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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I'm Seeing RED!

Over the last 2 weeks I've been focused on one goal: Getting my red belt. I've been to tons of TKD classes and working hard on mastering the material. It is amazing to me the amount of material we have to learn!  And I found out that after red belt the material basically doubles between now and black belt. Ack!

In fact there is so much material that we couldn't finish the test on Wednesday night. We had to go back and finish with sparring and board breaking on Saturday. I was SOOOO tired. I figured out that between classes and the test I spent 11 hours doing taekwondo last week alone. By Saturday morning I just wanted to get the test over!

Wednesday I got to the gym just before 5pm. The test was to start at 6:30pm and I wanted some time to warm up, stretch out and review. From 6:45-9:15pm we demonstrated the material:  4 advanced kicking drills, 2 staff forms, 5 staff one-step sparring, 7 regular one-step sparring, 3 breaking holds, 8 knife defenses, 10 forms, and multiple kicks-360 jump round house, 360 jump back kick,  step-360 crescent, change foot round house and jump round house and more. It was a LOT to cover in that amount of time! We were exhausted. We were testing with 13 year olds and up so it was decided to stop the test and finish on Saturday since everyone had work or school the next day. I'm hoping we don't have to do week night tests any more. This was the first time and it was pretty rough.

Saturday, I got the the gym around 12:30pm, warmed up and stretched. I was glad not to have to demonstrate material, but I have to admit I was tired and nervous. It might have been better to finish all at once. I didn't break my boards because I think I was just tired. I was pretty bummed. But, I did my best and that's what counts. I sparred and made it through without too much trouble or injury. One kid got kicked in the head and knocked out for a second so I had to take off the helmet and put on the doctor's hat. Luckily he was fine outside of a bruise and a small laceration on his tongue.

Finally, the scores were totaled and we were awarded our new belts. So super glad. Now I just have red-black belt and finally I'll be a black belt. Takes about 6 mo from now until my next test and then 6-8months between red-black and black. So I'm at least a year to 18months from black belt. Between now and then I've got to focus on cardiovascular fitness and weight loss. The black belt test is no joke.  At that test you have to do the "gauntlet" which is sparring multiple people for about 15minutes. It is pretty daunting. BUT, like I tell my kids-If it were EASY everyone would have a black belt. At the gym they tell us that about 2/3 quit before black belt. That seems about right knowing the number of people that have started and stopped since I've been there.

Anyway, I'm proud and glad I passed and I'm not quitting. No way. I want that black belt. I want it bad. I think in some ways I want it more than losing weight. Which is weird because I've got to do one to get the other. I've been tracking and I've lost a couple of pounds last week. Now it's time to restart P90X and get back on the elliptical and FOCUS on the food.  It's been really hard since I've been managing the household and meals all by myself. Thinking of getting some help until Nanny gets back. No excuses though. Today I've got turkey chili in the crock pot waiting at home. Healthy and yummy and  perfect for this yucky rainy day.

Hope all is well with all of you! What have you done lately that you NEVER thought you could?


  1. Congratulations!!!

    I've become a runner and have trained for a half marathon this coming Sunday.

  2. Hooray and congratulations!

    The only thing I've done lately that I never thought I could was convince Choreboy that he, too, needs to lift weights.

    Hee :)

  3. I'm so happy for you. Congrats! Good luck on your pursuit of the black belt. You had a lot of barriers over the last half of year. I think it's cool that you are moving along with the martial arts. Safe travels and here's to the next belt.

    Karen P

  4. Congratulations on our new belt! Quit an accomplishment no matter how you

  5. What have I done lately that I thought I never could?! RUN! I started the Couch to 5K about 5 weeks ago and although I'm bouncing from Week 3 to Week 4 training because of crappy knees I'm still in it! AND I also have cut down from Coke Zero ALL day to one in the morning and water and tea and coffee the rest of the day! :D I'm so glad you are making such great progress on your belts. You are very inspiring. And brave. And determined. And I think it is awesome that you are out there doing this with young kids and teenagers and all different kinds of people. It really is fantastic!

  6. Congratulations on your red belt! Quite an accomplishment. It's good to see new posts from you.


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