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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weekend Wrap up and More Vacation pics!

We had a great Labor Day weekend. It was busy, but that's my life. Friday night I took my son to the high school game here in town. He was invited with the other 8th graders to run onto the field for half time as future players at their school. It was hot and muggy. Of course my son didn't want to sit with mom so I sat by myself and enjoyed watching the game. I love football of all kinds.

Saturday morning we packed up and headed to Norman for the OU game. Luckily it was an evening game because it was still pretty hot outside. We did our usual long walk and lots of standing. I was proud of myself for tracking my food all weekend. Even though I overate some, I wrote it all down. I think it helped a lot because I came home without gaining any weight. We stopped on the way to the game and I got a grilled shrimp salad at Fuzzy's Tacos. It was very good. Next time, though, I'll have them hold the cheese. There was too much. At the game I did well and drank a lot of water and only ate a few peanuts.

Sunday, we went to church with my family and then after we went to Pizza Hut. I had a salad and 1/2 a veggie mini pizza. Then we did a little shopping. I visited with my godmother who is doing well after her surgery for breast cancer. Afterward, we headed home. The drive was good and little traffic, so much better than traveling on Monday as we usually do.

Arriving home on Sunday afternoon means that we had all day Monday here at home to do a few things and spend some time together. It was a lovely day with highs in the 80s. It was windy. We grilled some steak and corn on the grill and we got to swim a little. It was a bit cold for me so I spent time in the spa instead.

Today I was back at work with a super busy schedule. I stopped at the gym this morning and did week 2 day 1 of C25K.  Then at lunch I went to TKD class. Now my legs are a bit sore, but I think I just need to stretch a little more. Tonight after work I had to head straight to my son's football scrimmage. It was hot, but not too bad. Now I'm here trying to finish the work I didn't have time to get done.

Food today was good. I had a small zucchini-pineapple muffin(cupcake). They are fabulous! The recipe is here.  I had it without the icing. The whole family loved this treat and for under 200 calories! Along with the muffin I had my coffee and an orange. I had cherries for snack. At lunch I had tuna and salad with some melon on the side. Tonight I ate just a peach, carrots and hummus and a cup of the lentil soup my Nanny made. I had some more melon. My calories are at 1077. I burned 908 with exercise today.

I have only 3 more days until our Florida trip! I'm so excited and ready to go. The kids cannot wait. So......here's the last of my August vacay pics!
SAC Museum in Omaha. Too fun with all the planes and such!

Hydrogen bomb.

This is what happens when your 6 year old takes your pic.
SR-71 Blackbird
The flooding at the Missouri river from the Lewis and Clark Memorial park in               Council Bluffs, IA 
Cute Monkey at the Omaha Zoo.

How I feel now.
If you are ever in the vicinity, make sure you see the Henry Dorley Zoo in Omaha. It really is one of the best in the country, and I've seen a LOT of zoos! 

OK, that's all the pics from my August trip....finally. I hope I didn't bore you all with them.  How did you do through Labor Day? Are you staying on track? If not, what's your plan for getting back on track? Do you like visiting zoos and museums? What is your favorite?

Yawn....goodnight all!


  1. You're amazing. Still inspiring me. And I love the picture taken by your 6 yr old. Even with the awkward stance, you look cute. And you're getting skinny. Great job! Hope your teams do well this year.

  2. You're looking great Doctor F! You are looking a lot more fit than when you started this journey!! :-) I'm so excited for football to start tonight. I'm definitely going to watch the game. I hope the rest of your week has gone well!


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