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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Week 2 of P90X

Here I am cruising into week 2 of the P90X. I have to say that this second week is harder so far. That is likely because I am sore and also I'm trying to increase my reps and weight to push myself harder this week.  Yesterday I had trouble with the push ups which usually don't bother me, but I have a strain in my lower ab muscles and it was just really hard to get them done. I did my best. Today I did the plyometrics which is a super lot of jumping and squats and lunges. I got through it fine, but I can't do the one leg hopping so I just do one leg squats instead.

Anyway, the week is great with food and I'm expecting a nice loss. Problem is my scale broken. Husband says he can fix it, but hasn't had time. I keep trying to convince him to get a new one, but he's not on board with that yet.  I weigh at the office, but of course it's different and I have my clothes on so the numbers don't correlate. I did weigh myself prior to starting the P90X and take measurements so I am expecting good things. I can tell a difference in my arms already.

The program is a huge time commitment especially on top of my taekwondo classes, but it's worth it. Just to see the look on people's faces when I say I'm doing it is kinda cool. Do I look like the people on the video? Of course not. I can't jump as high. I can't do all the reps. But I can do a lot of it. I did about 100 push ups yesterday. ME. And later that night I did 20 more at TKD class. I worked out 2 hours and 15min yesterday and an hour today.

Yesterday I had 1300 calories. For dinner we had a yummy black rice with sweet potato and a salad. So good!  Today I've had under a 1,000 calories and I'm not hungry. For dinner I had pork tenderloin, very lean and green beans. Lots and lots of water.

Tomorrow I'm getting up at 4:30 to get in my workout before work. I have a meeting at lunch. Unfortunately I won't get to do TKD tomorrow unless something changes with my schedule, but as usual I'm taking my gear just in case. Be prepared my friends. Always be ready to get in a workout if you're able. I carry my TKD gear and a gym bag just in case.

School starts on Monday and tonight the girls met their teachers-first and third grade. Son has his Freshman camp thing on Saturday, but we're trying to figure out how to do that AND the neato thing that was offered to me today. A friend called and said they have passes for a behind the scenes tour of the Mavericks Saturday morning. Anyone reading this blog for any amount of time knows what a sports freak I am. I love my Mavs so this would be too cool. BUT, I've got to juggle the kids and schedule around. What else is new? We'll see what can be worked out.

Also this weekend Boy Scout popcorn sales start. Ugh. Why does this seem to come around earlier every year? Sigh.....Oh well. At least now you can donate it to the military instead of getting it in your house. I don't need all that crap here. Even though the kettle corn is fab. The light microwave is not too bad calorie wise, but when I eat that much carb, I just crave more.  That's just how I'm made I guess. I bought some last year. Only the kids eat it and it's rare. Still some in there likely.

Speaking of kids......win on the nutrition front tonight. Instead of asking for ice cream (skinny cow or low fat, no sugar is all we have) after dinner, kids asked for their new favorite snack-yogurt with banana and granola. So proud that they are starting to pick real food, healthy choices. See kids WILL pick good stuff if it's offered. They do not NEED cookies and brownies or cupcakes. Most nights they don't get after dinner treats anyway, but we ate early and how do you say no to fruit and yogurt?

Anyway, things are busy, but cruising along. Hope all is well with you.


  1. Great job with desert for the kids! I really worry about my younger son. He clearly has my DNA in the storing food department and I'm going to use the new school year to reset some of his routines. Maybe I'll try this with desert. Good luck with P90X.

  2. You rock it with the exercise! That is pretty cool that your children are on board with the healthy eating and choosing fruit and yogurt. You are being an awesome role model for them - keep up the good work.

  3. You are an exercising machine Ann! I'm impressed with everything that you fit in.

    I agree that if kids are offered other things and junk is not even available, they will take it. I think for the sake of our children's health, we have to start making cakes and cookies and things of that nature treats and not an everyday occurence.

  4. Wow, Ann, how do you do it all! I wish I had your exercise ability! It's nice to read that the kids like healthy treats too. In fact, the more they(we) have them, the more of a taste we develop for them. Have a great weekend!

  5. I'm so proud of you! Imagine. All those push-ups. Not sure I can even do one with good form! Hope your Mav-meet up works out. I bet you'll make it happen. And great going on getting the kids into the healthy eating gang. I know that when I'm feeding the grandkids they almost always want some of whatever fruit I'm having alongside their toaster waffles! They like mangoes, peaches, tomatoes, pears, and apples.

  6. It's so hard to workout when you are already sore (from working out!) so I give you mad props for getting through week two! Nice going, great example. :)

    Sounds like your eating has gotten really healthy and YOU sound healthy and happy - wonder if there's a correlation? ;)

    Hope you do get to the Mavs tour!

  7. Have never heard of anyone fixing their scale. If broke, its done for and needs replacement. May just need to 'fix' it yourself when shopping next.

    Way to go on the commitment to your exercise!

    1. Well...there's a wire loose that needs soldering. Apparently he thinks it will fix it. Thus is the life of being married to an engineer.......


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