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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Tomorrow we are leaving on our summer vacation. The last several years, we have been going to the beach for a week and renting a beach house. These have been the absolute best vacations ever. However, this year due to the tragedy of the BP oil spill, (Freaking nightmare. I'll suppress my political diatribe now.) we decided to do something different. We are going up to the mountains to Colorado, Rocky Mountain National Park. I am very excited because I haven't been in ages and my kids have never seen mountains. We have a 12yr old son, and 2 daughters, 5 and 4.

By BFF and her kids are going also. She generally joins us on our trips. Truly she is the sister I never had and her kids have allowed me the opportunity of knowing what it's like to be an "Aunt". We tell our kids they are "fuzins" Friend-cousins. They think it's hilarious.

We finally have everything packed. Traveling with 3 kids for 11 days is no picnic. It is always such a Production. My husband was being "helpful" and went to Costco and bought a whole bunch of snacks. He did pretty well, despite what I call his nutrition handicap. He is one of the smartest people I have ever known, but he knows next to nothing about nutrition. I keep telling him to check the label, but sometimes he's lured in by healthy looking packaging and words like "all natural" and "low fat." But, this is a subject for a whole other blog.

He got jerky, and some Kashi granola bars. He also got M&M trail mix. Luckily he did not get chocolate snacks or cookies which he's been known to do in the past. I am nervous about the trip because I do not want this to be a set back. In the past I've always put the "diet on hold" on vacation. I usually go nuts eating cookies and candy and pretty much any other piece of crap food I can get. Then, I gain back all the weight I've lost. The net result has always been that when I get home and see the gain, I decide that this proves I can't lose weight and it will be too hard and what's the point. And the diet on "hold" becomes the diet that never was.

I feel differently this time though, because I really am trying to approach this as lifestyle change. A complete overall of my diet, exercise, and mentality towards fitness. I plan to continue to keep my food journal and track calories. And, honestly I haven't felt deprived. I'm been hungry at times which has been great since before I ate so much so often, I hardly new what hungry felt like. But, I really like the tons of fruit and healthy stuff I've been eating. I don't miss all that other crap.

The best part is that this will be a very active vacation. Not only is there exercise equipment I can use and a pool where we can swim, but we'll be hiking and fishing and rafting and horseback riding (maybe). I say maybe because the idea of riding a horse evokes "fat fear". I've never done it before. What happens if they say I'm too heavy? What if I'm embarrassed because they have to get the "extra big horse" for the fat lady? And, what will I look like trying to haul my fat butt onto the poor beast?

But, I digress. The point is, we will be going and doing and seeing things most of the time. We'll have some relaxation in there also, but I'm excited to see how I do with working in exercise. I can honestly say I have rarely, if ever, worked out while on vacation. But, this time I'm excited that I'll be able to get in some extra workouts. I brought my polar so I can track my heart rate and count all those calories. More burnt means more liberal and happy vacation foods. (Calm down you inner sugar and snack beast. More liberal does not mean all you can eat oreos!)

I am concerned about the altitude. I've had trouble in the past. And then there is the asthma issue which I think will be fine. I've been doing great on my runs and my breathing is better but I'm a little worried so I'm taking extra meds and inhalers and some steroids just in case and for last resort use only. (Hate that stuff!)

We'll have internet access so I want to try to stay connected and blog. But, especially to continue reading all the blogs which have helped keep me focused and excited about losing weight and exercise and all the rest. Thanks to all of you for blogging so I can read it everyday and keep my brain focused on the important things. And thanks to my 4 followers! How cool is that! You guys are helping me so much with all your encouraging comments!


  1. You'll have a great time. We just got back from there a few weeks ago. Check out by back posts--I recommended some restaurants and described some of our outings. We we're out of anything at all strenuous the first few days (like no gentle up hill climbs). My savy friend recommends vitamin E for altitude. It got better, though. Definitely take the river walk in Estes Park--very nice. Enjoy!

  2. I can't wait to see photos of your trip! The Colorado Rockies are so exquisite. I can't even begin to imagine what it's like to travel with three kids though. Good luck making it through it all. Between the adventuring and your kids, you're sure to get plenty of exercise! HAVE FUN!

  3. I bet you'll be so busy that snacking won't be much of an issue...although for me, it's those long car rides where I tend to eat (and I've eaten my way from San Antonio to So. Cal., no joke!). Have fun, buy fruit once you're there, and don't worry too much about going off of your diet - my vacation motto is "back on track once I'm back in my hometown" - so enjoy!

  4. YOU SAID:
    "My husband was being "helpful" and went to Costco and bought a whole bunch of snacks. He did pretty well, despite what I call his nutrition handicap."

    A nutrition handicap! LOL! That's what I have.



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