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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Yuck week.

So far my week isn't so great. Over the weekend my back started bothering me. I'm not really sure what I did. We had to get some salt for the pool and I lifted 2 of the 40 pound bags on Friday. That's not anything new for me and not something that is too heavy, but I leaned down into the trunk to pick up the first one and I did feel a small pop in my back. No pain then at all.

Friday night I wore heels out to dinner, no biggie, but I woke up Saturday morning and I was so sore and stiff in my back. I didn't do much on Saturday. Needless to say I didn't run or even walk much. By Sunday I was really hurting and as the storms moved through here I had a migraine on top of that. Sunday was miserable. Monday I was supposed to work out with my trainer, but I knew there was no way in hell I could do that. I went to work and spent every minute I could lying on the floor and stretching. I was miserable Monday with the pain.Tuesday it was a little better as I was able to sleep Monday night with the help of a muscle relaxer. But, yesterday it was killing me again by the end of the day.

 I went to the chiropractor yesterday and he worked his magic.  I am sore, but I can move better and I can tell by tomorrow it will be much better. But, I haven't worked out this week, definitely no TKD. I'm holding off on that until next week. Maybe I can do a little walking or biking this weekend. I have lots to do around the house, but I'll have to be careful as I don't want to aggravate my back. I have already rescheduled my trainer for next Monday. My eating this week hasn't been great and I haven't weighed. I'm frustrated and just not in the right frame of mind even though I don't think I've gained any weight.

Today is the anniversary of the OKC Bombing. It's always a melancholy day for me.  I realized today that the two  cousins I lost were just about my age now when they died. Now more than ever it brings home how early their lives were ended. If you're interested, you can read the post I did on my experience the day of the bombing from last year.

Ok I guess that's it for now. I'm just yuck this week. At least tomorrow is Friday!


  1. Sorry about your back. I hope that things are sorted soon so you can get on the work out wagon again. I'm glad you didn't push through it though. :)

    Chin up, Better days are ahead.

  2. What a bummer about your back Ann. Take care and hope you are feeling better soon.

  3. Ouch--I so sympathize with your hurting back. Hoping that the chiroprac person worked his magic and that it really does continue to feel better and better. I did read your other blog. What a heart-rending account of that terrible day. Thank you for sharing that to remind us how it was and how it has continued to impact and affect so many people.
    Things will pick up--I'm looking to hearing that you're back with TKD and your BB (big bad) Trainer!

  4. What a rough week for you, physically, on top of such an emotional anniversary. Hugs to you, and I hope your back is better soon.

  5. I read your post on the OKC bombing. What an awful event to experience as a family member. It was bad enough as an American. My heartfelt sympathy on the day of terrible trauma for you and your family.

  6. Poor thing, you really have had a bad week followed up by an anniversary that stirs up all sorts of emotions. Bring on the weekend, indeed!

  7. Things do not seem to smooth out for you. As I read this post, I get thinking about the song from Annie: The Sun Will Come out Tomorrow. I hope the sun comes out for you tomorrow and that you are ready to rock and roll soon!

  8. Hope this week is better for you! My husband has intermittent (sp?!) back problems and its the worst. Hugs!

  9. It's so refreshing to see you are not against chiropractors. I had been experiencing some severe back pain and was thinking of trying chiro but I knew my doctor would frown on it . . . she had once suggested PT, but I was wary of doing that w/o knowing exactly what was causing the pain. Both times, the pain went away after a couple of days. Next time I won't be so shy about the chiro.

    I'm trying to get back into being healthy and blogging. I'm glad you're still here. I've missed reading blogs.


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