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Friday, September 2, 2011

HAY........Have a Great Weekend!

Labor Day weekend and a long one for many of us. I am looking forward to the weekend and the trip to Oklahoma. We have a football game to attend and there is nothing I love more than football and my Sooners!  The season looks to promising. We're ranked #1 right now. Of course the pessimist in me would prefer they be ranked 3-4 and move up. But, it's nice to have a great team.

The travel is always an issue and I am determined to avoid pitfalls and do a better job than I did on my longer vacation earlier in August. Of course it's only a few days so that makes it easier. I plan to exercise on Sunday morning as I am due to start week 2 of C25K.  Should be no problem for me to get out and run that morning.  Food wise there is always a big question mark as we never know exactly where we will be eating. I have planned to take a few healthy snacks such as jerky and almonds and even a protein bar for emergency purposes.

This morning I went to the gym before work. It's so much more crowded in the morning and there is a totally different crowd. There are a lot of people that clearly don't have anywhere to be because there is a lot more chatting and laughing and slower pace vs the lunch crowd which is usually people alone, getting their workouts done and getting out. I prefer that crowd myself. Today there was a group of ladies on the treadmill just laughing and talking so loudly I could hear them over the gym buzz AND my headphones. Kind of annoying really. But, I got my C25K done and that means week1 is officially done. Again. I sis some great stretching afterward because I am sore from the weights I did yesterday.

Food yesterday was good and my calories were 1199. Guess I could have had a celery stick to make it an even 1200. Last night, we had a zucchini stuffed chicken breast which was fabulous. Not too many calories.  I had it with asparagus and salad. It was very satisfying. You can find the recipe here. I just love this blog! Some really great easy recipes there.

Work today has been busy, not too bad considering it's a Friday before the long holiday weekend.  On the way to our satellite office I was behind a huge truck hauling hay. I promptly began sneezing my head off, and quickly put the air on re-circulate. The stuff was flying EVERYWHERE.  Welcome to Texas.
I don't think you can see, but hay was flying EVERYWHERE!

And look at my car after. Looks like it's chewing hay......
Just cracked me up...

I'm wearing my new breast cancer shirt. I think it is awesome. I got one for my godmother and mailed it to her before her surgery.
I took this and then realized you can't read it in the mirror. Duh.
I loved the words and it just really spoke to me. These are words that mean so much to me in this journey........not that I'd compare my struggle with weight to breast cancer. I'm so lucky to be healthy. Fat, but healthy. The only way I'll stay that way is stay the course and lose this weight!

I hope all of you have a great holiday weekend. I'm off to pack and get ready for our trip in the morning. I'll see you all Monday or Tuesday depending on when I get time to post next.

Do you have inspirational clothes you wear?  What about quotes and such? How do you use them in your getting healthy routine?


  1. Oh just look at how thin you are! Love the shirt it does have encouraging words. When I was in my weight loss phase I really clung to motivating sayings. I jotted down several of them on a note card that I carried in my purse. If I was tempted to eat off plan I would pull that card out and read it. It really helped.

    Some sayings I like,

    The only difference between fit and fat is I.

    Fail to plan, plan to fail.

    Each journey starts with a first step.

    What would you do if you knew you would not fail?

    If hunger is not the problem, food is not the answer.

    Wherever your mind goes, your body will follow.

    BE committed, DO what takes and you will, HAVE what you want.(The BE, Do, Have Motto)

    Success is never secure, failure is never final.

    Losing weight is hard, maintaining weight loss is hard, being overweight is hard. Choose your hard.

  2. Have a great weekend! You look wonderful, Dr. F. I also love the shirt. Where can I get one?

  3. Have a great trip - and guess what? I just found out that I'll be going to the Aggie game on Sunday - my first one! Should be interesting...

  4. Have a great time in Norman! The Sooners should run over everyone in the Big 12, er, 10.

  5. You're looking awesome, Doc!

    I stick with simple. Single words. They're all my brain can hang on to at the moment: hope, peace, love, dream, do. Those are my top five.

    Well, my top five on a good day. There are days when my top five list is unprintable ;)

  6. Yeah, I wish UW was ranked 3 or 4, too. LOL. Have fun in OK. Like the shirt!

  7. My biking shirt that I got when I rode the Diabetes ride in May is my inspirational shirt. That was a tough ride, under extreme weather conditions, but I did it. Just like I hope to beat diabetes, too.

    Have a great weekend of football!

  8. I hope you had a fun weekend away! I am so glad that football season is here!!!


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