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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Surprise! Uh oh! and Spinning!

Last week wrapped up really great. On Thursday I got up and did my P90X in the morning and then got to my TKD class at noon. Work as usual on Thursday. Friday morning I woke up super sore. 5 workouts in 3 days will do that to you I suppose.  I was to have my yoga workout, but knew there was no way my muscles were going to put up with that. Instead I skipped that work out in the morning. I went for a massage and that helped a lot.

After the massage, I ran errands including a trip to Costco. That's a workout by itself!  After that trip it was home to unload. I had a trip to the Dermatologist after that. And what do you know? Surprise!
Uh oh!

 I had a mole she was concerned about.

See this is why we doctors should never treat ourselves. Actually it was a new one on my stomach that I had noticed. My grandmother died at 54 of melanoma. That's really young.  Especially now that I'm 42.  I knew going in that I needed to get my skin checked, but just having another doctor say, "Oh yes, I'm concerned about that one."  And then having her chop it off, has made me a bit......nervous. Now I'm waiting for the pathology results and trying not to worry too much. Melanoma is no joke. Wear your sunscreen and get your skin checked!

Friday afternoon I picked up the girls from school and went to TKD class with them. It was a great class and the girls love when I can make their class.  That night we had Flat out wrap make your own pizzas. I love those. So easy and so tasty with fresh ingredients and healthy, too. Then the girls had a "kids night out" at TKD so hubby and I caught a movie. Son was at his football game with the band. It was an away game so he wasn't home until midnight!

Saturday morning I woke up with fever! AHHHH! Not cool. 99-100 all weekend. Cough, headache, sore throat and SUPER dizzy. Plus my period arrived full force. Double not cool. Hubby and son went to a boy scout hike early in the morning. Son did 12 miles with a 40 pound pack! Yikes!  He was sore when he got home. I had planned p90X and work in the garage with the nicer fall weather, but that was on hold. I didn't work out Saturday or Sunday although I was so dizzy that getting showered and dressed felt like a workout. Monday I dragged myself from bed and to work. I was still dizzy but better. Stupid fluid in the ears!  I had trouble turning my head to drive, but I was careful and made it through my day. With a nap at lunch instead of my workout. Sigh.....

This morning I'm much better, only mildly dizzy, a little cough and no more fever. I'm planning TKD class this evening. I feel guilty about missing my 26 minutes Saturday, Sunday and Monday, but can we count the extra I did Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday? Last week I did 360 minutes in 4 days. I would much rather be able to stick to my training schedule. I'm now behind on my p90x by a few days. That's OK. I cannot afford to be sick and miss work.

I didn't weigh in yet this week. I didn't track this weekend and I ate crackers, toast and soup. Every time I eat carbs I gain. So I'll wait until next week when things are back on track. Today I ate normally and I'm back to tracking as usual.

So I'm recovering from sinus goo, hoping the world will stop spinning soon and waiting on the pathology report from my mole. Praying it's not melanoma as it is definitely in my genetics. My mom has had one also. About my age....gulp.....So think of me and better yet........PROTECT YOUR SKIN and see your doctor!


  1. I went to the beach twice this summer and came back without even a tan line. Score for 100 SPF sunscreen, being an insane beast about applying it, and staying out of the sun during peak hours, LOL

    That said, I'm probably hosed when it comes to at least the basal cell carcinomas... both of my parents have had them removed. Oh well.

    Hope you're feeling better!

  2. I've had skin protection ingrained in my head (particularly sun protection) because of my mom! I think it's great that you are emphasizing that! It is important!

  3. Well wishes on the lab results! Its a great reminder to go in for our yearly exams, even if you are in the medical profession.

    What a bummer that you are sick again. I guess you are exposed to tons of germs daily and are bound to catch some of them.

    Love the make yourself pizza nights - you are doing a great job of teaching your children how to eat healthy! Bravo for that. :)

  4. I'm glad you're feeling better! And youre right; waiting for results SUCKS!

    P.S. Im new around here! :)

  5. Good luck with the skin health...and the Cowboys coming into Seattle this weekend! Better hope Romo doesn't hold for PATs! ;-)

    1. Oh Alan, every game with Romo is a new adventure. But....that's part of the fun, right? We'll see. You'll be amused to know that I accidentally clicked a Seattle sports station on my iheart radio this am and just spent an HOUR listening about Washington and Washington State football. Which was ok, because I love me some Mike Leach, but.....glad I figured it out because an HOUR is PLENTY. Ha ha!

  6. Hope you feel better soon and that your test results come back fine!

  7. I was diagnosed with melanoma in 1997. Had it removed by a plastic surgeoon and went through several years of every three months follow-ups. Now I go once a year for complete skin check. Happy to say this year was my 15th anniversary of being melanoma free!

    1. Yeah! 15 years! Good for you! I'm still waiting on the path report.

  8. I hope those biopsy results were good. And hope you feel much better by now. Great job on working out, though. You are rocking!

  9. No joke no joke no joke... melanoma kills!
    Learn the ABCDE's of moles/spots...

    1. Excellent reminder my friend, Patrick. I think I'll write a post on this for my real life doctor bloggy thing. :)


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