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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday Weigh-in and Other stuff.

I had planned to write a humorous and inspiring post today, but instead you get this. This will have to do.

Things I'm thinking about today:

1.  Seeing Peyton Manning in the Denver jersey is weird. But he's still awesome. Not that great last night, but he's not a one man band. He does need help. Help us all when he's back to speed.

2.  For the love of all that is holy, get the REAL refs back. Right now. Thanks.

3.  Testosterone does NOT fix everything.  You might be wondering why this would even come up. Well, I listen to a lot of sports radio. Testosterone is all the rage these days. (Haha. Punny, I know!)  Every 30 seconds there's another radio spot about how testosterone declines as you get older and it will "decrease abdominal fat, increase energy, sex drive," blah blah blah....I've had 24 year old men in my office wanting testosterone. There's a reason that this stuff is not allowed as a performance enhancer, people. I've even had women wanting it. UGH........These commercial make it sound like we should just give it to everyone so we'd all be slim and muscular and have energy and great sex lives! We'd also have acne and hair in all the wrong places and RAGE and cholesterol through the roof, but that's another subject.

4.   Why will people go to Wal-Mart and dish out $200 for a basket FULL of CRAP food but refuse to pay me $20 for their copay to get their diabetes under control? Why do they think it's OK to say, "I don't have it. You'll have to bill me". I'm pretty sure they don't say that in the checkout line when they're buying their pop-tarts. Sigh.....

5. Would it be bad for me to super glue my son's locker key to his forehead? 4th week of school and he's already forgotten his key at least once every week. This necessitates ME returning HOME to get said key and drive it BACK through the traffic. Sigh.....

6.  One-arm pushups are hard.  I did them yesterday during my P90X workout. I was quite pleased to do a grand total of TWO each arm, "real ones" and 6 more each side on my knees. My chest hurts today. A lot.

7.  I love, LOVE it when people underestimate me.  So I'm at Costco. Kid is bagging my stuff in my ginormous Sam's bags (I know).  Kid (19-20 year old boy..... my GOD I'm old) says to me "Uh.....I don't think you can lift all that in there."  And so....  I grin.......Um....And I say to him, "Thanks, but I do this all the time. I did 150 push ups the other day, I'm almost a black belt in TKD AND I can bench more weight than you I'll bet." Chuckling, "I'll be fine. Put that stuff in the bag. I'm more worried about the bag holding up than ME being able to lift it." Look on his face...priceless. RESPECT. I may be as old as your Mom or look that way, but I 'aint your Mom.

8. I really love coffee.  That is all.

9. I think people need to remember that we are all just people.  There is an awful lot of discord in the world. It's horrifying. I'm afraid to even let my kids watch the news. Between the election and the world wide rioting it is just plain frightening. I'm starting to thing a zombie apocalypse might be easier to deal with. Let's all just be nice to each other, shall we? If only......

10.  Wednesday Weigh-IN:  I forgot to weigh today. Dumb shit. Actually no, I was dealing with a couple of girls who would NOT stop bickering. OH MY GOSH I thought I was going to LOSE it on 'em. Anyhoo....I did weigh yesterday and as of yesterday I had lost an additional 3 pounds. I also did my measurements for the end of the 1st phase of the P90X. I have lost a total of 5inches and 8 pounds since starting the program 36 days ago. Not too shabby I think. I'm pretty pleased. Especially since it is HARD. Really really hard and I'm not quitting so results makes it worth it.

Alrighty then, that's about all there is to it. I have a bored meeting....I mean...Board Meeting tonight so I'm missing the homecoming pep rally which I suppose is a bummer if you're me, but "yippee" if you're my son because now he gets to "hang" with his friends. Hope you all are doing well. Doing anything new on the exercise of food fronts lately? How do you keep from getting bored?  I'll tell you that this P90X program keeps you guessing!


  1. Great list of things that are on your mind!

    I've been mixing it up in terms of exercise mixing up P90X with running outside, using the elliptical and stretching. :D

  2. So much good stuff in this post Ann! Get your son a combination lock to eliminate the need for a key!

    I too wish that everyone in the sandbox would just play nice. Really is that too much to ask? I hate politics and can't wait until this election is over.

    1. Oh believe me I've thought of that. Trouble is.....he had a combo last year and NEVER used the dang locker because he COULDN'T remember it. Ugh! This year he HAS to use the band locker so....key. But if he can't get it worked out, we'll be looking for an alternative.

  3. Well done with your P90X training - so impressed with your one-arm push ups. A loss of 8-inches in just over a month is awesome!

    lol re your son's locker key. There's something mysterious about locker keys that cause them to keep getting lost!

    I love it when people don't realize how strong I am either :)

    You're doing awesome!!

  4. I love coffee too. Probably too much.

    I had an unwanted weigh-in at the doctor yesterday. I refused to look at the scale and told her not to tell me!

  5. Tattoo the combination to the sole of his foot. It won't be obvious, but then he can't forget it.

    No, no, don't do that... but solutions like this can be tempting. At least if you're me.

    Way to go on the P90X and results for the first phase -- woohoo!! For me, I just survived my belly dancing recital and am going to work on my graduation dance for the next term. It keeps me entertained at least :)

  6. Great post, Doc. "I ain't your mom"...that was hysterical.


  7. Regarding point #4, I'm a bit shocked that you, as a health professional, would automatically make the assumption that an overweight person is low on money because they're spending too much on junk food.

    I guess it only goes to show that doctors are just as liable to fall into the trap of stereotyping as anyone else in this world.

    1. No. No. No. I was just stating frustration that some of my patients show up for appointments get my advice and time but then refuse to pay for that time and say they do not have the money. Maybe I shouldn't have said they were buying crap food at wal-mart. What I mean is you don't go shopping and get your stuff and Tell the checker you're not paying do you? It's disrespectful. That's all I meant. Which I you read my blog for any amount of time at all you wild know I'm NOT that type of doctor. I certainly understand people who need help. What I'm referring to are people who disrespect me.

  8. I understand your frustration. The problem applies to any service, as opposed to goods. Of course, if you can't pay at the check-out--be it for junk food or for the healthiest food in the world--you have to leave empty-handed. You, on the other hand, provide a service and short of asking for payment before providing the service, you risk having your patient not pay after the service is already rendered.

    Of course, then there's the issue of health care provision in the US. The rest of the civilized world is scratching its head in disbelief at your private insurance health care system. But I suppose that's an issue best left undiscussed here.

  9. Every time I see my diabetes doctor he tells me he wishes all his patients were like me. Yeah, it sucks, figuring how much insulin to take with every meal, but its managable.

    And yes, Payton does look weird in a different uniform!


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