interested. So...meh....*shrug*...at least I told them, so it's not a secret. If they don't care to check in on me, then I can't make them.

    So I guess my advice is: If you decide to tell the people in your life, please don't harbor secret hopes and expectations that they will (1) rave about it, (2) follow your blog regularly, and (3) pass the news of your blog along to others. Just so you're not disappointed.


  5. Hiya Doc -
    I'm a Nurse and I told my boss so they didn't think I was telling stories about them and my job....
    They looked once or twice - but they really don't give a (blank) what I do.
    I was kinda sad, because I lost so much weight and have worked so hard. And blogging is important to me. I love my blogging people...they are very real friends to me. As much - or more than friends in real life!

  6. For me, going fully public has been about accountability, and it's making me commit to this more than anything I've ever done. I just realized if I don't become healthy, nothing is going to work in my life as I hit middle age. So while telling people was a risk, pretending I didn't have a problem had become the bigger risk. Accountability - it's a good thing.

    Like your commenters above, I expected a lot of people would read regularly. A few have, most have looked once or twice, and some know I do it, but haven't looked. My dad was my #1 person to ask about my weight pre-blog, so I was thinking doing the blog would keep him in the loop. After four months, he said, "What's the address again?" But at least he knows I'm having success with weight loss, so he's stopped asking questions! ;-)

  7. Thanks everyone for the fresh perspectives.
    @Christine- I'd never really thought about the idea that I might get hurt if the don't show interest. That's a good point.


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