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Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm a proud Mama!.......and other stuff.........

This week is flying by. So so busy in the office. I haven't started packing yet for our trip to Orlando. The kids are absolutely ecstatic. I didn't think I'd get the girls to sleep last night because they were talking about princesses. My youngest wasn't even 2 last time we were there and I can't wait to see her react to the place. If you've never been, you really must go.

So yesterday for a few seconds I finally saw 189 on the scale. then it popped back to 190. Sigh. I do not understand why I lose weight so slowly. The math is there. I'm tracking and eating right, but still waiting. I know I've gained muscle and in the long run that will help me with weight loss. I'm so strong now. I'm really proud of the things I can do. I just wish the weight would drop some more. I will not give up!  I'm absolutely committed to tracking on the trip next week. There's just no excuse for not doing it considering I use my LoseIt app on my iphone and I have it with me all the time.

Speaking of iphones.......my son had his stolen last week. Boo. Hiss. He swears it was locked in his football locker and he came back from practice to find all his stuff dumped out of his backpack. I'm bummed for him. The only reason he had one is because his dad had one, but recently switched to an Evo. Now today I have to run and get him a new phone, not an iphone this time. Maybe next year before high school. I am thinking about upgrading to the iphone 5 this fall when it comes out. I just love my iphone. I use it for everything.

I'm thinking of getting an ipad. Any users out there? My cousin has one and loves it. Now that my office software is compatible it makes sense from a business standpoint. We're getting ready for a big software conversion soon. I'm excited because the new version has so much more capability.

My legs are so super sore today. All the kicking on Tuesday really got my hips sore. I hadn't had class in over a week as the gym was closed the week of labor day. It's amazing how quickly your body gets stiff when you don't stretch. Has me thinking I should follow Shelley's lead and get to yoga. If only I had time. I really want to try it . Maybe I'll check the class times when I get back from vacation.

Earlier this summer I actually WON a giveaway from Tami at Nutmeg Notebook. I won a gift card to Tom Thumb to try their new product line, Open Nature. These are all organic, no chemical products. I finally got around to using the card and trying some products. I have to say they are very good. I got the lunch meats and their hummus. Both are very good. I also tried the ice cream. It's a bit much calorie wise for me at 140cal for 1/2 cup, but it is very yummy. The kids loved it! It's cherry vanilla and there are lots of cherries! Thanks Tami!

And now I must brag. My son is playing football again this year. He worked hard all summer exercising and lifting weights. He slimmed down and is SO much stronger this year. Here he is in his scrimmage last week.
He's #72
He's playing defensive line. He loves that. Notice in this pic how the other team has THREE guys on him trying to stop him from getting through the line, which he did anyway, but I missed that shot with the camera. He had 1 sack and several near sacks and this was just in a 20 min scrimmage. So proud of how well he's doing. He's so much more confident this year. He's growing up too fast. Sniff. Sniff.
He's the one in the center of the picture holding his own against 3 other helmets on the line of scrimmage.
I am super proud of him for learning already that exercise and fitness is so important to our lives. Tonight after work I have TKD class with the girls. Then we'll head home and after dinner I have to start packing for our trip. How are you helping teach your kids or others around you about fitness? Do you find it stressful or a lot of pressure to have people "watching" and learning from you OR are you like me and use it as motivation to stay the course? How have you gotten your kids and/or other family involved in your healthy lifestyle? It's absolutely key for us AND them that they join us on this journey.


  1. I bought an iPad the first week it was available - love it (and I mean LUV). Having an iPhone now seems silly but a smarter phone than I am carrying around would be nice because I tend to not carry a big purse, just lug my iPad almost everywhere.

    Texas footbaaaahl! Hope your son gets a scholarship (for your expense-sake). Boys have so many more opportunities than girls for sports scholarships, still.

    Our local Safeway still is only carrying a few Open Nature products but because of Tami we have tried the Canadian bacon (yum) and the chicken sausages (one flavor is pretty darn good.

  2. Yay for you son! He has a mom who provides him with a good example and lots of encouragement! Yay Mom!

    I have also thought about getting the new IPad. Everyone who has one loves it.

    This is such a fun time in life--when the kids are in sports! They can learn a lot from being part of a team. Have a great day!

  3. You have a great attitude! Keep up the good work and eventually that darn weight will catch up with your progress that shows in other ways.

  4. I love my iPad -- with giant stupid looking hearts, even. I've put 3 seasons of Bewitched on it, 2 seasons of Good Eats, am edging toward 100 print books, and am amassing quite a collection of podcasts and audiobooks as well.

    The internet aspect of it is just gravy :)

    Enjoy the Orlando trip! Choreboy and I are taking the boys next month. Even though we're probably 40 minutes away from the park we're going to stay in one of the hotels, and I swear I'm just about as excited as the kids!

    You'll have a blast :)

  5. My son has an iPad and loves it. I've used it when I was visiting him and I want one so bad. Really a neat device.

    I have to tell you that my triceps and hamstrings are so sore from my yoga class last night! But I do hope you get to take some classes - I'm really loving mine.

    One day my son (in 7th or 8th grade, can't remember now) had his football locker broken into and his (very expensive) Underarmour workout shirt stolen. But me being me, I'd written his last name on the back of it, and he found the kid WEARING it (what a dumbass). And of course got it back...however, I don't think that will happen with your son's iPhone, which is a shame. Hate thiefs! Anyway, it's so cool to see how great your son is doing with football, and yes, a proud moment indeed to see him being such a good defender. :)

  6. iPad = LOVE!!! I love mine especially for quick looking things up on the internet when every computer in the house is being used by one of the offspring in the throes of homework. Use it as a cookbook, and read newspaper and magazines and books on it as well. Also stream Netflix movies on it. *sigh* I wish we had more than one.

  7. That's just great about your son. It's my next frontier.

  8. Congrats to your son for his healthy lifestyle changes and getting stronger! That is awesome.

    I am a slow loser too and at times just lose ounces! But hey it all adds up eventually-keep doing what you are doing because you look amazing!

    So glad you finally got to try some of the new products in the Open Nature line. I love them!

    My family eats the good stuff I cook and now that my kids are in college and making their own food choices even though they live at home and commute they are are choosing healthy foods. They have become use to eating fruits, veggies, chicken and fish and that is what they prefer.

    I have that new I phone on my wish list!

  9. Slow weight loss: are you on any medications that may impact your weight loss? I know you are a doc, but thought I would ask. I am asking because I just found out that the preventative migraine meds I take DO impact my weight loss. I am not going off them because I can not function with the headaches, but at least I finally know. I also thinking it is aging...I hope to look this up in the research lit sometime, but just have not done it.

    Have a great trip to Disney!! We have been twice now with three of our grandbabies, and MAN do I love going there. Get ready to empty your pocketbook for those princesses!


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