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Thursday, May 17, 2012

I'm Freaking out, man!

So far this week is going very well. No illness (knock knock) so far this week, thank the Lord.  I'm doing pretty well mood wise even though I've had my cousin on my mind all week with his birthday coming up tomorrow. He would have been 41. It seems just way too young to die.  I've spent some time talking to my Aunt online and it's hard, but getting easier.

My diet has been great this week. I'm eating well. I'm so glad it's watermelon season again!  I bought another one at Sam's yesterday. My family can eat a giant one every few days. My youngest can eat her WEIGHT in watermelon. And I will not complain as it's so healthy.  Tuesday we had ground turkey tacos and they were so tasty with the fresh avocado I picked up at Costco over the weekend.  Last night we had an event at a burger joint-Mooyah Burger.   I'd never been there before. We just don't eat out much anymore but they were donating a portion of the proceeds to our TKD charity. I had planned on a burger with no bun, but was pleasantly surprised to see they had turkey burgers. Instead of a bun you can get it wrapped in iceberg lettuce.  It was really good. I ate it with a fork so it was like a burger salad, complete with tomatoes onion and pickles with mustard for dressing. After that we went to Cherry Berry for frozen yogurt. I had a kid sized sugar free/fat free strawberry yogurt with berries. I love frozen yogurt and it was a real treat.

Exercise is going great so far. I was SO sore yesterday. Monday I trained with my trainer and he had me doing a ton of squats and other leg stuff. At the time I thought, "Wow, what a great workout. I worked hard, but I feel great, not overly beat." Yeah..... TKD class Tuesday was a beating. The instructor says, "OK today we're going speed things up and hit it hard." Yep and we did. We did kicking drills that had him breathing heavy and he NEVER gets like that. That workout on my already sore legs was pretty hard and a couple of times I just could not get my kicks high enough due to the soreness.   But after I was so proud of myself for hanging with all the really in shape people and keeping up with them just fine. Not every kick was perfect, but I did them all, so there!

Yesterday I knew I'd have to work out in the morning since I had a meeting at lunch. I decided I just wasn't in the mood for the bike, so I pulled out one of my old Biggest Loser DVDs and did that instead. It was a nice change of pace and I enjoyed it. It was a major NSV when I realized it is WAY easier than I remember it being, but it was still a good workout and I was sweaty and happy afterward. This morning I decided I'd do the body sculpting part with weights. That was nice and a pretty good ab workout, although I'll admit it's WAY easier for me now.  I'm convinced I can do P90X so I'm going to go ahead and get it. I really want to try and and I've been thinking about it a long time.

Today, I have TKD at noon and I'm dreading it a bit because my legs and shoulders are a little sore still, but I'm ready AND MAJOR FREAKOUT MOMENT OF THE WEEK= 16 days until my brown belt test. ACK!  I know the material. Now it's just a matter of perfecting it. AND getting myself ready for the ordeal of the test. Our tests are about 4-5 hours long and it's spent exercising pretty much the whole time between kicking drills, kicks on the bags and paddles, breaking holds, one-step sparring, forms, Staff one steps, staff forms, BOARD breaking(I get to do 2 boards this time-one with my hand, then other a kick!), and THEN sparring. We have 2-3 1 minute sparring matches to complete. I told my friend that it's OK, we'll be fine but I still get nervous.  We're not expected to win the matches, just survive. Ha ha. And survive is the truth as we have to do 2 matches of belts higher than us (usually a black belt now) and then 1 of a belt under us. A lot of times that means I end up in matches with teenagers who are....well.....faster, fitter, jump higher. BUT they do not kick HARDER, so there. Anyway......I just want to survive the ordeal and I'm trying not to freak out too much.

Other than that, my week is good and I'm staying on track. Lot's of busy things for the weekend coming up. The closer the end of school, the faster things go.  Anyhoo--- how's your week? Any NSVs to share for this week?  Anything got you freaking out lately?


  1. Great week so far. Keep up the good work. :)

  2. OOH, I'm impressed that you are going to get the P90X!!! Badass. :)

    Isn't it fantastic when you go back to a workout and discover how much easier it is? Really shows the improvement!

    I am loving the watermelons, too - got the best one from Sam's on the weekend, and it's just about gone. Yes, me + entire watermelon. YUM.

    Have a great week - glad everyone is healthy!

  3. Good to read that all is well...XXOOOO

  4. Jealous of your good watermelons down there in TX. It will be another month or more before we get any really good ones.

    Kicking drills are hard even when you aren't already sore. I'm sure you are going to do great for your test, try not to worry/dwell on it too much.

  5. You're doing great! It sounds like everythings coming up roses. Family, exercise, health, TKD, everything. Your weight is coing to follow suit. I caught a whopper of a cold last week that knocked me out--I took a nap every day for the first five days, went to bed by 9 and lived on Dayquil and Nyquil. Finally at the one week mark, I've gotten back to exercising. I have no idea how you can power through and work and keep up your other responsibilities, too.

  6. I just bought a watermelon today - love it! And I like grilling burgers and putting them on a salad - you get in your veggies and its delicious!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. damn Doc. Making us all look bad!

  8. You are doing well Ann.I have a lot on my plate right now with my daughter's wedding this summer and all that goes into planning it. I am trying to keep up with my exercise and eating healthy as they are the foundation!

  9. Watermelon is my favorite evening snack and dessert! Glad your diet is going well!

  10. Hope you had a nice Memorial Day!!


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