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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


What a day! Wow!

I didn't sleep too well last night. Not sure why, but I think part of it was because my muscles were sore from my workout and I forgot to take something before bed. Anyway, I was none too happy when the alarm went off at 4:45am. Nonetheless, I dragged my tired and sore body out of bed, grabbed water, a towel and threw on my work out clothes.  

Today was Kenpo X workout for P90X. This workout is a blast, lots of fun. It's a kickboxing/martial arts type workout so just my thing. It's super hard, but not that much different than my TKD classes. A bit of jumping as there are jumping jacks and X jumps at each "rest break". These are optional, but I've tried to do them as much as I can tolerate them. I definitely felt this in my arms today and legs as I tried to pick up the intensity-height of kicks, etc. 

After the workout, I showered and we were off for the morning shuffle. Got the kids to school. Ran by Wal-Mart to pick up the SIX 1.5 inch notebooks son needs. I'd like to know who is supplying the wheel barrow for him to carry his 2 large horns, band duffle, and backpack with 6 binders and textbooks back and forth! Geez! How do they expect these kids to do all that? 

But I digress.....

After Wal-Mart I head to work and I see this just as I'm about to turn into my office

And I'm thinking.."That's looks like it's near my office."
Holy cow it is right by my office. My building is on the other side of the trees! So I'm on the phone with my husband and I say, "Oh gosh, there's a huge fire right by my office. I'll call you back." He's like, "Uh....Ok...Uh..." click.

I pull up and all my employees are rushing out of the building. There are big pops. We have no power. We hear this HUGE whooshing sound like a jet engine. Turns out there was a crew working on a nearby gas main line and it broke and exploded. It took out all the power in the area, including the hospital for several hours. We were lucky and got ours back pretty quickly. There were multiple fire trucks and helicopters circling all morning. We canceled morning patients because the fire officials told us they weren't sure at first if we would need to evacuate. Luckily we didn't. The crew that ruptured the line were all safe and only 4 of them were treated for minor injuries. I can't believe no one was hurt. Thank goodness! It was capped off by noon and it was business as usual, but before that it was total chaos.
Here's a view from my desk

At lunch I took my huge van load of donation to the homeless shelter. Felt good to get my van back again. I got back to the office in time to work on entering all the band activities into my calendar and I ordered a new scale. I looked at several, but my husband and I agreed on a pretty basic one. I also got calipers to measure body fat.

Food yesterday was great with just under 900 calories. Not really sure why it was lower, but I wasn't too hungry and I was busy, so not many snacks. Today I'm at around 500 cals before dinner. Not sure what that will be yet. I have been a little more hungry today, but maybe that's just nerves? I've had almost 100oz of water so far.

So that was my excitement, hopefully for a long time. Could of been very bad if other fires or explosions had been triggered. Thank the Lord for fire fighters and quick response and that no one was really hurt! Except my printer....I think it got fried by the power surge. But, it was really on hospice anyway. I've had it forever. Time for a new laser printer for the office I guess. We'll see. Tech Dude is supposed to check it out later tonight.

After I leave work, I have a Band parent meeting, the first of TWO this week. This high school thing is really getting on my nerves already. Sigh.....

OH and before I forget. My friend Alan over at Pounds Off Playoff has issued a challenge to exercise 26 minutes everyday for the next 81 days. A friend of his family is running to honor servicemen who have died in Afghanistan. He'll be running from International Falls, Minnesota to Galveston, Texas at an unbelievable clip of a marathon a day, every day, for 81 days! HOLY SUPER WOW! Alan has challenged his friend's and family to exercise a mere 26 minutes EVERY DAY in a show of support for his friend's efforts. I'm totally in. You can read more about it here. AND HERE!

This started like 5 days ago, but better late to post than never, right? I started the challenge ON TIME though. It's really good motivation to keep me accountable with my commitment lately to P90X and my workouts.


  1. Glad everything's OK and hope you burned a few more calories when your heart rate spiked after seeing that fire by your office. :-)

    Thanks for the plug on the challenge. There's something about only 26 minutes that makes me feel I can't skip a day. And once I'm started, I usually keep going.

  2. That must have been a scary sight! So glad there were no serious injuries!


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