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Monday, August 27, 2012

Busy Weekend! I won a raffle and School...sniff sniff.

What a busy and active and  crazy weekend I had!  Friday, I did my P90X yoga. Can I just say how hard that yoga is? I had no idea yoga could be so difficult. After that it was errands including oil change, Sam's, groceries. Then house work. Friday night Hubbie and I finally got to see Batman. It was really good.

Saturday morning we got up early and took my son to his Freshman orientation. Sigh. Yes, my friends, today he started High School and I am not dealing all that great with it. Can't believe my baby is in 9th grade!  After that, my husband and I went to a behind the scenes Mavericks tour. Those of you who know me know that I love my sports a LOT. This was a lot of fun. We even got to meet Donnie Nelson, the GM. I won a jacket in the raffle like the players wear to warm up. It is HUGE, but that's OK. Lots of fun. Here is me on the practice court.

After that we came home and I spent some time organizing and cleaning. I'm really trying to de-clutter. I have a whole load of stuff to drop off to donate tomorrow to the homeless shelter in town.  My husband wanted tacos so we had that for lunch on the way home. I had grilled chicken and 2 small corn tortillas.  It was tasty and I enjoyed the spicy sauce. For dinner we were tired and I was not too hungry. I had a wheat wrap turkey sandwich with carrots and hummus on the side. I walked and walked that day, nearly 5 miles!  I ended up with 1400 calories that day.  I didn't get my P90X done because I overslept. I was mad at myself, but at least I got the walking.

Yesterday, I spent the whole day working at home and in the garage. From 9am to 5 when I cooked dinner I was on my feet and lifting boxes and moving furniture and whatnot. I had not planned P90X yesterday. It was supposed to be my rest day. I was supposed to do legs, but my legs were sore. I did the housework I had to get done for peace of mind and decided to use the garage as my workout. I woke up sore today so I suppose it did some good.  I was busy and had a big breakfast, but didn't stop for lunch. I cooked grilled honey mustard chicken, sauce on the side homemade and low fat, green beans, baked sweet potatoes and salad last night for dinner. Calories yesterday were 1300

This morning was first day of school and usual chaos and fun. I didn't work out this morning. I should have since I was lying awake thinking of all the crap I needed to get done. Anyway, the kids got to school and I got to work. I look forward to hearing all about their days tonight. I did my P90X Legs and back at lunch and I increased my band weight for the "pull ups" so my arms are sore already this afternoon. That's the point though isn't it?  I've had 90ounces of water already and just had my yogurt for snack. I'm at a little over 500 calories so far today. I still have abs to do when I get home. I didn't have time at lunch. I also have some work to do since today was so busy.

I haven't weighed in like 2 weeks because the scale is still broken and yes, hubby tried, but couldn't fix the dang thing. Now I have to get a new one. I'm trying to decide on what kind to get. Suggestions? It's really weird not to weigh, but maybe it means I must be strict with my diet and exercise until I know for sure what the scale is doing. I am pushing myself in my diet and workouts. I expect good things when I do weigh, very soon I hope.

That's it for now. Hope your Monday has been good. I'm just too busy to be profound today, ha ha!  Take care!


  1. It's a whole new world when you have a high schooler! Prepare yourself, mom. ;)

    Glad you got to go on the Mavs tour, and how fun that you won the jacket! Maybe you can have it tailored to fit when you reach your goal size?

  2. That's awesome! Love it. You must have had an unbelievable time. I'm actually OK with the Mavs. Just not your former hometown team and their carpetbagging owner. ;)

  3. A High Schooler!! It's a new world! As for decluttering, I'm still doing it, but I love the result. I feel less cluttered, not only in my home, but in my head. It makes for clearer thinking. Have a great day!

  4. We're staring high school in the face next year and I am a wreck! Plus in our area we need to look at the choice and magnet schools because the standard schools are... well, not awesome.

    Sigh. Oh well, we'll get through it. I'm feeling less stress over the child's eventual college applications than the high school applications.

  5. The Mavs tour? I'm jealous! I love sports too. Well, I love basketball and football the most.

    I know you read my blog and have seen me say it before but I'll say it again... I love my Zero Scale. There are 5 "users" on it. With 4 of them, you only see your progress, i.e., how much weight you've lost/gained since the previous time you weighed in. The 5th user lets you see your actual weight. So depending on your mood and or what you want to see, it's perfect in my book.

  6. Ah, back to school - the summer went by so fast! My daughter is a junior in college already - can't believe it!

    I am with Helen, I love my Zero scale, but I got it for free, although truth be told, I didn't like what it told me today - this no exercising because of my bronchitis is really taking a toll on the scale - hopefully I'll get some answers tonight at the dr. - the z-paks didn't really do much!

  7. Hey!
    Way cool to get to go behind the scenes for the Mavericks and WIN a jacket, too, no less!

    Excellent work, too, on eating well and getting in a ton of weights and core work (Yes, you did!) by cleaning out all your clutter. You want to tackle mine now??

    Ah, the start of school is always a little bittersweet. Summer and all that play is now behind us, but getting back into a routine is helpful, too. Keep enjoying your kids and your hubby.

    Thank-you for your continued support of my own fitness and health journey and your very kind comments about the Venus de Miles.


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