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Friday, April 13, 2012

Whilrwind week.

Having a great week. Finally got the batteries replaced in my scale on Tuesday and when I weighed I'd lost 2.5 pounds. That's just awesome weight loss for me as a slow loser and with the holiday weekend to boot!  I've stayed on track and been tracking my calories. Weight was up a little today, but I had a little too much sodium and cheese yesterday. I'm sure that will work out by my next weigh in.  I'm drinking my water, but I didn't quite get it all in yesterday which also hurt my weight today I'm sure.

Monday I worked out at home, bike and weights. Tuesday I went to Taekwondo and it was an INTENSE session. We hardly took one break to grab a drink the whole hour. Everyone even the super in shape people was panting.  Wednesday I went to the gym. I did 45min on the elliptical, intervals. Also did 40 situps, 20 push ups, stretching and TKD slow kick raises. That's where you kick and hold 3 sec. Builds your muscles and improves your range of motion with the kicks. Did 20 each leg side kick, round house and back kick.

Yesterday just didn't go as planned at all.  I couldn't do it in the morning and I'll explain that later. I tried to get to TKD at noon, but ran late in the office due to a laceration that needed stitches. Then I missed the evening class because the girls were coughing and my son can't go and I had to get home. I had a short walk and did some outside pool and garden stuff and then stretching, but no true workout. Today I'm frustrated because the workout I planned for noon didn't happen because again I ran late in clinic. Can't go after work because I actually have dinner plans with actual GROWN UPs and that never happens so I'm not missing it. Don't worry I've looked at the menu and I have a plan. Plus I ate very little lunch.  I'll have a snack before dinner to avoid the "OMG I'M SO HUNGRY!!!" that usually ends with me binging.

This weekend is the 1mile fun run or 5K at my daughters' school and I planned on going and doing it even if I can't run much. The girls want to go also and it all depends on whether they are coughing their heads off again or not. It's supposed to possibly rain and if that's the case they cannot get out for sure. F-ing pollen can go f-itself. There's no way these plants need all this pollen. I hate allergies and here in Texas it SUCKS........but I digress. If I don't get to run/walk outside, I will try using the treadmill and if the freaking thing won't work as it's been on the fritz, I'll do the bike. I have housework and gardening and lots of other stuff on the agenda. Plus I need to practice my staff form so I don't forget it all.

Son is camping with boy scouts and the cam pout is local which is great in case we have to go get him due to terrible toe pain. So that's why I didn't workout yesterday morning. Son landed wrong at TKD on his big toe and I thought for sure it was broken. Thankfully it was not, but he has significant turf toe and cannot jump or run for a few weeks. He doesn't want to miss Camporee with all the younger scouts so he'll try going.

My food has been good and I've been tracking all week. The weekend is the challenge and I'm determined to track through the weekend and keep the eating in check. I'll report in on Monday and let you know how it goes.   I don't know why the weekends are so much harder for me. I think it's the lack of regular schedule and I get busy. Anyway, I've got to get it back in control. I know how, it's a matter of doing it.  Hope you all have a great weekend.

How do you handle weekends? Are they a challenge for you, too? 


  1. Whew - I feel like I need to sit down after reading about your week! Oh wait, I already am. :) What a whirlwind, indeed!!!

    Hope all the kiddos get better (turf toe! poor thing) and the fun run is, er, FUN. Have a great weekend!

  2. Weekends - I make my weigh in on sunday... Just that looming over me keeps me eating right. Also blogging... and forcing myself to get out of the house (where the food is).

    They are a super challenge to eat well and not just indulge in all the food I tell myself I'll make during the week and then run out of time to do. But weekends are also a great thing because I can precook meats like chicken for my work lunches. So they do help me prep for the rest of the week.

  3. I can see things are busy as always!
    I like the idea of the slow kick raises -- sounds challenging, I might give them a go.

    Weekends can be tough, especially when I stay at home because there's always the urge to snack on something - I just keep snacks completely out of the house to help avoid any pitfalls!

  4. Sweet loss! Weekends are tough, but my bigger challenge is the week. I eat out more often and sometimes work circumstances limit my options and erode my willpower. With weekends, my "reward" is the opportunity to eat in a more healthy way. Sometimes, my reward on stressful, tiring weekdays is junk food.

  5. yes, great loss. Would it help if you plan your food and snacks (and pre-package them) for the weekend? That works for me most of the time.

  6. Way to go on the weight loss and fitness!

    Allergies, ugh! In Texas it was mold. Here (AZ) it's, I don't know, lack of humidity? ;-) But this spring has been brutal. Every night it's Benadryl city.

    When I had a regular work schedule, weekends were harder because of the change in routine. Now life is just one big blur...


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