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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Where does the time go? I can't believe it's already Wednesday! Today started with a migraine. As usual the weather in Texas is crazy! Yesterday was sunny and nice but today I woke up to cold rain and sleet!

I was very tired and I wanted to sleep but I'm determined to resume my morning workouts! So I dragged my tired body up took some meds and hopped on the elliptical. I love my new toy. Half hour later and I felt better although the headache persists.

My mornings are chaos especially now with no help at home. After I take the girls to school I head back home for an hour of cleaning. Today I dropped an entire brand new bottle of children's liquid Motrin on the kitchen floor! Noooo. Yucky.

Then I found out 2 employees were sick today and we are already short staffed. At lunch I had to run to the Girl Scout store.

Yep. I finally caved and let the girls join. been asking for a year or so and when their friends down the block joined there was no more resisting. Sigh. Luckily I missed cookie sales though. At least for this year. More juggling for me but they're sooooo happy!

My food is good this week and I've been tracking. I hope to see a loss when I weigh in on Monday. I'm working hard to get my water back where it should be. I've been closer the last few days. At least my sleep has improved and I'm sleeping better.

I feel like this is a boring post but that's all I've got today. One thing I've learned so far is keeping things routine for diet and exercise is WAY more successful. Routine but not boring! I went to TKD on Tuesday and started learning my new staff form. It's pretty badass. Maybe when I get it learned I'll post a video.

Food wise I'm loving the cara cara oranges we got at Cosco. Also bananas and apples. Found some jazz apples on sale. So tasty. Also I've been enjoying the Danon light Greek yogurt.

I'm posting some pics below of the sky here this morning and a few from my belt test. One is me delivering a hook kick and the other doing staff sparring. I CANNOT figure out how to place photos in the text with the blogger mobile app. But I'm sitting here in my daughters troop meeting so I thought I'd multi-task.

Until next time. Take care!


  1. I love the action shots!
    Texas weather - like a Blogger app.... who can figure THAT stuff out?

  2. Life is so busy at your house! Routine and planning makes for success.

  3. Life is so busy at your house! Routine and planning makes for success.

  4. hey Doc! Been a long time since I stopped by your blog I should have known I would find you still hard at it! Time for me to get off my keester and regain what I ignorantly let go! Glad to see I have one of my old blogging buddies to look up to as a role model!

  5. You are a strong woman - woop! Thanks for sharing those pictures! I only had one daughter, so it was a lot easier for me, I don't know how my twin sister manages with three! But then I rub it in and tell her I am already an empty nester, and that won't happen to her for at least another 8 years. :D



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