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Thursday, August 30, 2012

You won't believe what I did this morning!

Good new! Nothing else blew up this week. That was quite a relief.  Today I'm tired. The 4:30am alarm clock was really a pain this morning. But, I pushed myself and got up out of bed. I did the P90X Chest and back. I added it up. Today I did 170 push ups. Not counting the pullups or other stuff. Not counting the 50 or so I did on my knees. Did you catch that number?


I didn't realize the total until I sat down and added them up.
Regular push ups: 60
Military push ups: 30
Wide arm push ups: 40
Diamond push ups: 20
Decline push ups: 20

Of course these were done in 2 sets over an hour period, but still....that's pretty awesome. My wrists were hurting a bit this morning after all that. Since my goal is to be able to do even more (around 50 of each type) I went ahead and bought push up bars. I found one on clearance at Target. It's supposed to help. We'll see.

My diet has been really good. I'm eating great. Tuesday I finished with just over 1,000 calories. Yesterday,  I had right at 1,000. For dinner I had salmon, half a sweet potato, green beans, asparagus and a wonderful spinach salad.  It had fresh spinach, orange slices, Parmesan cheese (lightly sprinkled), and a yummy orange vinaigrette. SOOOO good!

I still haven't weighed as I'm waiting on the new scale. Should be here tonight. I'm anxious to weigh, but not too much. New scale and all that could have some variability. But at least I can start keeping track again of my weight. Kind of nice not to weigh every day though. Maybe I'll hide it and go back to only weighing weekly.

Today is the beginning of week 3, round 3 of the P90X. After this week, there is a week of "recovery" which is a lot of cardio, yoga and stretching. Then you are supposed to weigh and measure, take pictures. I'm just proud of myself for sticking with it so far, 4:30am wake up call and all.  There's no TKD class this week and I miss it. It will be back after the holiday.

I'm looking forward to my 4 day weekend. I have a lot to do at home as I continue to focus on the operation "Get that Crap Outta Here." I got the kids involved last weekend and the girls had a great time talking about things that might help kids who don't have enough. Now with the news of the hurricaine they'll have more motivation to help others. Win, win. House clean and people helped and it's tax deductible.

Speaking of the holiday.....we have plans to have some guests over on Monday for the obligatory BBQ. I will be cooking healthy stuff. There will be veggies ---- baked beans and potato salad do NOT qualify my friends. The kids have already requested that we do the fresh pineapple on the grill for dessert which is fine with me because it is AWESOME. Plus I've got some white peaches which may also be tasty. There will be no hot dogs, no pizza order ins, no fries. No apple pies, no ice cream. But there will be fun and friends and good food. There will also be exercise as I have a schedule to keep with the workouts AND the 26minute challenge which I'm committed to.

Plus college football starts this week. I'm ready to go. This fall will be a big challenge with son in the marching band and high school games on Fridays and OU games on Saturdays and NFL on Sundays and pretty soon when the heck am I working out? Well......I'll tell you. It's called.......I have a TV in my exercise room. And I will prioritize. Juggling should be my hobby. I'm an expert. There are no excuses. I can work a full time job, have a home, husband, 3 kids, hobbies AND exercise. So can you. Are you?

I still can't believe I did 170 push ups!


  1. Doctor,
    I'm very impressed with your ability to do all that you do on so few calories! Weight loss doesn't require all that exercise, but maybe fitness does. I never did any of the things you do and I managed to lose 140 lbs, but I admit I'm not strong like you. I would just be starving on 1000 calories. Like Wow!

    1. Thanks! To be honest, I'm eating enough. I haven't been hungry at all. There are times I need more, but lately it's enough. I'm drinking a TON of water!

  2. 170 pushups... holy cow!!! Way to go :D

    1. I know, right? I didn't even know it was that many. Thanks!

  3. WOW is all I have to say. Wow! WoW!

  4. 170 push ups is fantastic!! Way to go! I'm super impressed with how your'e handling your schedule with everything that's going on. You sound like you're enjoying it too! Way to go :)

  5. Absolutely incredible, 170... way to take control and be strong!

    Have a healthy holiday weekend!

  6. Congrats that is amazing! You are a well organized momma to do all that you do and still find time to exercise. It can be done!


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