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Friday, October 21, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend

I am better finally and my breathing has improved. I went to TKD class last night and I made it through although it was hard. I felt better over all last night. Thanks for all the well wishes and comments from my last post. I appreciate it.

I weighed today and suffice it to say that my weight is up. Thank you, Jan, for reminding me that tracking my food really isn't that taxing and I realized I was using my sickness as an excuse. Truth be known I didn't want to write down what I was eating because some of it was stuff I shouldn't have whether I was sick or not.  I'm happy to report I'm back on track since yesterday with tracking, my water and exercise.

I got some really hard news yesterday. It seems my godmother will need chemo after all for her breast cancer. She had negative lymph nodes, thank goodness, but some of the DNA testing came back showing high risk for recurrence without chemo. She was really bummed about it and I can't say as I blame her.  It's hard being a doctor and not being able to "fix" someone you love. The good news is that with treatment her prognosis is excellent.

We have a very busy weekend ahead. Tomorrow we'll be dropping my son off at his school early so he can travel to Six Flags with his band. Then we'll drive to Oklahoma for the football game. We have a birthday party for my cousin's daughter in the afternoon. The OU game is that night. Then we'll get up super early and head back home so we can drop off the kids with Nana and the hubbie and I will be going to the Cowboys game. It will be very tiring with a lot of perilous food situations. I'm a little concerned considering my current emotional state, but I am confident I can handle it well. I'm determined because I am not going to weigh on Monday and be up anymore weight. That's not acceptable.

I was really looking forward to this game becuase we're playing the Rams and I wanted to see former Sooner Sam Bradford play. But it looks like he is injured and it's unlikely he'll play. The other down side is that the Rangers game on Saturday night is the same time as the OU game. Thank goodness for my ESPN app on my iphone. (assuming I can get some bandwidth going with the other 84,000 fans in the stadium) PLUS there is a Ranger game on Sunday evening and the football and baseball stadiums are less than a mile apart. Parking is going to be WILD and expensive and traffic a mess, BUT....it's football my dears and I will endure most anything willingly to see my favorite sport.  

I wish I could afford and could get World Series tickets, but that's not going to happen. A patient told me this week that they ended up throwing away some tickets for the ALCS because they could find anyone to buy them. AHHH! I told the patient that if that ever happened again to call me because I might buy them. What a waste. I guess tickets were easier to get this year than last otherwise I might have tried to get some myself. Last year they were ridiculous.

I am planning a TKD class after work tonight. There will be tons of walking (usually about 3 miles) for the football game on Saturday and at least a significant amount for the one Sunday. Now if I can control my eating I'll be really back on track.

Have a good weekend. What are your favorite sports? Have you ever been to a college football game? What about a NFL game? I've never been to a MLB game although I've been to many college games when I lived in Omaha for the College World Series.  Take care all!


  1. Talk about a football weekend! Too bad you couldn't squeeze in a World Series game, too, lol. Have fun, and take it easy - don't want to have a relapse!

  2. Let's see....I like to watch swimming, I've been a swin Mom for a long time, my youngest daughter, (a freshman in college), has been a competition swimmer since she was 8. As for college football my oldest daughter is a Junior at University of Florida and we've been to several games at the Swamp.....go Gators!!!.....sorry couldn't resist!
    Have a fabulous weekend. You know how to eat healthy so just make healthy choices!

  3. Glad to hear you're feeling better!!

    I totally got into American sports when I lived in the States -- love baseball and American football. Having lived in NY, I am a total NY team supporter (Yankees and Jets) ... the time difference (7-8 hrs in front of NY) makes watching live games a nightmare. Plus they're not all shown over here - but I try and keep up as much as I can. I've never been to a live American football game -- it's definitely on my list of things to do if I'm ever in the States during football season!!

    Sounds like a great weekend :) Enjoy!!

  4. Have several friends whom had tickets for the first two games of the world series... hmmm they didnt ask me to go ;( Have a great day

  5. So glad you are feeling better. Enjoy all of that football! My brother-in-law offered tickets to my Dad if he wanted to fly to St. Louis for some series games. Hey, what about me?

    When I lived in Columbia, MO, during residency and fellowship, I went to many Mizzou games. The most pageantry that I ever saw at a college game was, of course, at UT. Rice games were hilarious with the MOB (Marching Owl Band). They were the only reason to go - except to see UT. The NFL games are so quiet in to comparison big time college ball. I went to several games when the Texans opened Reliant Stadium. It was fun but not the same.

    As far as baseball, (remember I'm old) we lived near St. Louis in the late 60's when the Cardinals were in the series 2 years in a row, and I was in junior high. Class rooms would actually have TV's on during game time! I had season tickets to the Astros for several years then the strike put me off of baseball except when we got free tickets from surgeons - home plate baby. Close enough to tickle George Bush, Sr. and tug on Barbara's pearls.

  6. Glad you are better - we now return to regularly scheduled butt-kicking!

  7. My old company has season tix to the Buffalo Bills, and if they didn't have clients to use the tix, they'd let me and my friends use them. Once we got the Vice President's tix in the VIP/heated seats section, complete with waitress service and your own food section! That was pretty nice. Once I watched a crazy Bills woman pummel a Dolphins fan with a stuffed fish. I mean, really beat the crap out of him with the fish. Another time I watched the Patriots spank the Bills like 70-0 or something obscene. Too bad I don't work there anymore, now that the Bills are halfway decent!

  8. Hi Doc. So sorry about Oklahoma, but your Rangers are on the verge of doing it. And I'm pulling for them - the Cardinals have won enough.

    I've been to all of those things. 26 MLB parks I think, kind of my hobby. UW and Penn State football - both are great experiences. Took my son to the Seahawks a few weeks ago - that's an amazing stadium, incredibly loud.


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