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Thursday, October 27, 2011


Every once in a while......well....maybe more frequently than that..........I come across something that makes me stop and think, "SERIOUSLY?"  It is a moment that just doesn't make sense to me or one that makes me really stop and think. I've been jotting these down lately to share here with you. Here we go:

  • A few weeks ago my husband came home with what he thought would be a nutritious drink for him and the kids. Bless his heart. He hasn't really gotten in the habit of reading labels. Here's the first thing I looked at.

And that made me think of THIS

Seriously?  The first label is from V 8 Fusion strawberry banana.  170 cal. 42g of carbs, 38g sugars.  The second picture is from Coke. 140 cal, 39g of carbs, 39 grams of sugar.  Now I will admit that at least the V8 has vitamins and is from "fruit".  But, drinking your calories is bad. Ask Jack who posted on it just today.  Packaging drinks this filled with sugar as a health drink is silly and deceptive. The lesson here?  Read your labels. SERIOUSLY.

  • Why do we need candles, room spray and soaps that smell like food?  I mean every time I wash my hands at the office I get a whiff of "warm vanilla" or "homemade cookie" or "apple pie".  It's stupid to me as it makes me remember the taste and flavor of those things all day long. I mean, do I really need to smell some wonderful dessert like caramel apple all day? Seriously? What happened to a nice lavender or gardenia? Is our country that obsessed with food? Seriously?
  • There are times in my job where I have to bite my tongue, smile, shake my head and try to not over react. Recently this has happened several times. Mostly on the subject of medications. There are times when we need to use medications. It is true everything comes with risks and benefits. Doctors should not over prescribe and I certainly don't want to use a medication unless it is really needed.   I just don't get a person who smokes a 1/2 pack a day and refuses to take a cholesterol lowering drug or a medication to reduce blood sugar because they don't want "chemicals" in their body.  Or how about refusing to take medications for hypertension, but asking for an antibiotic with every little sniffle.  Seriously?
  • Today I was driving to work behind a mini-van with 2 car seats in the back. The TV was on some cartoon.  Seriously? As if your kids don't get enough screen time at home. And before you jump on me, I too have a TV in my van. It is reserved for long trips. There is no reason why my children cannot sit and look out a window, read a road sign or two, or perhaps TALK to me for short trips. In fact I love the time I spend with the kids in the car on the way to school or after activities. Turn the thing off. Get to know your kids. Sing a song with them. Your kids spend enough time in front of one kind of screen or another. Seriously.
  • Yesterday I read this.  It is an article about a new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine that shows that there is a biological and hormonal change that takes place when we lose weight.  Seriously?  It is a very small study and had no control group, but the findings were still interesting to me. A few years ago, Leptin, a hormone produced by fat cells, was discovered.  It helps to regulate appetites and the feeling of being full and satisfied when we eat.  We thought we'd found the "cure" for obesity. Didn't turn out that way, at least not yet. But this recent study shows that patients on a very low calorie diet who lose weight do have a change in their hormone balance that could influence their ability to maintain weight loss.   This could be a key in understanding why people have such a hard time maintaining their weight loss and may explain why it is so easy to re-gain.  The more we understand the biochemistry of obesity, the more likely we can fight it.   For now, there is no pill for weight loss or to help you keep your weight off. It's just EAT RIGHT, MOVE MORE. The end. Don't wait for a miracle cure. Seriously.
  • So last night at dinner we were having a conversation about the World Series and how we want the Rangers to win when my daughter said something that stopped me in my tracks.  "But, no matter who wins, it's just a game, right Mom?  I mean it's not really that important."  Seriously? I struggled to explain in a way that would make sense to a 7 year old. Of course in the grand scheme of things like life or death, baseball is not that important. But, I don't want my kids to grow up thinking everyone gets a trophy. The world is hard and competitive. These athletes have worked their whole life for this moment. They set a goal, worked hard and they are close to achieving it. Being successful is not the MOST important thing in life but it is important.  I think it is awesome that my kid sees the really valuable things in life. She understood immediately that there are more important things than a game. That makes me proud. Seriously.
What about you? Ever have a moment where you thought, "Seriously?"  Care to share it?


  1. I struggle with the juice issue all of the time with my MIL. She says it's healthy.. I say it's just sugar. She also sees chocolate milk as ok, because it IS milk after all... and then there are veggie chips.. just colored potato chips, IMO. It goes on and on.

    My husband wants a TV in my van.. I refuse. I don't see the point, unless we are taking a long trip.. then I will use a portable DVD player. My SIL has two in her car.. so both kids can watch different shows. That's overkill.

  2. Preach it, Sister! So much goodness in this post, and the tone reminds me on the "C'mon Man" segment on ESPN. well done!

    Most of my "seriously" moments are coupled with eye rolls at my spouse ;-)

  3. My two 'Seriously?' moments are:

    1. Someone says "I have 300 calories left on my allowance for today, so instead of eating some grilled fish for dinner, I'm going to have a Snickers bar." (Seriously??!!!)

    2. "I can't go out to dinner tonight because I have a weigh in tomorrow morning, but how about we meet for lunch tomorrow? Then I'll have a week to try and work it off before my next weigh in." (Seriously??!!!)

    Even thinking about those two statements REALLY irritates me!

  4. I never used to read nutritional labels until about two years ago when I found out I had some serious food allergies. When I did it was a real eye opener. And even more so when I started reading ingredients lists. The cral they put in food......seriously?!!!!,

  5. Best post ever!
    And I agree with everything you said.

  6. Unless it's a fruit smoothie, I very rarely drink my calories - that was a rule I made for myself way back in the early days of my diet. The "healthy" juices? No. Drink water, drink milk, but eat your fruits and veggies. Fills you up more, anyway.

    As a driver, I find those TV screen distracting when I'm behind a vehicle with one. Although I would have killed to have that in my car back when my kids were little and we tortured them by driving from Texas to California and back, several times. That would have been nice, but you are right - they don't ALWAYS have to be entertained!

    Oh, and I'm so with you on the food-smelling lotions and soaps. Makes me think I'm hungry, when it's just the dang scent messing with my head!

  7. I have wondered and thought 'seriously' myself about some of these same issues.

  8. For the "Seriously?" issue, I remember long, long ago when I was dating a guy in early college. I worked in the church nursery at the time, and we'd end up with babies in their baptismal gowns at times since Methodists tend to do the whole infant baptism thing.

    I mentioned this at one point to the boyfriend, and the guy freaked. To be fair, he was Baptist; but I mean you would have thought we were torturing babies, not baptizing them.

    And THEN I mentioned the boyfriend's reaction to my mother and SHE freaked, because she was afraid we'd get married and she'd not be able to go to her grandbabies baptisms and life as we knew it would end...


    I learned from that to never, ever discuss religion with people I cared about. Because they are inevitably disappointed when you don't believe exactly as they do.

  9. The only juice I drink is pure 'not from concentrate' orange juice with lots of pulp. Most others are just sugar in disguise.

    A couple of my "seriously moments"...Kirsti Alley saying she wears a size 6, and movie and TV personalities spending millions on their weddings. Seriously now...what a misuse of money in this world of "those who have and those who have not and are hungry." Loved this post!

  10. I don't drink juice, soda or diet soda! I mostly drink water but I do start my day with a cup and a half of coffee and in the Winter I like to have a couple cups of herbal hot tea during the day. I don't like to drink my calories unless it is a protein or kale smoothie that is also good for me.

  11. Hi there! I just stumbled across your blog. I agree with drinking my calories in smoothie form only, as it's one of my favorite breakfasts. So good!

    This was my most recent Seriously?! moment:



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