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Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Funk

Sometimes I dread the weekend. Mainly because I have found weekends to be a hard time for me, eating wise. So sometimes Fridays make me grumpy. My schedule is less set on the weekend although it always seems like I have more things to do than time. It's harder for me to have alone time and work out time.

This is something I have really worked hard to overcome. I've actually been on this journey for 18months. I gained back the 30 pounds I'd lost after some health problems. Before the last 3 months, I was in a cycle of lose 2-3 pounds during the week, gain it back on the weekend. Just another reason Mondays sucked for me.

But, today I decided to review my food logs for the last few weeks. When I did, I realized that I've done a few things right with the weekends. Finally. First, I work out more. I find activity one way or another. Summertime and being in the pool more helps. But, also yard work, weeding, mowing, walks with the kids and actually squeezing in workouts.

Also, we've been planning our larger meals. We used to just wait until we got hungry or the kids were screaming they were hungry. By then, no one wanted to wait for Mom to cook something. The result was often drive thru or pizza delivery or Chinese delivery. None of us need that crap. The last month or so we've thought ahead to dinner which we usually eat earlier on the weekend. We end up with one large meal and healthy snacks other wise.

After doing my analysis, I've decided to enjoy my Friday and my weekend. It no longer scares me. I can handle it. Now, I'm ready to have a great weekend and maybe try some new recipes or food ideas, maybe like the one I saw this morning on one of my favorite blogs. I'm not diabetic, but boy Biz has some tasty looking food there!

Now if only it were 5 o'clock.......


  1. My weekends are the same. We eat different that the rest of the week but we are a lot more active too. During the week I am stuck behind a desk and the most activity I do is walk to the rest room. Weekends are filled with house work, playing with the kids, shopping etc...

  2. Hey Dr FF, I think I inadvertently stole your title today, or at least the "funk" part. Sorry. I read this earlier and meant to comment, but commented on an earlier post. I think you're right, we can get through the weekends, with a little help from our friends (planning good meals and exercise). Have a good one And thanks for dropping by my blog.

  3. It's the small changes that add up over time. The changing of take out to cook at home, moving more, etc.

    Weekends are hard though. I think it is the lack of routine or the feeling of freedom LOL!


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