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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Update and Never Give Up!

Why does it seem like my life is moving faster and faster?   I keep meaning to post and meaning to post and I just have trouble finding time!  Then when I get on to post they've changed every-danged thing! Sigh...

I'll adjust but I'm not a fan of change when it comes to technology. I don't have time to figure it out!

Anyway....I'm much better since my last post. My back was totally messed up until last Friday. The Chiropractor definitely helped. Over the weekend I was able to do a TON of gardening. Weeding and planting and mulching, oh my!  (Earth, I hope you appreciate it!)  Perfect was to spend Earth Day. And it's great exercise. Of course I avoid lifting the heavy bags of soil and mulch, at least mostly. By Monday I was sore, but better.

I worked out with my Trainer on Monday. We modified several things due to my back, but it was still a good chest and ab workout. I also did 30 min on the elliptical.  Yesterday I went to TKD for the first time since my back problem. I made it through class without difficulty. Well....it was the usual difficult. Of course my instructor always picks days when I'm sore to do extra situps and crunches and stuff. But at least we only did the usual 20 push ups.

Today I'm resting because I don't want to re-injure my back AND I just had no time today. I didn't get to sleep until late last night, overslept this morning, had a teleconference at lunch and a board meeting after work. A board meeting I'm leaving for shortly....Yes. It is the week o' meetings for me. Had a board meeting Monday night, then tonight and a medical staff meeting tomorrow!  Between that and kids TKD I won't be home before 7pm all week. And next week I'll be single parenting as my hubbie has a work trip all week.

On top of all that, I'm involved with the TKD gym's charity golf tournament. I don't golf. I've never golfed. Mainly because I was raised by a single mom but mostly because my hubs was really into golf when we started dating. He offered to teach me how to golf, but a couple of "fun" trips to Putt Putt and it was clear to me that it was golf or us. Ha ha. Well.....clear to me anyway. Having your spouse/significant other teach you something like that is probably a bad idea. Same thing with training. My trainer can't train his wife. They fight every time.  But the golf tournament is for a good cause. Our Korean Sword team(Haidong Gumdo) team qualified for the international tournament and will be representing USA and TX in Korea this summer. Plus we've formed a foundation to help underprivileged kids to take classes and compete. Kids who otherwise could never afford it. I love that idea and I've been schlepping all over town trying to help get sponsors.

Kids are busy. Son's toe is still jacked up but getting better. I hate hate hate the last month of school because there is SO MUCH going on with parties and field trips and tests and projects and programs and concerts! But the reward of a calm summer is coming soon.

So that's what's up with me. I really am trying to keep up and blog more, it's just not working out so far.  I'm still trying and still working toward my goal. Never give up!


  1. oh man... you just keep going! I'm glad you're resting to prevent injury. Smart. :)

  2. Glad to see you are a reenergized bunny!

  3. Never give up is right Ann, keeping working towards your goals!

    The end of the school year is so hectic, I remember how it was with my kids. This too shall pass and pretty soon you will have summer break.

    Hang in there!

  4. I can totally relate to the feeling that life is moving faster and faster! Stay fit!


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