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Monday, April 9, 2012

Great weekend and back in the groove.

Happy Monday!  Had a great weekend, busy but great. I finished off last week with TKD class on Thursday. My arms were finally not sore by Friday. There was no TKD on Friday due to Good Friday. My youngest had a belt test on Saturday. My other daughter and I ended up helping with the test and that counted as my workout for the day.

Sunday morning we got the garden planted, house cleaned, flower beds weeded (at least in front). Then I cooked dinner-ham, roasted potatoes, green beans, salad. We had some friends over who did dessert-peach pie, apple pie, cherry pie. The kids got to hunt eggs just before the rain started. We spent the rest of the day just visiting and enjoying the company. The kids ate plenty of chocolate, I did not. I ate one chocolate egg.  After all the cooking, cleaning and gardening I was pooped by last night. I figure that was a workout. I fell into bed around 9:00pm and was out pretty quickly.

This morning the alarm went off. I snoozed and snoozed and finally dragged myself from my comfy bed.  Got breakfast cooked for hubbie and me-egg white, bacon, peppers and onions. Packed hubbie's lunch and headed upstairs for a quick workout. I did 20min on the bike and some upper body weights.  My legs are a bit sore from all the activities this weekend. I need to remember to stretch more on the weekends. Even if it is housework or gardening, it is exercise and those muscles get sore whether it's a "work out" or just working outside.

I didn't log my food yesterday. Wish I had. I know I didn't do too bad with food. Saturday was good. I feel like I got through another holiday doing WAY better than a year ago. That's a good feeling. My scale is dead. It needs a battery (I hope) so I don't have a weigh in today and I haven't weighed for a few days.

Today food has been good. I had a lunch meeting at lunch. I didn't get to pick the restaurant. I had looked up estimates for some choices. It was Thai food. I had some spicy chicken soup and it was great. I drank water and I was satisfied. Now to head home for the usual routine-dinner, homework, baths and bed. I feel like I'm finally getting back in the groove. Now if I could just make myself record my food every day, 7 days a week. That's my goal this week. It will be a challenge since we have plans to go out for dinner on Friday and Saturday we're going up to Oklahoma for the OU Spring Game. But, challenges are what life is made of, right? So I know I can do it.

How do you handle restaurants where you're not sure of the choices? Do you ever go to a lunch meeting and not eat? I thought about it, but it was just 3 of us and I was hungry.


  1. So you're feeling groovy--hurrah! :-) Eating out at places you haven't pre-researched is tough. WW published something that gave general ideas for best WW choices in ethnic restaurants. I keep that in mind. Also try to have a say in where we go. I have not eaten, but it feels awkward. But you'd do it if your had a procedure scheduled for the next day, so it is done sometimes.

  2. Sounds like a busy but fun family kind of weekend. I often pre-eat before going to an unknown dinner be it at someone's house or a restaurant and then I can get a salad or an appetizer and stay on my food plan.

  3. I've gone to restaurants and not eaten a few times...either because there really wasn't anything I could eat and feel good about or because I was not hungry in the least and I'm not going to waste 700 calories (or more) just to be social. If you're there and you're hungry or it would be way weird not to eat, find the least offensive protein on the menu -- very simply prepared chicken, fish, or a decent cut of beef that's not "mesquite" or some other flavor -- and ask for just plain steamed veggies as your side. Even horrible chains like TGIFridays can *usually* accommodate that. Restaurant salads are NOT your friend. You're often "safer" in ethnic restaurants, such as the Thai place, where the food is prepared to order from fresh ingredients -- a good number of chain places have their entrees pre-made and frozen ahead of time and they microwave them to order (Applebee's). You can always order the best choice from a bad menu and do the old dieter's trick of asking the server for a take-home box...put half of what you get in the box and under your chair immediately. Eat what's on your plate. Then leave the restaurant and forget the box.

  4. I ask how things are prepared. I'll pick steamed over fried. I'll go vegetarian... It helps reduce the caloric damage. Also replace sides with healthier options like fresh fruit or side salad or seasonal veggies. And ask for sauces on the side. :)

  5. Finding it easier to get through holidays without overdoing it on food as well as fitting in the time to get some physical activity in is a great success!

    Eating in restaurants comes down to making the right choice -- as was suggested above, look for steamed/grilled foods, ask them to hold the cheese and other extra condiments/sides, and only eat half of what's on your plate. I've found that usually restaurants will help you out :)

  6. Lunch meetings? There is always salad available!

    I'm so happy to 'read' you smiling and feeling better!

  7. Ah sports in the Big 12. There are only 2 sports - football and spring football!

    Your life sounds as crazy, er, hectic as ever.

    When I am eating on plan (don't ask) I never feel hesitant about not eating at a meeting if there is nothing available. Restaurants I can always work out something with protein and veggies.

  8. It sounds like it was a good last week. Glad to see you are really back at it.

    As far as eating out, I mainly stick with a salad. Every eatery has a simple tossed salad that will work for me. I do the dressing on the side so I can use it for "dipping," if I feel inclined. If I know the calorie totals of the foods on the menu than I make different choices.

  9. Lunch meetings are dangerous. Today we celebrated a co-worker's birthday at a place with a pizza/salad buffet. The two heaviest of us got the buffet. Of the three thin people, one had only the salad bar and the other two ordered off the menu. Maybe that's me next time? At least I filled my plate with 3/4 salad and a slice of pizza. :-) Each trip. :-(

    Our sports radio is having a contest to name Bobby Petrino's autobiography. My favorite: "Boss Hogg: The Duke of Hazard".


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